Gaming Babble : Fall Out 3 Part 2

Detonation of the Badass

If you haven’t read Part 1 then you won’t get the fact that I’m being a bad ass. I’m kicking ass. I’m being a bastard and killing my way through the Wasteland after killing my way through Vault 101.

I am the original asshat….

I also set my sights on Megaton….

When we get there we have a edgy conversation with Lucas Simm the towns sheriff who doesn’t like us and likes us even less when we insult his hat and tell him his town should be blown up. We don’t start a fight with him… Yet… But I will be back for his cowboy hat which is awesome.

I’m not here, or anywhere, to make friends unless I find the character I’m talking to pretty cool.

We go buy some food (Squirrel Bits… Yummy) and then head to the Saloon to get some insight into the world we’ve arrived into.

Some chick has apparently seen our Daddy but won’t tell us anything about it. She does tell us about the Ghoul Gob and the radio stations. It turns out she’s a whore and we can rent a room and go see her if we want.

There is a girl that gets you to deliver a package, might as well for the money.

You can agree to destroy the town with the bomb which we do for money.

Then you can talk to Gob.

Now I want to be a asshole, a real big asshole BUT and this is a big BUT I don’t like being mean to Ghoul’s. The horrible thing is that it’ll give me good Karma but I don’t care because Ghouls are just cute looking.

Next up we’ve got Billy Creel who just gives you information on bits and pieces if you wish to talk to him.

In the back room you’ve got Moriarty, Colin Moriarty who is the dude everyone has been telling you that your father has spoken to. Turns out he knows your father a bit better then you’d imagine, even knows you!

We went and killed a bint. We did this to get money so I can find my Daddy. We then came back to Megaton.

When we get back from killing Silver and grabbing the 100 caps that she owes Moriarty he happily takes them “I hope you choke on them” and tells us that our dad has been and gone to go to the radio station.

We go to make a friend afterwards. Her name is Moira. Moira Brown. We tell her to bow to us and then go on a epic journey to create the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Wasteland. It is fun to go on her quests to fulfil her guide so I start from the beginning and will start doing her quests.

Even though it’ll make this chapter in our game very short I am going to probably end it here and then make one long Helping Moira post for next week.

We didn’t do much I guess but there is a lot of walking around the place and learning about the area and the people that live there. Talk to everyone and accepting quests whilst always acting the bad ass to up our bad Karma. Be mean spirited and grumpy and overly sarcastic.Its nice from time to time just to stroll around the place and talk to people and see what can happen.

Next week will be at least the first part of our Survival Guide helping outness. We are going to be awesome!

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