Scream Queens : Pilot

Set in modern times in the Kappa Kappa Tau sorority, Scream Queens is a Horror Comedy series with a Whodunnit feel to it as the pledges and girls of Kappa Kappa Tau slowly start to show up dead.

Who am I to say no to something like that?

My friends who had watched it as it premiered had told me so many different things about it that I wasn’t actually sure what it was that I was getting into. I’m happy I gave it a go though.

Lets start by saying the obvious right? The cast is perfect. Every single member of the cast we’re introduced to has perfect comic timing, delivers every line perfectly and just fits into this little world it is creating. Chanel (Emma Roberts) and Grace (Skyler Samuels) lead a pitch perfect cast which has the likes of Lea Michele playing Hester “Neckbrace” Ulrich, Jamie Lee Curtis as Dean Munsch and even Arianna Grande (Chanel #2) and Nick Jonas (Boone) if you like that kind of thing.

It takes the humor from a Horror franchise like Scream, then takes tropes from Slashers and Horror movies, puts them in a blender and then swirls them up into something fresh and funny. Like the original Scary Movie felt just better.

There are brilliant moments like when Grande’s character Chanel #2 dies, the Red Devil who is now haunting Kappa Kappa Tau, texts her so instead of talking to him or screaming about it she texts him back. When he thinks she’s dead she kicks back and writes out a Twitter message, before she can post it she’s killed again just to pop back to life and post the message. Its funny, its short, it makes a statement, its very much a homage to all sorts of Horror Genre stuff but most importantly it fit with everything else around it. It had me laughing my ass off at the thought of instead of screaming having this person so entrenched into modern life that she’ll TEXT him asking him to stop and then Tweet for help instead of calling out to the other girls in the sorority at the time.

That is only one of a few quite unique and funny ways that people get killed in the show.

Every character has their unique thing about them. They all fall into a spectrum between Chanel (Bimbo Bitch) and Grace (Normal Girl Next Door) but all kind of mesh together.

It is such a strong female led cast which with the likes of Orange is the New Black is just great to see. Every single actress is great and its nice to see something that gives you a wide spectrum of female characters (even though nearly every character is a stereotype of some kind) whilst only having a small amount of male characters who play to a very small scope of stereotypes. I’m not sure I’m getting my point across but its like usually you’ll have these movies or shows and the men come in all shapes and sizes whilst you either have the pretty dumb blonde bitch or the really smart and “unattractive” (in other words put a pair of glasses on her and call her ugly) girls. This time out its a show about girls with either stupid attractive boy or lovelorn creepy dude. I’m still not sure it makes sense but I’ve got to the end of my ability to try and describe it (I am stupid attractive boy after all.)

The story is normal Horror fare. People being stalked by some dude in a silly costume. You mix in sororities and then the building of a whodunnit and surprisingly all those kind of genres work perfectly together with each other to make a story of many different parts. The Dean that wants the Sorority closed down, the girl that wants to change the sorority for the better, the bitch that wants to keep her power, the internal struggle, accidental deaths and then a murderer on the prowl. You’d think it was a mess of ideas but it just clicks into place thanks to some great writing.

I got all that from episode one. Now that the stories are set in one episode without it becoming a clustered mess of ideas anything could happen in the following weeks and it will just work, because the ground work was laid this early and is so simplistic that it just can’t not work.

But the biggest positive for it is just the lines. The writer is one funny person. Again it all goes back to delivery as well, especially Roberts, the timing is down to a fine art, the way the characters rub each other up the wrong way and how different they all are and how much they despise what the other stands for just is brilliant. And they really have the cast to play to that.

A great series.

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