Heroes Reborn : Brave New World / Odessa

What feels like a long time ago now there was a series that become extremely popular and introduced us to some amazing characters with amazing super powers.

Love it or hate it the series lasted for four seasons.

Now its back with a new story and new Heroes.

It was extremely strange after five years to have HRG show up on my TV and start talking to Claire. I mean when the hell did you ever think it was coming back? It was dead, it was a sad death, it was gone and it was upsetting.

Unless you wanted it dead then it was probably a relief.

Was it worth bringing it back?

By the looks of it yes it probably was. Heroes was never a TV show that COULDN’T survive it was choked to death by people who were determined to do the same things, play the same games and not really do anything different. They got bogged down with the same old characters, slowly making them so powerful it was unbelievable and then had to make sure every strand of every story was either dead, hidden in the past/future or had their heads sawed off.

It got so lost in “what happened in Season 1 to make it work, lets do that over and over again” that people got bored.

The reason it ALWAYS could work and could go on for just about forever is that there are so many people that would have powers, so many stories you COULD tell, so many different things to happen. Even if you went through a period of peace between what we are now calling the Evo’s and Humans something can always happen to change that IN DIFFERING WAYS. Getting bogged down on who Peter is in love with this week, what power he’s going to randomly have and how he’s going to lose his girlfriend is what killed the show not the lack of what they COULD do with the series.

Take away all the over powered characters from the original, give it new interesting characters, plus possibly one of the best characters ever created, stir in a new plot arc, new foes, new reasoning and a whole different way of life and Heroes really was reborn.

Noah Bennett, HRG, whatever you want to call him, was always one of the best characters in the show. His morality was always a bit iffy but he was such a deep and thoughtful character who really held the show together. No matter how many plots never made sense having Noah there just kind of anchored you to a ever evolving pit of confusion. And I LIKED the stories. Bringing him back is great because, again, it anchors you to the world. They want to create new people, new stories but not a completely different world. The reason we are were we are is because of Claire and her showing the world her powers, we now finally get to see how the world reacted.

And well. It ain’t good. It never was going to be good was it?

Noah’s story is all about piecing together the big conspiracy. Who blew up the conference that was meant to be bringing Evo’s and humans together, what is going on and why did he decide to have the Haitian wipe his memory and tell him to kill him if he ever went back to see him?

The rest of the story is about normal people trying to be normal people, normal people thrown into amazing worlds, normal people trying to get revenge for something that happened to them and normal people running away from the memories, the horror and their gifts. This episode nearly made me think of the “Evo’s” as anything other then people which, when I realized that was what I was thinking, felt so odd seeing we had 4 seasons of Peter telling us how much of a human he was, just with super powers.

I liked the new characters. Especially Tommy. I liked his power of being able to send people and things wherever he wanted, it gives him the unique ability to be able to protect himself in a non-harmful manner so that the trouble he gets into in the first episode is easily dealt with. I also like that he’s made friends with Emily and her boyfriend and they just accept him. Well at least Emily does, her boyfriend is a bit of a meat head and after thinking Tommy has gotten rid of his abusive step father for him accepts him, he just doesn’t seem to have much of a brain. It is what I liked about the first season and Claire, it was just a normal kid having to deal with something extraordinary. Neither of them were harmful to anyone, Claire just regenerated and Tommy sends people to wherever he’s thinking so as long as he isn’t thinking “Volcano” you’ll just end up in some room somewhere else. They are seen as being big bad guys who deserve to be killed, hurt, locked up or whatever, but they are normal kids who can’t help what they are and now have to deal with a cruel world ran by adults who are scared, angry and just don’t understand.

Adults like Zachary Levi’s Luke who lost his son in the destruction of the conference and is now out for revenge, though he seems to have second thoughts about it and could possibly end up being as interesting a character as Noah has managed to be over the years.

Also, EXACTLY like the original, there is a Japanese flavor to all this. So whilst Hiro ended up working with the Heroes in the US a lot of his stories happened away from all the rest of the season and only converged at the end. We now have Toru Uchikado’s Ren Shimosawa and Kiki Sukezane’s Miko Otomo in Japan trying to save Miko’s father. Again her story is prophesied just this time in a computer game where her father has been taken, her fathers sword is the key and she’s able to morph into the computer game when unsheathing her sword and when sheathing it she comes back to our world wherever the area corresponds to in the game.

There are all new powers, so many new people to get to know but on the surface not much about the show itself has changed. Its still got the same font randomly appearing all over the place, it still has those haunting voice overs by HRG and Mohinder, it really is just the same old Heroes doing what it should have done back in the second series. EVOLVING.

There are characters other then HRG coming back, though by the look of “this season” trailer at the end it’ll only be short appearances to help battle the main story mystery which is nice because it’ll give old fans the chance of seeing some old faces whilst building a new world for us and new fans to enjoy. Its striped itself of most of its baggage and now can be enjoyed for what it is.

I’m pretty impressed it has to be said. I was looking forward to the series and just think its a great way to bring it back. I hope that they don’t end up doing the same thing they did with the original and kill it because Heroes has all the potential, and always has, of being a great series.

Great new cast, great atmosphere, great story and lovely to see HRG back on screen.

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