RAW 9/21/15 Review

The RAW after Night of Champions, we’ll see just what happens after the fall out of Night of Champions for all our new champions.

Matches Quick Overlook :

The Cosmic Wasteland vs Neville & The Lucha Dragons
Winners : Neville & The Lucha Dragons

Ryback vs Bo Dallas
Winner : Ryback

Charlotte vs Brie Bella
Winner : Charlotte

Sheamus vs Mark Henry
Winner : Sheamus

New Day & Rusev vs The Dudley Boys & Dolph Ziggler
Winners : New Day & Rusev

Naomi vs Natalya
Winner : Naomi

Big Show vs Cesaro
Winner : Big Show

John Cena vs Seth Rollins
Winner : John Cena

The Wyatt Family / Roman Reigns / Dean Ambrose / Randy Orton 

I loved that the Wyatt’s opened the show but I’m slightly pissed that they had Roman come out a little too fast to start a fight with them. It was kind of great to see them just brawl with Ambrose joining afterwards, though I’m still pretty confused why they’ve tamed Luke Harper to the point that they have.

This feud needed some new lifeblood and I do think this was perfect for them.

It was also nice to see Orton come out to help. If there is anyone I think could or should take down Strowman it should be Orton. Not that Orton is overly strong but he’s just always been the one guy that just won’t go down. I prefer him with Reigns and Ambrose then Y2J.

Seth Rollins / Kane

The director of operations is back and he seems to have no idea about what the Demon Kane did last night at Night of Champions.

Possibly what is scarier isn’t that he’s now two different personalities but the smile that is pasted onto Kane’s face. It is just wrong when Kane smiles. Funny segment and nice to see him and Seth with their battle of words back.

The Cosmic Wasteland vs Neville & The Lucha Dragons
Neville & The Lucha Dragons win by pin fall

So a rematch from the night before.

It was another good match but not as good as the pre-show match. The Cosmic Wasteland really have become one perfect unit and work so well together but Neville and the Dragons didn’t work quite as well this time out.

A bit of a flat match and I don’t see the point of just after having Stardust and his goons win the night before having them face each other again the night after. Surely tonight could have been used for Stardust to gloat but the moment is now lost, Stardust can no longer gloat of a victory because he got a loss the night after.

I don’t really know where this story is going right now. Its still one of my favorite stories but bad booking could kill it.

The Authority

Seth finally hunts down Triple H and Stephanie who tell him to stop whining and worry about John Cena tonight in his re-match and they’ll worry about Kane. Whatever is happening with Kane no one seems to have realized he was coming back.

Ryback vs Bo Dallas 
Ryback wins by pin fall

A good match though again Bo does something interesting one week and next time you see him he’s just the same as always and being beaten up by another angry guy who was beaten the night before in a big match. After he lost his temper the other week I thought we’d see a tad darker Bo but instead we get normal Bo and normal jobber Bo at that.

The match wasn’t too bad having said that. It wasn’t a squash match and even though Ryback had the majority of the offence Bo got a few good moves in. Kevin Owens at ring side was once more a delight but not quite as loud and memorable as other appearances at the commentary table.

I just kind of wish they’d do more with Bo.

Charlotte Celebration

So The Divas Revolution failed and they have the one person who is forcing it to fail to tell the world its failed and to prove that its failing they have the most annoying person tell the world all the terrible things that creative have done with the Revolution instead of you know have a revolution.

Paige is at her most vile, self centered annoying best.

I kind of warmed to Charlotte.

Nikki was the best though and she made a good point. This whole Revolution right now? Looks like a jealous rage against her by Paige.

Charlotte vs Brie Bella
Charlotte wins by submission

Do I say enough how much I love Brie?  She’s just one of my all time favorite Divas and she’s so underrated in the ring.

A much better match then her match last night against Brie’s sister but still another win for Charlotte. It doesn’t bother me half as much now Paige isn’t part of Team PCB for some reason. Funny that.

I want to see Charlotte fighting every week and I want that title on the line more often because I feel like that would be what Charlotte wants. Nikki last night and Brie tonight proved that the main roster Divas are ready for the challenge of the NXT Divas, they’ve come on leaps and bounds and deserve to be there.

With Paige fucking off all we can hope is that they’ve decided to focus on Divas and not teams of Divas.

Sheamus vs Mark Henry
Sheamus wins by pin fall

The match was a filler match and nothing more. Good back and forth, some great moments of temper tantruming Sheamus and then a dodgy looking Brogue and a three count out of relatively nowhere. Keeping Sheamus in our minds after botching what should have been his night the night before.

The Authority

Kane still has that smile on his face which is kind of scary. I like the fact that Kane doesn’t remember anything, Triple H and Steph are great. I love how he can go from all cheerful to quite scary to cheerful again within a blink of the eye and Stephanie and Triple H react perfectly to it all.

This is quite fun.

Paige / Nattie

So pleased to see Nattie back. I mention her nearly every single week and have missed her. The reason Paige pissed me off tonight so much though is that the fans WANT to see Nattie and we know that Nattie works just as much as the TV Divas do but we don’t get to see her because creative don’t deem her important enough. Thankfully Nattie puts her in her place.

New Day

We forget completely that New Day brought the tables to the ring last night and instead get the sad story of the piece of table that tried to become one with Xavier Woods.

This stuff is still hilarious and will stay hilarious till the day I die. The whole bit about building a wall around Dudleyville to protect us and our furniture was the funniest thing I’ve heard all week.

New Day & Rusev vs The Dudley Boys & Dolph Ziggler
New Day & Rusev win by pin fall

I have to say anything that includes New Day is just surreal now. Its hard to see them working with anyone because they are just so colorful and stupid. Summer and Xavier at ring side was hilarious and I loved them working on the Trombone together.

The match was bloody good. Its a shame that the story has bogged down Rusev/Ziggler because they do tend to have half decent matches. It changed everything up and made it much more interesting though. Both teams worked well though I guess Rusev blended much better with New Day, even tagging himself in seconds after Big E tagged himself in just so that they could squish Ziggler between them.

A brilliant match, not that with New Day and the Dudley’s you couldn’t have a great one. I love it when New Day get new friends to play with and Xavier playing Rusev’s theme on the trombone was a highlight.

Naomi vs Natalya
Naomi wins by pin fall

It was so nice to see Nattie back in action and even better to see her up against Naomi. If anything the Divas Revolution should have been about these two, its time they get the recognition they deserve.

The match was great, I love the blend of Naomi’s athleticism against Natalya’s more strong woman type wrestling. They have brilliant in ring chemistry as well. If anything Natalya didn’t seem to be able to keep up a little with Naomi which made the match seem a little slumped in places but for the majority of the time they worked well together.

Both of these girls have their own style too which is great and doesn’t really get picked up a lot by the commentators. In fact the commentators spent most of its time talking about Team Bella vs Team PCB and Paige’s jealous fit of rage earlier and forgot to actually commentate on what was happening in the ring. I hope this is just a start for Nattie coming back because I would love to see her up against Becky Lynch next, though Becky did invite Nattie to join her and Charlotte over Twitter.

The Authority

Stephanie and Triple H tries to make themselves believe whatever it was they were telling Seth. We know very well that they don’t believe what they are saying.

Big Show vs Cesaro
Big Show wins by pin fall

I’m sick of this already. Cesaro is too good to be KO punched two shows in a row. I get that half of tonight’s showing was purely for Show to then go on about his match against Lesnar but they need to do something with Cesaro and fast.

The match wasn’t terrible, it wasn’t anything like how short and boring the Sheamus/Henry match was but it was a waste of the talent that is Cesaro. When he’s on a roll in the match it has to come to a stuttering stop because he’s up against a 7-foot giant, who keeps having to shout “I’m a giant” to remind himself that he is one.

I loved that Cesaro was able to lift Show off his feet but Cesaro’s persona is meant to be able to do that anyway and to have him do that then get KO punched seconds later is a silly move. A real silly move.

The Wyatt Family

That was fucking creepy. Very creepy.

John Cena vs Seth Rollins
John Cena wins by pin fall

There wasn’t enough time on the end of the show for us to get a good match so you always kind of knew it wasn’t going to be as good as their fight the night before. They spent too long trying to set up their big moves at the beginning that they lost even more time.

I like the fact they’ve had Seth wrestle a lot recently because his championship reign has been a bit forgettable but he’s had a few really good matches in recent weeks winning and losing them as a heel which is good. There hasn’t been a stand out performance for him yet which sucks because he deserved to prove himself a little more then he has.

Even with the shorter period of time though the match was a extremely entertaining one and the ending was great. As always the one thing I love most about Cena’s matches is they allow his opponent to look great and that is another thing that Seth has failed to do in his title reign. At one point all he seemed capable of was running away which was a great shame because he’d become so popular and climbed to where he was because he was a great wrestler. Its nice to see some of that come back to him now.

After the match and Kane appears on the big screen to tell Seth basically that he’s coming after his title and then Demon Kane appears from inside the ring and drags Seth to hell with him.

My Thoughts :

It has to be the first thought because I thought of it and needed to write it down before I forgot it.

Have we actually seen the Team Divas fight against each other? I mean one of the biggest problems facing the Divas Revolution for a while now was that it was the same old match time and time again. They had Sasha vs Paige three or four times in the space of two or three weeks. How about Becky vs Charlotte? Or Naomi vs Sasha? They don’t even have to fall out of the team to just have a good honest match against each other.

To be honest now that Paige has left Team PCB, or Paige SHOULD have left PCB (I’d hate to see them get back together) I hope that Charlotte and Becky become their own people once more and we get more then one story going on at a time. In fact they have set it up perfectly for that so I hope they go ahead and DO that. You have Paige moaning and dripping because her revolution was always meant to be about her (which I said it would be) and pissing off people like Natalya and Naomi who get left in the background for no reason other then according to some people “they aren’t popular enough” when the fans aren’t actually GIVEN a reason to support them. That could be a good story. Then Charlotte vs Nikki the rematch build up. Team Bella are OK and Team BAD are OK I don’t see either needing to split up but we CAN move away from Team BAD JUST being a team. Team Bella vs Charlotte would be a good story. Team BAD can fuck everyone’s shit up and the Divas being held back so people like Paige can have 101 Divas Title Matches and sulk when she isn’t getting them can teach Paige a lesson in manners.

The number one thing that the Divas need to have happen though is someone to stand up to creative and point out, just like men, all women are different. We need to have actual good guys and actual bad guys and some people in between. Natalya and Becky would work as good guys, and Charlotte is working as a good guy too. Team BAD are BORN to be in between and Team Bella SHOULD be the bad guys. Paige is also a born bad guy. Draw a line in the fucking Divas sand and write proper stories for them PLEASE. These women are much too important, way too talented and too respected and loved by fans to be pissed on by higher ups any longer. The Divas Revolution was a joke of a revolution and we need a PROPER revolution to start NOW. RAW started something better then the last few months KEEP IT GOING.

Why is Cesaro not getting pushed now? He wasn’t because he wasn’t connecting to the fans and we’ve proved that wrong so what is it now?

New Day are just gold at the moment and I could watch them every second of the day. I feel like I should be saying that they need to do more with them but they are doing so much that I’m not sure what it is that I want them to do with New Day. Everything they come up with is hilarious and the trombone is great, their partnership with Rusev was great and it just shows how flexible they are that they can add someone like Rusev to the line up and gel right away.

I guess the Dudley’s need to come back at them some more, the New Day / Edge & Christian / Dudley Boy thing was great and they need more of that. The Dudley’s have been too quiet.

I’m also so happy we didn’t have to deal with any Rusev/Summer/Dolph drama. Much better.

A great RAW coming off the back of a OK-ish PPV. I enjoyed it a lot.

I accidentally forgot to post the NoC review which posted before this one, I also didn’t watch this live as I knew Anna was waking up late/early to watch it so watched it with her. But for the first time in a long time we’re up to date with the main roster reviews at least.

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