Gakkou Gurashi! : Graduation [END]

“Sotsugyō” (そつぎょう)

We have come to the end of the road for our favourite school club. The last few episodes have been a roller coaster of emotions and action. We join them at the turning point for the School Live! Club.

Well the dramatic ending of last week was only matched by the drama in this episode.

Yuki is now fully “awake” as it were and able to see where she has to go and what she has to do. After being saved by a infected Taromaru she realizes that the zombies actually remember things and that is truly why they are returning to the school. Like muscle memory or some such thing. She gets to the broadcasting room, the room Megumi told her to go to, and broadcast to the school that the day is over. So. All the zombies leave.

The heartfelt speech followed by Miki making it back in time to save Kurumi and getting to say good bye to Taromaru before he died (he was to be fair actually dead compared to Kurumi who was just turning so it was good just to get one last goodbye really!) and then the Graduation service and the girls leaving the school was all heartbreaking. From where we started to now all of them have grown and changed and their lives are just starting.

Yuki is finally seeing the world for what it is but you know what? She’s still positive, she’s still trying to find the best in the world. She’s not giving up yet.

Kurumi is getting better and seems to be full of confidence once more.

Miki finally feels like she’s fitting in and I think this whole trial and losing Taromaru has made her finally stop grieving for her friend.

Yuri I believe is finally losing it and I think the stress of keeping everyone together is starting to break her.

They have left the school though and are on their way to the University marked on a map by Megumi. They do kind of consider the fact that the people there might not be happy to see them but go ahead regardless, but that small point that these girls think like that and are fully aware that the world is different and just because they’ve survived doesn’t mean they’ll be welcome with other survivors again is a testament to the writing because it was a great moment with them all.

I don’t know what upset me more. The fact that this all happened or the fact we don’t have a “next week” to look forward to. Though there surely has to be another series as right after the credits ends someone finds one of their letters and picks it up (like I KNEW they would!) so we NEED to know who this stranger is and what they want! Come on give us another season.

From beginning to end there was no duff episodes. Purely a class act to the very end.

I can now stop blubbing like a baby once a week at animated girls.

Ohhhh and who else thought the zombie at the end when the girls were leaving the school was Kei? I saw on Wiki that apparently it was but  I don’t know if that was from a official source, I felt like it was underplayed enough by Miki that it might not have been but I KNEW it was her. The whole “we love our school” speech and everything I just knew Kei would show up. Sad times.

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