Strictly Come Dancing Week 1 Show 2

Six couples danced last night, the rest of them dance tonight. Can anyone topple Helen and Aljaz off the top of the leaderboard?

Opening Pro-Dance

I really didn’t like it at all. I didn’t really like the mix of different pieces. I mean of course they danced it well but it didn’t feel like one coherent dance which was sad because I usually love the professionals dances.

Jay & Aliona
Dancing the CHACHA to “Reach Out, I’ll Be There” by Human Nature
Judges Score : 5 / 8 / 7 / 7 = 27
My Score : 5

To start with I really don’t like Aliona. I mean I don’t usually just dislike a pro, I might dislike their style of choreography or how they act but generally it’ll only be one small niggle. I REALLY don’t like Aliona. She didn’t change my mind here. I was disappointed with the choreography which just felt boring and I didn’t like the fact that she didn’t seem at all concerned that her partner looked seconds away from fainting from nerves.

Jay himself was superb and a real surprise. I know people said he’d be good but I wasn’t expecting him to be this good so early on. He needs to relax a little, which of course will come as the nerves start to go, and he needs to perform. A little of the energy of the dance was lost because he looked so concentrated on the job at hand. He’s got a long way to go but then don’t they all? I think he should be extremely proud of himself.

I find it hard to watch him though because he’s so uncomfortable and Aliona just doesn’t look like she cares.

Kirsty & Brendan
Dancing the WALTZ to “Vincent” by Don McLean
Judges Score : 4 / 5 / 6 / 5 = 20
My Score : 1

I always have nothing but praise for Brendan and his choreography and with someone who didn’t forget her steps, go off time and get dragged around that could have been a beautiful dance.

Unfortunately for Kirsty no amount of Brendan telling us that she’s a good dancer will make me believe it on first impressions. She looked like she was about to faint, which is fair enough you know she was nervous, but compared to Jay who went out there and danced his heart out Kirsty was safer in the arms on Brendan and just got tugged about.

She had no posture, no frame whatsoever and no real footwork to talk about. I was extremely disappointed.

Jeremy & Karen
Dancing the CHACHA to “September” by Earth, Wind and Fire
Judges Score : 2 / 6 / 6 / 5 = 19
My Score : 1

Well. He was better then Carol but that isn’t saying much. I don’t like him much because there is something about him that just gets on my nerves but he put so much effort into being bad that you can’t not give him some credit. At the end of the day he had the time of his life and that was all that mattered.

His hips are non-existent, his footwork needs to be implemented and he needs to dance with Karen not against her. Karen is good though and she’ll choreograph around his weaknesses but I don’t think he’ll be very good at most of the Latins but he could be a surprise in the Ballroom.

I gave them a 1 because it was terrible but if I was giving marks for entertainment and pure energy and happiness he’d get a 7.

Georgia & Giovanni
Dancing the JIVE to “Dear Future Husband” by Meghan Trainor
Judges Score : 6 / 7 / 7 / 7 = 27
My Score : 8

OK I over scored them possibly but I’m not sure this time out I care.

Its true that she lost a bit of steam at the end of the dance, Giovanni made it extremely fast for Georgia and she kept up to speed as long as she physically could. Her footwork was lovely and she had lots of bounce and energy. I think these two can go a long way and their personalities match.

I am really impressed with all three of the new professionals, OK I didn’t like Gleb and his faffing about on the stairs but I really thought after that it was pretty good, all three have added so much more to the show then some other professionals. I really liked the chemistry that Georgia and Giovanni had and will be first to admit that they reminded me as well of Vincent and Louisa. She’s going to go a long way.

Ainsley & Natalie
Dancing the TANGO to “Voulez Vous” by ABBA
Judges Score : 4 / 5 / 6 / 5 = 20
My Score : 4

I enjoyed their dance like I always knew I would. I have to admit the story was all over the place and they tried to put too many flavours into one dance.

That being said Natalie is one of my favourite professionals because she always choreographs to the celebrity she’s with. Even though the story might have been all over the place she’d got him to learn a routine that he could handle quite easily. He needs to work on keeping his posture and work a little on his footwork. He isn’t going to be the best but he’s probably going to be the best of the bottom runners and the Latin dances are going to be much better for him.

Really I think he’s going to surprise us all, I think the Tango and possibly Rumba and Paso are going to be his most difficult dances because he has/had to get the face right and you could see him struggling not to smile the whole dance. I’m sure he’s going to surprise us all.

Katie & Anton
Dancing the JIVE to “Roll Over Beethoven” by Chuck Berry
Judges Score : 6 / 6 / 7 / 7 = 26
My Score : 6

I think the one dance I was not looking forward to seeing Anton ever do again was the Jive. I’m extremely happy that the first dance that Anton and Katie did was the Jive because now its out of the way.

Katie did fantastic for her first dance and really actually surprised me. She looked better then Anton sometimes but I’m actually extremely surprised by just how well Anton choreographed the Jive. It looked and felt like a Jive more then a few Jives in the last few years have. There were slight timing issues and there are still more energy she can add to it.

My biggest worry about them is obviously Anton messing about. OK for the first dance have a little bit of a funny story to start it off but Anton gets carried away, especially in Latin. He honestly needs to buckle down this series.

Iwan & Ola
Dancing the TANGO to “Keep on Running” by Spencer Davis Group
Judges Score : 3 / 5 / 5 / 4 = 17
My Score : 1

I got really confused when they started to dance, I thought they were doing a Jive then I realised it was meant to be a Tango and I got really confused.

Is there any point in pointing out what he did or didn’t do? His posture was non-existent, his footwork was all over the place, he hunched over Ola and had no musicality whatsoever. He’s way too hyper and needs to calm down a lot.

His chemistry with Ola just doesn’t work and to be quite honest his lack of training by the sound of it is going to carry on being a problem. He could be half good. He isn’t going to be though.

Jamelia & Tristan
Dancing the WALTZ to “Do Right Woman, Do Right Man” by Aretha Franklin
Judges Score : 4 / 6 / 6 / 5 = 21
My Score : 3

After last year I was looking forward to seeing Tristan with someone who could possibly be a contender. Now I’m not too sure.

For a start men shouldn’t wear white trousers, they just look odd. Secondly it was like they walked to different poses instead of danced and naturally came to a pose. They had no musicality whatsoever, the dance just felt like it didn’t go. I’m sure there was a few missteps too and they went completely out of time.

I was expecting much more from her and the Waltz should have been a great start. I still think we’ll see great things from her but I am now not sure whether or not I’m going to like Tristan’s choreography. I wanted him to stay because I wanted to see more of it but now I’m a little upset that we’ve lost Trent and kept Tristan.

Peter & Janette
Dancing the CHACHA to “Ain’t No Other Man” by Christina Aguilera
Judges Score : 7 / 8 / 8 / 7 = 30
My Score : 3

Janette is starting to remind me way too much of Aliona, she seems determined to win at the expense of making a believable connection with her partner.

As it was their chemistry didn’t come out on the dance floor, the music didn’t really fit and I was surprised at how much I didn’t like it. He was stiff and clumpy and didn’t move with the music at all. I honestly thought that Peter would be THE star to beat, and obviously in the judges eyes he could probably sit on the stairs and garner 8s and 9s but it really wasn’t that good and it wasn’t worth the top score.

I think he’ll get better but I’ve always felt like Janette was the weakest professional.

Judges Leaderboard :

Peter & Janette : 30
Helen & Aljaz : 29
Kellie & Kevin : 27
Anita & Gleb : 27
Jay & Aliona : 27
Georgia & Giovanni : 27
Katie & Anton : 26
Daniel & Kristina : 24
Anthony & Otlile : 21
Jamelia & Tristan : 21
Kirsty & Brendan : 20
Ainsley & Natalie : 20
Jeremy & Karen : 19
Iwan & Ola : 17
Carol & Pasha : 16

My Thoughts :

Terrible song choices for some couples and some odd choreography choices.

Sometimes I think that the people that pick the music are too obvious. “Wake me up with you Go-Go” for someone named Ogogo? A “Running” song for a Olympic Runner? “Dear Future Husband” for the couple that from Day 1 has been picked as the Strictly Curse couple?

I enjoyed the two shows more then I have for a long time. I think the celebrities are more likable and the professionals are just more fun. I really loved the new professionals and think they did a great job of choreographing their first dances.

There are a few couples I really like. Dance wise I think my favourite of the weekend was Helen or Georgia but I can’t help but cheer on Daniel and Ainsley too.

I’m looking forward to next weeks show, it’ll be interesting to see if Jay and Kristy can battle their nerves, or see some of the Ballroomers from this week handling Latin’s (especially as a few of them seem natural Latin dancers.) It’ll also be interesting just to see how everyone handles doing a dance within a week. I think a few of the people who were average will really surprise and there might be a few different kind of surprises too.

I’m also interested in knowing out of the two blogs this weekend which you thought was better yesterdays or todays. Mainly because one I did live and therefore it was raw feeling (Friday’s) and the other I wrote a long time after (Saturday’s.)

Until next week.

One thought on “Strictly Come Dancing Week 1 Show 2”

  1. I was quite disappointed with a few of the dances last night.

    Kirsty I thought would do better, I mean if THAT was nerves then she’s not going to be any good because that was SERIOUS nerves. Jay was nervous but he still got the whole dance right to his abilities.

    Jamelia was just… Quite meh. Which is a shame because I wanted her to do so well.

    Iwan….. Lets not talk about Iwan!!!

    And Peter?! I don’t get it, it looked nothing like a ChaCha, he was clunky and awkward and yet he got top marks?!

    As for your blogs I prefer a bit inbetween both of them 🙂 😛 I know I’m awkward but there you have it! I’ve sent you a PM on the forum anyway about it.

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