Scream Queens : Hell Week

The murder frenzy continues as Kappa Kappa Tau continues to stumble through Hell Week whilst bodies just keep dropping.

I really like the show. I said that in the first review and I’ll say it till I’m blue in the face. I like the show.

There was something that niggled at me though with Grace in this episode. Whilst everything else went on its way and kept on chugging along I found it a bit disheartening that we couldn’t have a proper half sensible conversation with Grace and Chanel about the secret room and the past of Kappa Kappa. The whole story with Grace is great and all but I felt her jar with the episode at times unlike last week. I’m kind of hoping that during the weeks to come she see’s people for who they are instead of actually being the worst person for putting people in a box and labeling them and standing on a high horse as the mighty RIGHT person.

With the way this episode went if she DOESN’T bring that “Team Spirit” that she was hoping to find and try to bring the girls together to really make a “Sisterhood” then the character will kind of fail in the end. I just feel for the character you felt was going to ground Chanel and make her a better person in this episode Chanel came over as a better person. Cruel, heartless and a bimbo sure but she looked through the world in a prism of social class knowing that she’d been put at the top. Grace can be quite nasty in her own way, close minded and suspicious of everyone. She thinks she’s figuring things out but instead of actually working things out she’s just accusing people and wandering off. Her relationship with Pete needs to end because its creepy and both of them are asses.

Everything else was quite good other then the bit in the secret room. I felt there could be something more, they could have toned down the comedy a little (Chanel’s speech is all good and fine and her not caring is also all good and fine but there could have been a bit more seriousness attached to the story.)

Neckbrace has come into her own in the creepy kind of way, I love how into the hazing she is and the fact she wants to call everyone mum. Out of the pledges she’s the only one really so far to have grown her own personality. In a sick kind of way it was the best bit, I kind of hope her creepiness means she ends up with Chad who is also just a little creepy though it was nice of him to let his best friend sleep in the same bed as him knowing that he had a crush on him.

As I said events are unfolding in such a way you can see this being a positive for Kappa Kappa Tau as they have to work together to stay alive. Another moment I think that was downplayed a little was the ending scene with the girls around the table, it made sense to start them off bickering but I feel like there wasn’t enough of them bickering themselves out and deciding to work together. It was moments like this that I think were great for Chanel whose “better person” started to shine through. There is a natural leader in there somewhere she just needs to find it.

With the revelation that Boone is in on it all after faking his death the question naturally arises of whodunit?

Now we know that Boone is in on it its obvious that there can be more then one person up to no good so seeing characters together whilst murders happen mean nothing, I mean the Red Devil had the chance to kill EVERY pledge other then Grace when he mowed over Deaf Taylor Swifts head yet he only went after her. I don’t think there is anyone that can really be ruled out other then I’d probably rule out Chanel because she just seems so innocently dumb that I don’t think a big elaborate plan is her thing, then again that could be the way people want you to think. I don’t think its Pete, I also really don’t think Pete is the kid that was given up for adoption just because he MIGHT be old enough, everyone is going to be about the same age Grace and if that IS the school mascot uniform then surely she’d know this?! Grace I guess can’t because other then Chanel she is the main character and the one SOLVING the mystery unlike Chanel. Zayday possibly? She seems to really dislike a lot of these girls. I think the obvious choices are Gigi and Muncsh but I kind of want to rule them out for BEING so obvious.

Plus why does Boone want to be in on it? I don’t get it.

Next time out though we’ll see.

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