A Nightmare on Elm Street : Freddy’s Revenge (1985)

Pete started off the Halloween season with the first chapter in the story of Freddy Krueger. A year previously and the sweater wearing dream murderer had, or possibly hadn’t, been defeated by Nancy Thompson. I mean the title of the second part in his story is a bit of a give away.

Freddy is back and he wants revenge.

New characters and new nightmares await….

The funny thing with Freddy’s revenge is that there is no Nancy, none of the adults…. No one that he really needs to enact revenge on so its a strange title to give the film.

I didn’t like the movie one bit if I’m honest with you and every time I try to watch it I find myself drifting off to do just about anything else.

It wasn’t scary, it wasn’t funny it was just badly put together.

Freddy Krueger is no longer the thing of nightmares. Freddy is possessing Jesse Walsh, a young lad who has moved into the Thompson’s house with his family. Instead of drawing a line between dream and reality like the first (you could never quite tell when someone was dreaming or awake) this time out you are left wondering what the hell Freddy and Jesse are doing.

The fact that I don’t remember much of anything when it comes to this movie is a shame. There is no originality with the deaths really, there is no real nightmare situation. Jesse is a extremely unlikeable character, Freddy is nothing more then a diminished Jason or Michael, Lisa was pretty boring as a character and there was just nothing that would keep my attention glued to the screen.

It lost everything that made the first film brilliant. If I was a kid watching Revenge I wouldn’t have been afraid of it, I didn’t see Revenge until I was much older but I didn’t find it funny or imaginative like I found the first either. Moments that are meant to scare you or unnerve you just play out one after the other boring me into a deeper sleep.

Thing is the movie might send me to sleep but Freddy isn’t killing people in their sleep any more so it isn’t even a scary thought TO go to sleep!

The last movie left it up to the viewer to decide whether or not Nancy was alive at the end of it after seeing her being driven off in the Krueger-mobile. We find out that she’s alive and very much crazy. We even get to read some of her diary which amazingly flipped open at the most important passages as if by magic.

We are left with the same cliffhanger here with Jesse and his pals being driven off in a school bus by Freddy…

Unfortunately this time out you don’t care whether or not Jesse survives.

Mark Patton was quite creepy and by that I mean he looks like he is the perfect person to play a psycho in a movie, his actions weren’t creepy. Neither were Freddy’s.

Its worth watching just to have watched all the Nightmare films. It really is a odd one though.

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