Rampo Kitan : Game of LaPlace : The Day Dream [END]

“Hakuchūmu” (白昼夢)

I was actually surprised to see it was the final episode but also a little relieved that its over now as I can’t see how they were going to stretch it on any further.

The episode was the second best of the whole season only behind Kagami’s story.

It had a lot to say about the state of the world and what it would take to get people fighting for what they believe to be true, in a haunting way it actually had a lot of truth to modern day with it. The organised way that Namikoshi called out Akechi and had the children jumping off the clock tower whilst preaching about how corrupt the world is would touch people. The scene were people watching and keeping updated on it all realized that actually they were weak and doing anything about it just made life worse for them and here was a guy telling them they didn’t have to be afraid and that the deaths they were witnessing would be the catalysed for change.

Watching just how far Twenty-Faces had crept into their society was scary in fact, seeing how many people had already turned to him made you wonder how many people would turn like that if it was in real life. Even in first world countries like ours or America there are plenty of people who are wound so tightly by the injustices they see every day that it would only take one Namikoshi to start something much worse in reality.

The episode was as beautifully animated as it always is and with a lack of Kobayashi it worked really well.

I did kind of want them to fail to save Kobayashi but realised that was one wish too many to grant.

It was nice to see Akechi’s friends helping him to reach the clock tower but it does feel like we’ve actually missed out on a whole other part of this story to begin with. It feels more like the climax of a second season then a first season. In fact I hope there never is another season as I’ll probably feel the need to watch it, like a car wreck I can’t take my eyes off this.

As a full stop to this chapter in the life of Twenty-Faces I think it was a really good story, the music when Akechi saved Namikoshi touched me and the yellow butterflies fit perfectly.

Akechi was such a interesting character that we didn’t get even to scrape the surface of but at least he’s able to sleep at last.

On Thursday I’ll have my full season review of it.

A good season ender.

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