Fear The Walking Dead : Not Fade Away

By the end of the last episode we’d seen the military roll in and start to take charge, this completely changes the dynamic of the whole series and as it is one of the only areas we haven’t really seen yet in the main show, never having really met up with a “safe zone” guarded by military, it’ll be a interesting dynamic to witness.

It truly was as well.

One thing the Walking Dead has always done well is make you question humanity. When the world ends and the rules we’ve made mean nothing, who can you trust? People have it inside them to be good people or bad people and even good people can become bad if pushed too far. We saw it at the Hospital, we saw it at Terminus, Woodbury and now we’re seeing it in Alexandria. Good people can be pushed to do bad things. When you are running out of medication, you are hungry, lonely, depressed and being misused by other survivors there is only so much you can take.

This episode didn’t go quite that far but it showed two ugly(ish) sides to humanity.

The first isn’t really that bad but it shows you the kind of mind frame we have right now. Whilst being reminded that they are the lucky ones in a safe zone, quarantined from the infection, all the people of the zone care about is when the power is coming back on. Even though I despised the military guy in charge at one point he made a good point of saying that they should be happy they are alive. Then again the biggest problem most of them would have had is that they would have been at home and not able to fully comprehend just what happened. With no one being told anything about what is happening outside their safe zone (DZ) no wonder they are restless.

I didn’t like the attitude that seemed to prevail though. Personally I feel if it was bad enough to be put into a safe zone the last of my worries will be when can I watch TV next. The medication was something I agreed with them on but that was about it.

The second bit is that the military really didn’t care. There wasn’t really a single caring person we saw in this episode, maybe the guy who Ofelia is using to try and get medication off of but that was it. The Doctor who showed up had a lack of care for those around her and Daniel’s story of people where he came from being taken away to get “medical treatment” and ending up dead was the fate I was wondering whether or not we’d see for the victims here. After going door to door and telling people they would be going to the hospital facility I don’t get why they came in the dead of night and forced them away from their families, surely it would have been better to have just taken them like they did some of the others?

This is why safe zones probably didn’t work.

Places like police forces and armies attract people who like power and the ones that are going to do best in this situation are the ones that want power more then anything. The people that don’t care who they tread on. You see the difference between the military not caring if people are outside the safe zone and when told that there is someone possibly out there goes and finds them and then kills them to someone like Rick who as a police officer who isn’t exactly after power kind of drives himself crazy when he has to take charge because he’s got everyone’s life in his hands and its too much for him. He wants to save everyone and it drives him crazy because he can’t do it.

The way the military is working in the safe zone will only make people in the safe zone angrier. Maddie has already breached their fence and destroyed some of their safety unless the broken fence is noticed and fixed, all it’ll take is one of the actual children to be taken for little to no reason, their parent not being allowed to go with them and you’ll have a full on riot on your hands.

I went right off of Nick in the episode. Travis is starting to annoy me. Maddie seems to have everything happen to her so is in a constant state of shock and then you have Alicia who needs someone and has no one.

I love Daniel Salazar though he’s one of the best characters in the show.

Its getting better and I find the story more gripping and more interesting. People keep saying its going to be scarier then the Walking Dead but it isn’t and it shouldn’t be. By now the Walking Dead has done all that can really be done with the horror aspect without becoming a zombie movie cliche. The reason the show does well is that its moved on from the Walking Dead being the main problem for the group and just surviving becoming their biggest problem. This show needs to add to that not subtract from it so I’m happy that so far the people saying it’ll be “scarier” have been wrong, or at least in the ways they have said it will be as it is actually a little scarier to see how humanity reacted to the end of the world.

I like the safe zone for now and think that the drama will bubble up nicely in there, the fact that we should be getting some stories from the military set up that Liza and the sick people have gone to will only add to that.

I’m happy I gave it a chance.

I would also like to say that I think the actress that will make this show could very possibly be Alycia Debnam-Carey. So far she’s been in the shadow of her brother but the character of Alicia is slowly coming to the front of the group and I think her character is the one to be watching out for.

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