Gotham : Knock, Knock

I didn’t think too much of the season opener but looking back I’m not sure I’ve ever been that keen on many of their “big” episodes finding that the first season worked more as a whole then on a individual episode level.

Seeing this is part one of a story of three episodes I will actually hold my breath and hope for the best.

Episode two was saved by the same thing Season One was always saved by.

The characters.

Especially the character of Jerome played by the outstanding Cameron Monaghan. He stole the show in so many ways, its sad though that if he is the future Gotham’s Joker that you can’t really explore too much of Jerome before Bruce gets older. I’m all for Gotham having its own life but Joker goes hand in hand with Batman therefore even though Monaghan is the PERFECT Joker, at the same time I’m more curious if they could pull out a twist from out of nowhere and have him as something else. There is a story to be told if his showmanship and enthusiasm for being psychotic went on to INSPIRE the future Joker rather then having Joker running around Gotham being the Joker before the Joker should surely be running around.

That being sad, and it is a story for another day, he was still the most outstanding part of the show.

On the other hand I felt quite sad to see Erin Richards brilliant mental breakdown with her character Barbara kind of get neutered as she was slowly pushed back into the background of other characters. I really honestly think deranged Barbara is much better then the boring and bland hypocrite of a character we had last season.

The story of Manix, the group of prisoners that were freed last week, was fun. It was different. It showed off Monaghan brilliantly whilst also having the other villains shine in their various ways. The episode also had one of the biggest and most shocking moments so far as Manix just stroll into the GCPD building and kill everyone in sight including Sarah Essen. I am going to miss Zabryna Guevara more then words can describe as she was a lovely touch to the GCPD and her character will be sorely missed. All this does is bring the dynamic duo back together as Bullock, who earlier in the episode declared his happiness at retirement, decides that once a cop always a cop and he’ll join Gordon once more. I’m happy about this development because when Bullock said no to coming back I felt like the loss of Donal Logue as a regular would dampen my love for the series as a whole.

Around the antics of Manix, which with Jerome at the front of them are actually extremely fun, there is a lot of character development going on. The Mayor has been kidnapped, Bruce and Alfred fall out just to make up and bring Fox into their group, and the whole end game with Manix will surely just make the GCPD even more united.

I really feel Gotham’s biggest strength is stringing a story together over a few episodes, they don’t tend to go for the big showy opening numbers but leaves the story to brew in its own time and maybe therefore you can be hasty with episodes. I think last week I was just so happy to see the show back that I was left wanting more then I got, this week I got what I wanted and now can’t wait to get more.

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