Doctor Who : The Magician’s Apprentice

Series 9 is upon us, the Doctor is back once more. Lets start our yearly adventure with everyone’s favourite Time Lord!

For the first time in a long time I’m going into the season completely cold with none of us bothering to really follow spoilers or reviews or even watch the trailers.

I’m happy I didn’t! Nothing at all was known for me, I’d heard Davros’s name thrown around but then again we always hear his name thrown around the second the Doctors is mentioned so I thought nothing or it. To see the Doctor face Davros as a child and then at the end of his life was brilliant. It looked magnificent. The hand mines that the child Davros got stuck with scared the hell out of me and I wasn’t breathing through the whole opening exchange…

Then to end the episode with the Doctor coming back after seeing what he saw in the episode to kill Davros before he could do any of the damage that Davros does just shocked me.

Everything in between I was a little bit confused with!

I liked the journey of the snake person (I don’t know if I missed the name of him but he was basically a man made up of many snakes, a democracy of snakes at that!) at the beginning visiting many planets and places we haven’t seen for a while and showing off some past friends and foes we haven’t seen in a lifetime.

After that I was left scratching my head. I got that Davros wanted to see the Doctor, I realised for some strange reason Missy is now everyone’s best friend (just not good.) I don’t get why suddenly Clara is a complete smart ass and if she’s actually not with the Doctor but on UNITS speed dial then why doesn’t she just work with UNIT?

Missy and Clara brought the episode down for me because even though they were fun to watch together at times both of them together is one unbearable fight over who is more important to the Doctor.

It was a bit of a jumbled mess but a enjoyable one for the first episode. Of course it was made more enjoyable by seeing Davros for the first time in ages and man was it fun to see him!

The realisation that they were actually on Skaro worked perfectly though and I was there with my mouth gaping open at how beautiful it looked. Honestly such a beautiful version of Skaro! And I loved that the Daleks had just hidden it! Then you had Missy asking the Daleks whether they would rather kill her or use the TARDIS! Is Missy brain dead or something?!

Not the best episode in the world but highly entertaining and such a welcome back to the Doctor! I’ve missed him greatly!

Still not liking the Missy/Doctor dynamic and starting to tire of Clara. Still missing Eleven. But so can’t wait till next week!

8 thoughts on “Doctor Who : The Magician’s Apprentice”

  1. Missy is so annoying…. At the same time she’s pretty funny…. But she’s so annoying!!!!

    I really don’t know. I kind of got swept away in the whole thing but then thinking about it the story made very little sense and was actually pretty boring and silly. The whole thing was one big dramatic “Why the hell not?” instead of really being done for good reason.

    Moffat always says he’ll only bring people back if he’s got a good reason to do so. He didn’t have a good reason to bring the Master back, and Missy is too much as the Master and would have been better as something else, and now he doesn’t really have a good reason to bring Davros back, and the setting and Davros himself deserved a better story!

    As for Clara… What the hell has happened to her to make her such a annoying know it all? She might have been a know it all before but she was a sweet know it all!

    1. Two things.

      One :

      “I really don’t know. I kind of got swept away in the whole thing but then thinking about it the story made very little sense and was actually pretty boring and silly. The whole thing was one big dramatic “Why the hell not?” instead of really being done for good reason.”

      I totally agree.

      Two :

      ” and now he doesn’t really have a good reason to bring Davros back, and the setting and Davros himself deserved a better story! ”

      I disagree. In fact the only good part of the whole story WAS the reason that Davros is back. That throw away moralizing line by the Fourth Doctor, even with a clip within the episode to remind us all, of whether you had the chance to go back in time and kill a innocent child because you knew what they would do when they grow up is one of the most interesting questions there are. It was the question I was upset wasn’t explored in “Lets Kill Hitler” (instead being one long sex joke with some sweet moments between River and the Doctor but in general just being a load of bollocks) but that will hopefully be answered now.

      If you went back in time and met Hitler/Davros knowing that they would do what they did (WW2/Daleks) would you kill them as a innocent child?

      ESCPECIALLY in the context of Davros who is at this moment a INNOCENT CHILD in the middle of a WAR that is TERRIFIED.

      Because we all know that this experience, if he survives, will probably be one of the reasons he was so for creating Daleks to begin with.

      1. Hahaha its good this comment popped up before I replied to your below one because I was just about to ask what the good part of the story was in your opinion!

        I will fully admit that I kind of missed that. Well I didn’t but I think it was kind of lost in the general fuss after the episode. Truly though I will admit it is a great story idea to bring Davros back in so I will re-word what I said.

        “he DOES have a good reason to bring back Davros (unlike Missy), unfortunately the setting, Davros AND THAT STORY deserved better.”

        The guitar thing at first made me giggle then I remembered that this is actually Doctor Who and I still don’t feel like Twelve has become the Doctor FOR ME. Even though I hated Ten (not Tennant but TEN) and the stories he always felt like a regeneration of the Doctor. All of them do. Twelve? It doesn’t even feel like watching the same character from scene to scene! He reacts completely wrong, he jumps to ridiculous conclusions and he’s just boring.

        People said Matt couldn’t do angry, well fuck them all because if “going Scottish” and wanting to kill everything or abandon people is how the Doctor should be angry then fine but let me keep Eleven and his speeches full of quiet rage because I want none of this overblown mess that Twelve and Clara have become.

        1. I can agree with the new statement 🙂

          The beginning was perfect. If you took out Missy (really what did she add to the whole episode?), the guitar scene (good comic relief but actually went on WAY too long and made no sense and ruined a atmospheric opening) and UNIT (why needed?) and just had the Doctor and Clara in Medieval England get captured by the Snake Guy and taken to Davros with a bit of exposition on who Davros is and the moral point of this story of “killing a innocent child to stop what he’ll become” then you’d have a great, atmospheric, dramatic and above all else coherent story.

          Why can’t the Doctor have a companion that just wants to go explore? Why can’t they just be exploring? Why can’t the warning have not been heard by the Doctor, he know nothing about Davros still being alive and after this meeting with the child Davros had decided to take Clara off for some Medieval fun to forget about it all?

          Why did we need sex joke every three second Missy, UNIT looking stupid, Clara being a smug knowitall and the Doctor acting like a ass for no reason?

          Don’t even get me started on how un-Doctor-ish his regeneration feels. Sometimes I do wonder if I’m watching Doctor Who and if it wasn’t for the fact that Moffat insists now on putting as many references in as he can and the TARDIS being present I’d turn off and complain they’d put something else on in the Doctor Who spot!

  2. Where do you start?

    The opening sting was good. It worked regardless of how much “Who” mythology you know. If you know who Davros is (and the fact that we all know that in the Whoniverse there will only ever be ONE person named Davros) then you had the OMG reaction, if you didn’t you had the WHO THE HELL? reaction.

    From there it went downhill.

    Why is Clara suddenly the be all and end all of everything?

    Actually scratch that. Why is MISSY even being brought back?

    Scratch that. Why is the Doctor off sulking?! Didn’t we do this with Matt in a much better way?

    It felt like a rehash of all the old favourite parts of Moffat’s era so far. The Doctor is running from his ultimate fate, there is that one WOMAN out there who he trusts and loves more then anyone INCLUDING his companion, his companion is now a over cocky time traveller who believes the whole world revolves around them and gets jealous when the OTHER WOMAN turns out to be MORE IMPORTANT, actual stories being thrown into the background to allow us to wallow in unimportant claptrap like the Doctor rolling in on a tank playing a guitar.

    Did I enjoy it at the time? Of course. My sense were being barraged by cool and interesting things. It was like a Where’s Wally book full of winks and nods to people who have paid attention.

    The thing is the one most interesting and important part of the episode isn’t even the one anyone is talking about online because OMG THERE WAS A OOD!!! DID YOU SEE THE TANK!!! MISSY MADE A SEX JOKE!!!!

    Proper stupidity.

    2/5 I give it personally.

    1. Wait you want the blog to be greener? Green is kind of a ugly colour, people don’t like looking at green all the time. I don’t think it’ll work.

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