Fear The Walking Dead : The Dog

I enjoyed the last episode a lot better then I did the first. It made you really think about how you’d react in the characters shoes, it showed how easily a group of people can grow and riots are a great place for infection to spread and how easy it is to start a riot. It shows how strangers can end up grouped together in the middle of everything.

Once more this episode has a lot of elements to explore.

For a start the forced relationship between the Manawa/Ortiz family and the Salazar family. Travis, to protect his family, forced their presence upon the Salazar’s. As far as the Salazar’s are concerned there is just a riot outside and seeing as Travis is hardly going to be able to convince a group of adults that people are being killed, coming back to life and killing other people that is as much as they are left to know. This isn’t just a shop they’ve barged into though, it is the Salazar’s home and they don’t enjoy the company of Travis and his family.

When it all goes wrong though they find themselves having to work together to escape, when Griselda is injured their only hope of escape is with the Manawa/Ortiz’s and as Liza is a nurse in training they need her help to get Griselda better.

Their relationship then is forced upon the Clark’s who have not been having a easy time of it themselves. After watching their neighbor Mr Dawson kill the family across the road they slowly realize that he’s on his way to their house. Whilst all the Clark’s want to go ahead with the plan to escape to the desert the Manawa/Ortiz and Salazar families want to stay put. Conflict arises and as always its fear that makes tempers flare. Daniel Salazar would rather lie about having family nearby and going with them then to stay with strangers, Liza and Maddie need to make a truce to even think of working and living together.

In it all it is Daniel Salazar, the father of their family, that seems to understand what is happening. He goes through the whole episode with his head firmly on. Riots don’t faze him and neither does shooting Mr Dawson in the head whilst he’s attacking Travis, he even tries to teach Christopher about shooting a gun telling Travis that the kid will need to learn to defend himself.

Again the thing that I liked about the episode was it didn’t brush over the fact that right now the world is only just going to pot so people aren’t going to flock to be in a bigger group they are going to want to stand their own ground. When Rick finally meets up with the survivors in the original series they realize they have to work together, using all of their skills, to survive. Right now, even with Daniel guessing that it is all “too late” no one really feels the need to work as a coherent team because they don’t know what it is that they are fighting against. As Tobias said in the last episode they don’t realize how fast our civilization will crumble. The people that press the important switches to get things to work will be gone and there will be no one to replace them and the world as we know it ends.

The horrible thing is that is when people like the Clark family will need families like the Salazar’s. It is very obvious that skills that Daniel has will help him survive but he only cares about his family. The Clark’s don’t even remember to shut the back door to keep their home safe, what chance do they have?

By the end of the episode the military arrive.

I’m in two minds on whether that will be a good thing or a bad thing. I think its important to see how the “bad” side of humanity come out best in this situation, when the world is going down the drain it only takes a small amount of time for people to realize that power is there to be grabbed. Being weak or nice won’t cut it and the military is the best place to show that. We know that there are meant to be communities that the military are protecting but as we saw in the hospital with power over people comes corrupt morals. The civilized world will be ending therefore those who think fast, those who have power, are going to be rewriting the rules as we know it.

I think that could be more interesting then having the family on the run because we’ve seen families on the run before. It gives a new dynamic seeing how people who are there to protect slowly fall and how “safety” gets destroyed. Like watching how Woodbury was created all the way through to its destruction.

At the same time it’ll take some of the “fear of the Walking Dead” away.

We’ll see.

2 thoughts on “Fear The Walking Dead : The Dog”

    1. I agree. I think my problem has been the lack of a character I can get behind. You were instantly behind Rick and the original survivors that you met but especially Rick. In this its taken a little longer but its getting there. I guess for me I needed someone that I wanted to survive, the fact I was indifferent to all their survival didn’t help. With the original series it wasn’t so much about that but learning what had happened, because most of the mystery has gone (we’ve been told that everyone has been infected as it where and we know what the future holds in a way) it really came down to wanting to watch people survive the outbreak.

      I especially enjoyed Episode 4 which I’m about to write my review of.

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