RAW 9/28/15 Review

The era of Kane tormenting Seth Rollins has returned and I love it greatly so lets carry on please?

Matches Quick Overlook :

John Cena (c) vs Xavier Woods
Winner : John Cena (DQ)

John Cena & The Dudley Boys vs New Day
Winner : New Day

Mark Henry  vs Big Show
Winner : Big Show

Team PCB vs Team Bella
Winner : Team Bella

Prime Time Players vs Luke Harper & Braun Strowman
Winners : Luke Harper & Braun Strowman

Stardust vs Neville
Winner : Bull Hammer

Bo Dallas vs Randy Orton
Winner : Randy Orton

Kevin Owens vs Rusev
Winner : No Contest

Roman Reigns vs Bray Wyatt
Winner : No Contest

John Cena / New Day

Short and sweet by Cena. I didn’t understand most of what he said but its nice to have the Open Challenge and it was even better to have New Day come down. Xavier playing the Cena theme on trombone was hilarious and their little speech at Cena made little sense but was hilarious. I loved Hustle, Loyalty and Booty. I loved the fact it was Xavier that took the challenge.

New Day are way too good for their own good.

John Cena (c) vs Xavier Woods
John Cena wins by DQ

I was slightly upset to see Xavier messing about when the match opened and getting beat down quite fast, the Open Challenges are usually really good at showcasing Cena’s opponents and we don’t get to see Xavier very often anyway. I was happy for a change to see New Day sent away because I really want to see Xavier wrestle seriously against anyone.

The match was actually quite boring and slow and that was a shame. Kofi and Big E reappear to save Xavier from having to tap out and then D-Von and Bubba come out to save Cena.

John Cena & The Dudley Boys vs New Day
New Day win by pin fall

So seeing New Day cheated and the Dudleys came to Cena’s aid we get a impromptu match between the two sides.

Which is much more entertaining then the championship match.

There were brilliant moments in the match, the Dudley/Cena attempt at the New Day corner stomp and watching Big E squish Cena in the middle of the ring (how high can that man jump?!) It was a much faster match with some moves from both teams. Cena didn’t really work well with the Dudleys but he didn’t need to. In the ring he did his thing and then left the tag teaming for one of the worlds best tag teams ever.

The Authority

Well someone, “someone” sent a anonymous e-mail to head office to complain about Kane. So Ashley from HR is called in to evaluate Kane and Seth is not happy about this. Oh the fun this is going to be.


Well at least we don’t have to go through all the “bro” stuff this time out. Reigns is just getting ready and Ambrose is just babbling.  Why couldn’t we see more of this side of Reigns? Ambrose is fine because he’s meant to be funny and silly whilst being serious but Reigns needs to take it seriously.

Then Orton came in and he kind of ended up being the guy in the middle. I do like them three together though.

Mark Henry vs Big Show
Big Show wins by pin fall

No matter what they do with Show its not going to make me care. I don’t care about his match with Lesnar and him beating down on Henry is not going to make me care anymore about it. His match with Cesaro, if overdone, at least made you wonder WHO was going to win at any given match even if Cesaro lost every one. The minute I saw Henry in the ring and heard Show’s music I knew he was going to be “unbeatable” Show beating up the big guy and showing that he’s the man to beat on Saturday.

A pointless match that not even the commentators can be bothered to commentate on.


So Team CB are in the house.

I will give Paige one thing, here you go WWE Universe and Paige fans, she has made me support Charlotte and now I’m actually right behind Charlotte and I’ve NEVER liked Charlotte.

The whole segment was pointless though. It went over the same old same old ground with the Divas Revolution.

Thing is people like Natalya should be saying everything that Paige, Nikki and Charlotte are spouting as the Diva left out. Everything about this whole segment was stupid.

Plus can ONE promo be cut without someone mentioning who Charlotte’s father is or who Brie is married to or Cena is dating?

Team PCB vs Team Bella
Team Bella wins by pin fall

What a stupid match. Stupid because Paige is meant to dislike this team now but Nikki is right Charlotte and Becky took the shit that Paige was spouting then tagged with her. The reason none of the other Divas would side with Paige is because she always turns her back on her team mates and now she’s done that.

The match was good but it does little to help the story.

Team Bella are starting to really look strong no matter what people say, they at least have got their characters and motivations down properly unlike the rest. I guess its easy for Creative because they can just have them act like bitches like they think all the women should act like.

Slightly more interesting ending with Paige obviously leaving but then Nattie coming down and declaring she’ll be in the match instead just for Paige to attack from behind. I really hope that we see Nattie kick her ass sometime soon.

Big Show vs Brock Promo

Yeah is that meant to make me interested in the show because it didn’t.

Seth Rollins / Kane

There is a smiling Kane and a present which just so happens to be the head of his statue that Sting, who hasn’t really been mentioned has he? dumped. Well at least Ashley thought it was a nice present! Kind of. Seth’s face was worth it.

Prime Time Players vs Luke Harper & Braun Strowman
Luke Harper & Braun Strowman win by choke out

I’m still loving Harper’s entrance, kind of miss Rowan right now as Strowman just doesn’t work as well with Harper.

There isn’t really that much to talk about really. It started like Titus might be able to take down the two of them then Braun got in and choked him out. I guess it technically isn’t a choke but it looks like it to me.

Other then Luke Harper getting a bit of chest action going to make Anna faint I think there isn’t much to talk about.

Stardust vs Neville
No Contest due to bull hammers galore! 

Well Stardust doesn’t have his henchmen with him, where has the Ascension gone? I thought the Cosmic Wasteland would follow each other around. For later surely?

The match was good for the short amount of time it was on. Neville really got his flippy floppy-ness on and Stardust had some nice hiss action going.

Who fucking cares because Barrett came back and bull hammered them both. I’ve missed him. Please WWE do something with him. He’s looking younger then ever. Do something with him.

The Authority

Well instead of just telling Stephanie and Triple H what she thinks Ashley comes down to the ring to give her verdict on Kane just to be interrupted by Rollins to show a Monster Kane promo.

It started off quite a laugh then Ashley gave her evaluation which was that Kane was perfectly fit to work but maybe Rollins isn’t and should be evaluated. After she gave Seth’s evaluation Seth attacked Kane in the middle of the ring just for Kane to be sent out on a stretcher and turn into Demon Kane in a cloud of smoke in the back of a ambulance and limp back towards the ring.

Funny thing is that Kane started by limping and Seth could have run for the hills. Kane then stamped his foot and got better but Seth could still have run. Instead he had ample time and stood in the ring with a steel chair waiting for the inevitable death via big Red Machine.

Bo Dallas

Bo is great, why is Bo not a thing already? Whats wrong with him? If I complain enough I might feel better. Bo makes me laugh, Bo is great. Come on Bo start BOLIEVING more!

Bo Dallas vs Randy Orton
Randy Orton wins by pin fall

So yes. This match was a thing. Bo didn’t just die at the hands of the Viper which was nice. It didn’t last long though.

I feel bad for Bo. He doesn’t deserve to be treated like this but it was also fun to see Randy looking happy.

Kevin Owens vs Rusev
No Contest

To be fair I kind of turned off. Ryback was at ring side and I kind of ignored the whole thing. I can’t even remember why. There wasn’t a reason. I think I was still sulking about Bo.

Paul Heyman / Show

Felt like a funny time in the night to have Heyman come down to just talk about how much he’s in love with the Big Bore. And then to tell us his Client BROOOCKKK LEEESNNNARRR will take the Big Show to Suplex City.

We’d already heard from Show, or at least seen him destroy Henry and now we have to see him once more. Thanks Paul.

Roman Reigns vs Bray Wyatt
No Contest

Actually a great match and one we probably should have had ages ago instead of various tag team and six man matches.

I’ve always kind of liked the chemistry these two have and it shone through well in the main event. It was also nice to have so much of a match that didn’t have to focus on the outside with the Family and Ambrose trawling around the place.  Someone said on here or the forum over the weekend that men shouldn’t wear white pants and I agree completely, even if they have a cool bird thing going on.

The match ended in double count out and then they just brawled which was brilliant. That was about it though. Great match, great ending and great brawl afterwards.

My Thoughts :

It just didn’t get exciting did it? I mean I was sat there the whole time hoping for something to happen. The matches were interesting other then some of the random “why bother” matches like Show vs Henry but other then that everything was just OK.

There was slight build up to Bray vs Roman but it was drowned out by everything else. The big Kane Evaluation thing kind of sucked the life out of the last part of the show by feeling more like a ending then a mid section promo and to top it all off they did it AGAIN with Heyman and Show! In fact everything after the Kane Evaluation started to feel boring to me even if it wasn’t and my mind wandered more then once.

Good come back for Barrett but I fear they won’t bother to do anything with him now that he’s back. He is in great shape, he’s popular enough and he’s great in the ring. Why this man is not main event right now challenging Rollins for the title with the likes of Cesaro and Sheamus I do not know. I love that he’s back especially because people made it sound like he’d gone for a long LONG break, kind of sad that he seems to still be doing the King Barrett thing but think his come back was brilliant.

The Divas are getting slightly interesting but the problem is it is STILL the same old Divas just with the addition here and there of Natalya to be slapped about by Paige. Put Paige on the back burner, give Nattie something to do, get Sasha and Naomi fighting Charlotte and just give them something more to do.

It feels like a life time ago watching New Day, I really think they need to be kept for mid-RAW as they make everything better.

Strange one.

Will hopefully do SmackDown before the Lesnar event at the end of the week.

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