Fear the Walking Dead : Colbalt

The penultimate episode of Season One ups the general discord of the whole camp leading to some rather unfortunate actions.
I was rather disappointed with nearly every single character this episode. Not a single one really acted in any way shape or form like their character would seem to have acted just one episode ago. If I’m honest the last two episodes have been horribly written with some really random decisions made that worked to try to build up drama that was unneeded and sow discontent which was unneeded.

With the world coming to a end, people imprisoned in their own homes tensions were going to naturally flare and we didn’t really need a lot of the stuff that happened in either episode. This weeks episode had last weeks consequences tied to it and in my opinion was the worst episode so far.

First, the two characters exempt from all of the above are Daniel and Liza. We, as the audience, know that there was a very real and personal reason why Liza wanted to go with Nick and Griselda and to a point it makes a tiny part of Christopher’s actions understandable. Daniel also has always been hinted towards having a much more darker past in El Salvador then we were being hinted, there was always in my mind that question of just what he was running FROM.

So I got everything Liza did from going in the last episode to the medical faculty to wanting to be the one that ended Griselda’s life after she died instead of some random Doctor who didn’t truly care for them.

I also got why Daniel felt the best way to deal with the situation, being worried for his wife, was to revert back to the savagery that he once knew.

In a way Nick also didn’t do anything to annoy me as he just spent the time in a sell with a guy who talked a good talk and managed to save him. Throwing up and sitting in a cage is the perfect kind of thing for Nick.

Maddie and Ofelia are nicer people then to let Daniel tie up and then torture Andrew. Ofelia came out the worse in it as she was already looking like a bit of a bitch to be stringing the poor guy along all that time just for medication to then lure him home for her father to tie up.

I guess Christopher and Alicia can be let off for them being teenagers lost in a world turned upside down but both were so unlikable that it really messed with the dynamic of the whole episode.

The idea for Fear the Walking Dead was interesting but I find that the first season, which to be fair is only 6 episodes long, has failed to deliver whatever it was that the writers wanted it to deliver. There is little to no drama in all situations, everything feels over the top and forced and as we already know the answers, or at least most of the answers that we can ever get, the biggest question of how civilization was destroyed would have been easily answered in two episodes. The contrast of characters doesn’t work, there are no real likable characters and no one you really want to see survive. There is no urgency, you’d be surprised that they weren’t just all in a random military camp, by now most of the main cast have come face to face with Walkers and all of them should know the dangers but they all seem blissfully self absorbed. The human side of this kind of thing was much better explored in the original. In fact Anna herself has told me about a anime that she’s been reviewing (Gakkou Gurashi) that even though its a “cutesy” anime with school girls actually really does do Fear the Walking Dead’s job much MUCH better and is full of many more dramatic moments and fills you with much more Fear of the situation then Fear the Walking Dead. Even if you are not a anime fan it is worth watching that one if you are a fan of this genre.

The thing is because you know of The Walking Dead you stick with “Fear” in hope that it’ll become more involving, more dramatic and you’d grow to love someone. With one episode left there is a question for me whether watching a second season would be worthwhile, though seeing they do plan on speeding them up at some point to match the time in point with the main series AND there are plenty of rumors about the family who left Rick’s group in the first series might show up I think I’ll stick with it.

Its just now a hodge podge of different themes all along the lines of everyone can’t be trusted and the military is the worst thing in the world.

It is no longer entertaining.

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