Secret of Monkey Island Part 5

Last week we managed to get a whole chapter of the game done. Now we are on Monkey Island and its time to save Elaine!

Just after we get our head out of the sand.

Pick up the banana and read the note on the tree if you wanna. Go into the jungle to pop up the Monkey Island map. Its a big one, unlike Melee Island its in a few parts. Walk up to the Fort and pick all the bits and pieces up, push the cannon to empty it out and get told off passively by Toothrot.

The Beach down from the Fort just has a letter from the cannibals to LeChuck and after reading it another scene with Toothrot who tells you who he is and shows off his crazy.

Next up is the River fork. There is another note this time from LeChuck to the Cannibals. You also get a piece of flint. Carry on up the footholds and you get to a ledge with a catapult and another note. Read the note and ignore the catapult. Go up the remaining footholds to the last area here and you get to question Toothrot a little. You can use the telescope, spyglass (whatever) to look at your piece of junk if you want but the next thing is to go back down and pull the catapult into position (using the spyglass) to shoot down the banana tree. You can also shoot down your boat if you want. Its up to you.

Down in the pond and you find the captain who sailed to Monkey Island with Toothrot…. Dead…. Hanging…. Dead…. Toothrot comes and basically tells you that he died putting up a swing….

You and head to the beach and get two more banana’s and then head back to the fork in the river. It took me a while to realise it but you have to put the gunpowder down on the damn (its at the bottom of the fork were you come in just in front of the bridge) then use the flint with the cannon ball and the river floods. With the river now full the dead hanging corpse has washed up on the side so you can steal his rope and head back to the “Crack” in the map which is basically just north of your starting point on the beach. You now have enough rope to make it to the bottom of the crack (if you’d been there before and seen that you can’t get down there!) This whole thing was purely to get some oars for the row boat on the beach. Now you have the oars you can use the row boat to get to the other side of the map.

Again a lot of trudging for not much at the moment.

Using the boat is a pain. Its the same general thing, point in the direction you want it to go, but boy is it a horribly long trudge up the side of the map. You’ll finally hit the area with a Beach and Village. You land on the Beach and pick up another letter before heading to the village.

The village is deserted and in normal us style make sure that you steal the banana’s. On your way back out, because there is hardly anything to see here, you’ll find that you have been cornered by the cannibals. When you don’t have anything for them they stick you in a hut with a strange contraption which can only be the banana picker that Toothrot keeps bitching about. So I steal it. They throw me in a hut I’ll steal their stolen shit.

Unfortunately you can’t. Pick up the skull and find a lose floorboard, pick up the board and you find a hole big enough for you but not the banana picker.

So you can’t get the banana picker but you do have enough bananas to go and make a monkey your follower. Find the monkey back on the beach where you first popped up on, well not on the beach he’s in the woods behind the beach. Feed him the bananas and he’ll follow you so get him to follow you to the giant monkey head where he’ll help you get past the first hurdle. The monkey head is shut so just pick up the idol and return to the cannibals who you can give the idol to and become their friends.

Yes we are now basically friends with the Cannibals!

Cannibals are also real dumb.

The next thing to do is obvious, you need to pick up the Banana Picker and as you leave you’ll see Herman and can trade for the key to the Monkey Head which just so happens to be a giant cotton wool bud!

The inside of the head is another one of those “you’ve come here just to learn that you can’t do anything here yet” moments. The biggest problem with this whole area/island/part is that it just truly takes forever to do anything. I mean to traverse the island properly you have to either run from one wide part of the map to another or else row there. You can constantly attempt to walk around in the monkey head but you don’t have the knowledge to do so. Baring in mind you are the other half of the map from the cannibals you have to go back to the cannibals to find anything out!

We’ll carry on with it next week though!

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