A Nightmare on Elm Street 3 : Dream Warriors (1987)

I felt cheated out of a proper Freddy movie so I get to do probably my favourite of the series. Wes Craven came back to help write the movie and we re-enter the dream worlds of Freddy instead of having him join us in our world.

It also saw the return of Nancy (Heather Langenkamp) and a whole new plot to bring down the master of the realms of sleep. Much more like the first movie then the second one we go back to the over the top murders, the teenagers being picked off one by one and we even get to learn more about Freddy.

The third of the franchise is seen as being the best one bar the original so we’ll have to see about that!

Anything would be better then Revenge.

The third film follows a bunch of teenagers who have been locked up for their own good. As adults still don’t want to believe these kids are dying in their sleep they are seen as suicidal attention seekers and have adults all around them telling them that its happening to them because of their bad attitudes.

Nancy is back and this time she’s a interim joining the group of teenagers to help them battle Freddy.

What makes this one my favourite is that the deaths in them are all really strange and therefore stick in the mind. I don’t really remember many deaths but Philip being turned into a human puppet and forced to walk off the edge of the tower or Jennifer being murdered by the Freddy-Television just stick there.

Not only that but unlike the first two this one see’s people go into the dreams together to combat Freddy in his own world.

Its really interesting how they do it. Kristen can call people into her dreams so when she’s asleep she can bring in the others and they can work together. Not only that something that seemed to have been forgotten in the panic when Nancy was dying was that dreams aren’t real so if you believe that you have super powers… You could have super powers.

We see a bunch of kids whose parents have given up on them, who society have given up on, work together to bring down a monster that really is killing off innocent teenagers left right and centre. All the while the adults work tirelessly looking busy instead of actually doing fuck all.

Neil, who works with the kids and is Nancy’s love interest of sorts for the movie finds out about Freddy’s past and then along with Nancy’s father (return of John Saxon as Donald Thompson) proceed to bury Freddy’s bones. All the time Donald is either drunk or trying to run from the shit that he started, Neil is just a odd character though he does fight a skeleton Freddy, and the rest of the adults just think these kids need to snap out of their attention seeking ways.

Freddy is back and is as eccentric as always, finding new ways to torture his victims in his ever snazzy looking dream world boiler room. Since I first saw these movies I always saw Freddy as being the “personality” of Slasher movies but to be honest watching them back now he doesn’t exactly say too much so I don’t know where this comes from (maybe Freddy vs Jason which is a brilliant movie and if you don’t think so then just SHUT UP!!!)

I think the teenagers in this one are just so relatable, they are lonely and look to each other for support and need help.They are shunned for something that has nothing to do with them and its just very sad to begin with. You don’t need Freddy in the movie and you have the perfect setting for a really sad drama about kids being abandoned when they need help the most.

The movie, like all before it, doesn’t have a happy ending. Nancy dies (sad times) and just when you think its safe to sleep Kristen’s doll house suddenly has a unexplained light turn on.

Honestly this is my favourite one and it really is because not only are the group of teenagers brilliant, the acting is wonderful, the adults are vile but the deaths are made to really suit the person they are for. They play to their personalities and become personal LIKE suicide. It shows a ugly side to people’s view on suicide TO THIS DAY and actually if I’m honest shows the reasons why people don’t recover or get dragged there in the first place. These kids are going through hell and the people that are meant to be protecting them are just preaching at them and telling them their nightmares are what they deserve. Its a horrible notion but it is that kind of attitude that still prevails when people talk about suicide and depression. Somehow it has to be that person’s fault and its completely against the grain for someone to sit down and understand or even just believe what that person is trying to tell them. In no place in this film do the adults (minus Nancy) LISTEN to these kids. They just pick them apart. I think one of them (possibly Neil) even called Philip weak because he committed suicide!

Truly this is one movie series that should have the tag line “If the bad guy don’t kill you, the adults will drive you to death anyway.”

I liked the kids going into the dream world too. I thought it was nice seeing them feel like they had some kind of control and that they could face up to someone like Freddy and fight back. Its a positive kind of message for people fighting demons that you can be that super human person you want to be and beat these trials in front of you especially if you tackle the problems with friends.

Maybe I like this movie more just because I’ve been battling depression most of my life and therefore have projected a whole bunch of weird shit onto the movie. That sounds much more likely I think.

I prefer this movie to the first one even if I’m the only person that will admit it.

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