WWE Live @ MSG

So another Live Brock Lesnar event for the Network. I ain’t complaining about that trust me.

Matches Quick Overlook :

Sheamus & Rusev vs Dolph Ziggler & Randy Orton
Winners : Dolph Ziggler & Randy Orton

Stardust vs Neville
Winner : Neville

Team Bella vs Team PCB
Winners : Team Bella

Chris Jericho vs Kevin Owens (c)
Winner : Kevin Owens

New Day (c) vs The Dudley Boys
Winners : Dudley Boys (DQ)

The Big Show vs Brock Lesnar
Winner : Brock Lesnar

Seth Rollins vs John Cena (c)

Winner : John Cena 

Sheamus & Rusev vs Dolph Ziggler & Randy Orton
Dolph Ziggler & Randy Orton win by pin fall

Why ruin a Sheamus/Orton match by adding Ziggler/Rusev?

Orton got the biggest pop I’ve heard just for someone’s music in a while and seemed completely taken aback by it himself. The beginning of the match with Sheamus and Orton showed that we’re missing out on another classic match with these two. I don’t think enough has been said about their matches recently because they have been great. Its a good feud to have going because neither Sheamus or Orton need a reason to hate anyone though its a bit strange to be saying that about Sheamus to be honest I always thought he was a cheerful ginger giant.

The match was actually pretty good though the commentators fascination with the relationship of Rusev and Lana.

I guess I kind of just wanted a Orton match and he spent most of the match outside the ring seeing that Ziggler was the smaller guy who could easily get isolated. When Orton got in he devastated everything and just looked great. Him and Sheamus would have had a great match, thing is I complain about matches being on too often but they really are two people I could watch time and time again and never get bored of it.

Anna was salivating over how Orton moves in the ring but he really does just move like a snake, the way he backed up when Sheamus come flying off the ropes to him and the way he can just weave himself around the place makes him so interesting to watch. The fact that Sheamus just looks like he hurts people with ease is what makes him interesting to watch. Its like some kind of dance (seeing the website is chocka block full of dance blogs right now.)

Great opening match.


Cheerful Kane is the greatest Kane ever. Period.

Stardust vs Neville
Neville wins by pin fall

I was only just saying on the SmackDown blog something new needs to happen. We still need some help.

Loving the description of how the Cosmic Wasteland got together “Three Cooky Dudes” is the best description for them.

So the last match I was saying I wanted to see the same old same old because its so good. Here I don’t. Nothing new happened it isn’t even like their matches were that interesting to begin with. I mean they have good moments of course and some of their matches have been good but the Sheamus/Orton feud has stolen many PPVs for me whilst these two haven’t and now their story is stagnating and I’m not looking forward to seeing this match once more on Monday and Thursday. Though Stardust stealing the cape and going on a victory lap before he had won (and subsequently didn’t) made me laugh.

Paul Heyman

He is the greatest personality wrestling has ever had. I don’t care what you say, he is. I just think he’s hilarious and I never understand a word the guy says because he seems to be having a heart attack or something but I love it all the same. Heyman makes everything special.

Team Bella vs Team PCB
Team Bella wins by pin fall

Why? Just WHY? Team PCB didn’t even come down to the ring together for a change (though Alicia and Brie had to come down to Nikki’s music.) I don’t see the point of wasting this time on a story that is currently the most boring thing in the world and the most pathetic part of the Divas Revolution.

There was a hundred matches I’d rather see with the Divas shame they didn’t pick any of them. You could have had a title match with Nikki, Team BAD doing something, Nattie vs Paige… No same old same old.

As annoyed as I am I LIKED the match its just not helping them at all. I’m watching a “special live event” which pretty much is “RAW from the last three weeks and for the next three weeks too.”

I did love the ending though but it wasn’t worth the match.

Chris Jericho vs Kevin Owens
Kevin Owens wins by pin fall

Not sure what the point of making it a title match was seeing we know that Owens is neither going to 1/lose the title on a random live show on the Network and 2/going to lose it to a part timer like Jericho.

It could have just been a interesting match anyway because Jericho is still good enough without having to have a title on the line. It was nice to get a bit of a Jericho history lesson on his 25th anniversary of becoming a pro. Always been a big Jericho fan. Also happy to see Lance Storm in the front row, man I miss that guy.

The match was every bit as good as I knew it was going to be and I was mesmerised by it and it stole the show (so far.)

I knew that Jericho wasn’t going to win but if he came back for a bit then he’d be great in a feud with someone like Owens because they would just speak each other to death. In the ring they are pretty good together. Then again I’d love to see Jericho back and feuding with Ambrose so you know I just want Jericho back.

New Day vs The Dudley Boys
The Dudley Boys win by DQ

They have microphones. Its going to be a good day.

I would be disappointed if the New Day lose if I’m honest. Like with Jericho I just don’t see the point in handing them the titles over New Day.

The pre-match New Day speech was hilarious as always, I loved that Big E was able to call Xavier a quiet man and the world is still in tact and not hurtling into a black hole with the magnitude of that lie.

Match wise and it was a good match, I would have preferred New Day to have been fighting PTP for the titles but it was a good match. Xavier was a bit more subdued then he usually is and we didn’t get much of the trombone but he managed to make his mark felt when he helped New Day to keep the titles by interfering in the match.

It wasn’t as good as I thought it would be if I’m honest. There was something a little flat about it and then it was the same as last time with New Day going for the table and ending up having Xavier put through it.

Genuinely I do love New Day and the Dudley’s and they do give good matches I kind of was waiting for something different though.

Its starting to feel like we’re getting the same stuff we’ve seen in the last few weeks rehashed for no reason.

The Big Show vs Brock Lesnar
Brock Lesnar wins by pin fall

Short and sweet match. Lesnar took three chokeslams pretty well and then kicked out and sent Show to Suplex City four times before F5-ing him and getting the three count. Lesnar then comes back for another suplex (a belly-to-belly to be precise) and another F5.

Usually no fan of Suplex City or Lesnar but seeing that Show has bored me to death recently it was a perfectly timed match, good ending, great to see the strength of Lesnar whilst Show’s mouth gets shut and even the ending with Lesnar coming back was perfectly timed.

Seth Rollins vs John Cena
John Cena wins by pin fall

A really honest to god good match. These two know how to finish a show. Seth’s agility and Cena’s ability to sell the shit out of everything just worked. It was great. It could have been slightly more fluid though, there is always that big problem with cage matches where it just looks silly seeing someone spend a whole three minutes slowly trying to inch out of a doorway when waiting for the other person to remember that you are currently inching to the door.

I feel the ending was a bit much and would have preferred no Kane at ring side because it just didn’t feel like the ending it deserved because it was a great match. Good to see the belt stay with Cena though as I love the US Open Challenges.

Seth is a great performer and its a shame that doesn’t always get used in his big matches having to have him rely on people at ring side, I kind of hope he keeps the belt for a bit longer and gets a few wins in matches like this without any outside help, just one or two. I mean his feud with Kane right now has shown his improvement on the mic so I’d kind of like him to beat Kane on his own.

Good match. Didn’t need the ending to the match, Kane could have come up from under the ring or come down after Cena beat Rollins.

My Thoughts :

Don’t get me wrong I’m always grateful to watch more wrestling no matter what it is. I love the Network and I love the extra’s they give us from time to time.

The problem with ALL of WWE right now though is we’re seeing the same matches week in and week out to the point that we’ve got this special event (once again a Brock Lesnar event that Brock Lesnar doesn’t main event) and most of the matches on the card have been seen through the week and through the last few months.

The Divas need to get away from the three big teams. The PCB break up needs to stick now, it was only half worth the ending.

Sheamus/Orton is the only re-match I would have been excited about but we didn’t get it. I like it because its just a brawl and other then the fact that Sheamus loses nearly all the time recently you never truly know what their matches are going to bring. Adding in the Ziggler/Rusev angle to that match ruined it a little but is also the main problem with WWE. Instead of, for example, giving us Sheamus vs Rusev or Rusev vs Jericho or Ziggler vs Neville we got two stories joined together for a tag team match THAT WE’VE SEEN IN VARIOUS FORMS A MILLION TIMES IN THE LAST 4 MONTHS. CONSTANTLY.

Rollins/Cena was one long “when is Demonic Kane showing up” match, headlined the Brock Lesnar straight to hell tour opener and was pretty good.

Its OK to have some random matches from time to time. I loved that the last one of these (the Beast in the East one) we got Kofi vs Brock, yeah he had no chance but it was such a random match. Xavier Woods having a match against just about anyone on the roster would be different because he hardly wrestles anymore.

The matches were good though we’ve just seen them so much. I know the Brits from this page who were tweeting along and Skyping with me got bored of seeing the same old same old and that is why Anna doesn’t tend to stay awake for RAW anymore and why she felt a bit deflated when the show ended.

There are only so many times you can watch the same match, and as good as they are, sit there and talk about how good they are.

I don’t review the matches with play-by-play commentary, I talk about how I enjoyed it, the stories and how things progress and its hard to do that when everything stagnates or I’ve reviewed the same match three times in the last two weeks and don’t want to just copy and paste what I’ve already said.

I loved the show, I want more of them, I just kind of wish we’d get some new match ups and some stories actually moving on now.

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