SmackDown 10/1/15 Review

Before WWE at Madison Square Garden starts up we’ll post our review of this weeks SmackDown.

Matches Quick Overlook :

Team Bella vs Team BAD
Winners : Team BAD

Ryback vs Kevin Owens (c)
Winner : Ryback (Count Out)

Neville & The Lucha Dragons vs The Cosmic Wasteland
Winners : Neville & The Lucha Dragons

Seth Rollins & New Day vs The Dudley Boys & Demonic Kane
Winner : The Dudley Boys & Demonic Kane

Seth Rollins / Kane

I like angry Rollins you know. Much better then he’s been recently. I don’t mind his thing with Kane as much as I disliked his thing with Sting. He works well against Kane and this is the kind of Rollins you want to see on the mic.

If I’m honest I feel like the whole thing kind of went on too long but it was hilarious all the same. There is a little bit of Mick Foley coming out of Kane at the moment with the split personalities and the way he delivers his lines. I’ve not been so entertained by Kane for a long time but the way he says he’s the Director of Operations makes me laugh. Great opening segment but a good 3 or 4 minutes could have been cut out.

Team Bella vs Team BAD
Team BAD win by submission

Oh look Team BAD are still alive. So not only did Nattie get revived but Team BAD have too. Team BAD made a good point that it doesn’t matter who started it but I’d also hope they would stop talking about how it would end because you know the point of the revolution is that it changes things not that it’ll end the changes at some point.

The match was brilliant and showcased the more interesting Divas at the moment, even though I’ve started to like Charlotte more she hasn’t been given the matches you’d hope she would have in the lead up to her first Diva championship run and Becky is hardly utilized at times that it is hard to really care.

Team BAD are too good to be hiding on SmackDown every week.

This tag team was great, sad that the girls get kind of stuck doing tag team matches all the time but its one of the first times in a long time that it felt like a proper tag team match with the teams interferring to stop counts, using number games to block each other and in the end there were some great moves in there.

We need separate stories.

Seth Rollins / New Day

“Is clapping going to make the Demon go away” yes it might just do that.

The three of New Day are perfect. Their comedy is hilarious. Seth’s look on his face just worked. He could be so funny too if given the chance. He’s like a child like the three of them. There needs to be more of those four together because its just brilliant.

Team CB / Paige / Natalya

All I can say is that obviously to be super popular like Paige you need to be a bit of a brat and never grow up and act like a ass all the time. Thankfully Charlotte said much the same. Why can’t we go a whole promo without her? And why is Paige so confused that she gets a ultimatium? Its like creative just don’t understand how to write a coherant character line. Paige is a adult treat her character like one. If you want her to be a bitch then make her a bitch and split her up, don’t then have her act like a child throwing her toys out of the pram.

My problem with this whole story is that we’re not there yet with the Divas to be having the same old same old stereotypes thrown into stories that make no sense and put all the women in a bad light. Sure do this kind of confusing fuck up when the Divas Revolution has done something more then just change the title belt over and create three teams of Divas to fight against each other in ever repetative matches. Don’t do it when the Revolution looks to be flopping because it makes no  sense.

Ryback vs Kevin Owens
Ryback wins by count out

A great match with a great ending. Whoever is booking Owens please never EVER stop because its perfect.

The match was normal kick ass stuff from both of them and was a good match. I liked the back and forth between them and how strong Ryback looked, it brings a little bit of importance back to the IC belt to have these two duke it out after it being nowhere for most of the year thanks to injuries and such.

Having them being count out and Owens not getting into the ring on purpose to retain the championship belt is perfect and is the perfect reaction from Owens. I love him, he’s honestly the most fun competitor in WWE and you never know what he’s going to do. One night he’ll be THE champ and the next he’ll be the opportunistic champ. Thing is most of the time he just fights and lets the fighting do the talking and that is the kind of champ everyone wants (and kind of not what we’ve had at all with Rollins.)

Neville & The Lucha Dragons vs Stardust & The Ascension
Neville & The Lucha Dragons wins by pin fall

I’m not sure what Stardust was talking about it didn’t look much like Barrett came to help Neville on RAW.

I’m starting to feel that something new has to happen now. Watching the same match all month isn’t going to make it better. They have two interesting set ups there but they aren’t doing anything with them.

I’ve reviewed this match a few times so I’m not going to bother doing it again. Should have involved Barrett in some way.

Bray Wyatt / Roman Reigns

They tried so hard to have a iconic moments like the Taker/Trips stare down. They tried SO hard. Unfortunately like everything in this story line it was miss handled. At every turn the wins have been wrong, the story has been moved on wrongly and they just haven’t got a grip on it at all.

They seem terrified to make Reigns look “weak” by either losing or not looking like “Superman” that they make Wyatt look silly. Wyatt should be having the last word, Reigns should be scared THAT is how you do that. They aren’t doing that so it fails just a bit.

Seth Rollins & New Day vs The Dudley Boys & Demon Kane
The Dudley Boys & Demon Kane win by pin fall

So Demon Kane doesn’t show up go figure. Thankfully Corporate Kane is at ring side with Xavier Woods and his trombone of awesome.

The match was kind of a lead up to Kane coming out and beating the shit out of everyone. The beginning was fun and I loved seeing Seth with New Day as they are quite funny to watch together. You couldn’t help but sit there and wait for Demon Kane to show up and the chance for him to come came when Seth took out a limping Corporate Kane and he was dragged out to the back. Seth then became too worried about Kane to concentrate which meant that number games just didn’t matter to the Dudley’s.

Suddenly Demon Kane is there and his team gets the win but its a short lived victory as Kane takes everyone (but Rollins) out.

My Thoughts : 

For some reason it felt really short this week and I think it needs to as well what with the MSG event as well to contend with. I think SmackDown should always feel this fresh and in control but usually its over packed and trying to do too much.

The Divas need to split up and have individual story lines. Have the Championship story mainly taking place on RAW with a secondary story then a third one dominating SmackDown with the other two taking a smaller amount of SmackDown time. There are plenty of Divas to do so if you cut out the team thing or just used the Divas you have.

I’m grateful for no Cesaro vs random person match, maybe the heart will be happier to see him next week after he’s been used to just destroy random people or be destroyed at will in the last few weeks.

I enjoyed SmackDown. But we’re on for MSG now.

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