RAW 9/7/15 Review

Another catch up blog. The SmackDown before was hardly something to write home about so I’m looking for a much more interesting RAW.

Matches Quick Overlook :

Paige vs Sasha Banks
Winner : Sasha Banks

The Ascension vs Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns
Winners : Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns

Ryback vs Seth Rollins
Winner : Ryback

Randy Orton vs Sheamus
Winner : Randy Orton

The Dudley Boys vs Los Matadores
Winner : The Dudley Boys

Cesaro vs The Miz
Winner : Double Count Out

John Cena & The Prime Time Players vs New Day & Seth Rollins
Winner : John Cena & The Prime Time Players

Seth Rollins / Sting

Seth’s promos don’t get any better. He honestly can’t do much without someone to play off of, the big speeches on his own just sound droning and he’s better when he’s the one having to come AT someone instead of being the one people are coming after verbally. A lot of what he has to say can be trimmed by a good five minutes and be a lot better. He isn’t whiny enough about the statue it sounds like he doesn’t really care about it all and just has tagged on the talk about the statue because he HAS to have a REASON for all this.

Sting has always bored me.

Then Sheamus came down and stole the whole segment. The guy just has so much character compared to the other two. Or at least he has more character then Sting and better at working promos and stuff then Rollins.

He was only there for like 2 minutes and he rocked those two minutes.

The Authority

After a brief glimpse of Team PCB we go back to Seth doing what Seth does best which IS being a whiny heel complaining and moaning at Stephanie and Triple H who tells him that he needs to be ready for his two matches therefore he has two matches tonight. One against Ryback and one being a six man tag team match with New Day against John Cena and Prime Time Players.

The whole Authority thing is a rollercoaster of some sorts. The too many PPVs in a short period of time didn’t help Seth’s story one bit.

Paige vs Sasha Banks
Sasha Banks wins by pin fall

The horrible thing is that Team BAD feel like they have fallen to the bottom of the pile. With Charlotte as the number one contender (and Team PCB always kind of being THE team) and Nikki as champion there isn’t much more for Team BAD to do at the moment. Which is why the Revolution isn’t working very well (and no that isn’t anything to do with the Divas involved AT ALL.)

I didn’t like the way the match started, in general I don’t like it when Sasha doesn’t look like the ass kicker she is. It was a much better match then the Tamina/Charlotte match on SmackDown which was woeful though and a much better match then Paige usually has. She didn’t undersell anything for a change but she was outclassed by Sasha.

I still want to just shout at creative that putting a Diva in black and making them look “goth” does not make said Diva “different”. Paige should also possibly stick to submissions and being a powerhouse Diva and NEVER try anything from the top rope or off the ring side because her “high risk” moves are nearly as wonderful as Big Shows.

It was a good match though and a good win for Team BAD who NEED wins right now.

The Ascension vs Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose
Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose win by pin fall

Another really random get up for Ambreigns which makes me happy to see. Especially as The Ascension have a new story going with Stardust so it is nice to see them back in action.

It wasn’t that bad a match, it was a little paint by numbers by them all though and nothing special after a really good match against the Divas just before it. I’m kind of more interested in the Ascension right now then seeing Ambreigns win more matches.

After the match there was more Wyatt Family being the Wyatts.

Ryback / Kevin Owens

Ryback does his normal promo stuff which is entertaining and then suddenly a wild Owens appears to be all passive aggressive and cryptic. This could be a lot of fun.

Ryback vs Seth Rollins
Ryback wins by pin fall

The match was interesting. It was a great showing for Ryback but a little one sided for my tastes. I loved seeing Ryback back at full strength and he really pulled out all the stops which was pretty good. Seth never really got a rhythm going though which always puzzles me because even the biggest whiner heel champions we’ve had get their fair share of momentum in matches.

In a way that is the one thing that I always agree with in story about Rollins that he just at times doesn’t have that must watch quality that others have.

It isn’t like he doesn’t have it though he just seems to not be allowed to use it in matches.

His biggest bit of momentum really was when he tried to force Ryback into a count out but every time he attacked Ryback got back to the ring a little bit faster until he was back in the ring and was able to take pretty much full advantage of it.

Then for some reason Sting tries to play mind games with Rollins at the end of the match and costs him the match. Does that make Sting a heel too? Because lets face it his problem is that Rollins doesn’t deserve the title because of this and that and the fact he isn’t a legend and blah blah but then interrupting a match even if its just on the screen doesn’t exactly make him a good guy does it?


Seth Rollins / New Day / Edge & Christian / Dudley Boyz

This was really brilliant.

Can I just say that I now have a man crush on Xavier Woods after he played the Final Fantasy winners tune on the trombone which was brilliant.

This was probably one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard in my life. Seth and New Day were just hilarious, Seth and Edge were funny, the battle with the trombone and kazoo were hilarious especially when Big E tried to eat the kazoo that reeked of awesomeness. Then the Dudley’s showed up and it was just hilarity over blow. Xavier Woods “nooo” in disgust and upset was perfect.

I could live with things like that my whole life.

Randy Orton vs Sheamus
Randy Orton wins by pin fall

We’ve seen this match a few times recently and it gets better each time we see it. I mean there isn’t much to say about it as we really have seen it quite a few times. It has gotten to the point where both kind of know what is coming so its nice to see them work so fluid with each other.

Watching Sheamus slowly lose his temper and concentration whilst the fans chanted you look stupid was great though he always seemed more focused on the match then you’d expect. I like when he leaves the ring just to grab the mic and tell the fans off for calling him stupid looking.

Randy looks great and I kind of hope that the rivalry isn’t over, I mean obviously its going to be semi over purely because right now both have much more they can be doing but its something that didn’t really have a reason for it so can be brought back at a moments notice if a good match is needed.

I’ll never get bored of the RKO by the way. Never.

After the match the Wyatts come down and attack Randy, probably because he was seen with Ambreigns just before the match began.

Dudley Boys vs Los Matadores
Dudley Boys win by pin fall

Well this is a bit unfair for Los Matadores. To be honest them and the Lucha Dragons, plus The Ascension, have really worked hard with the PTP and New Day recently to make the Tag Team Division stand out even though they don’t really get the respect that they deserve. Now that the Dudley’s are back, even though I love it, they’ve kind of been pushed away a little and it was never going to be anything but the Dudley’s winning in this match.

Though. Though. The match was short and at the end one of the Matadors got pissed off at El Torito on the ring ropes and slapped him, it was a distraction enough for him to get 3D’d and for them to lose the match.

After the match the other Matador started to beat up poor little El Torito. The Dudley’s came in to save El Torito and they put whoever it was through a table (poor New Day!) so even though this is probably not the time not to be one of the biggest tag teams in the company RIGHT NOW we MIGHT be seeing a reinvention of Los Matadores which although being a shame for El Torito might make the other two much more relevant. I don’t know if they have the mic skills or anything but the have more of a chance not being Matadors. Or you’d think.

Cesaro vs The Miz
Double Count Out

I’m not sure I would have ever thought about Cesaro vs The Miz as a match but its a interesting pairing.

I really enjoyed the match. It was much better then Cesaro’s match on SmackDown though I’m not sure what the point of the bandaged up midsection on SmackDown but them hardly playing to it whilst on RAW the Miz goes right after the “injured” area whilst it ISN’T taped up.

Him and the Miz have a great in ring chemistry. Unfortunately The Big Show came down to ring side and chased (you read me right) Miz away meaning the match ended in double count out and the grumpy giant KO punched Cesaro purely for being there as he walked by.

Team Bella / Team PCB

It wasn’t the most interesting moment though it was nice to see the Divas just got a chance to talk like the guys do and build a little bit towards a big championship match.

They didn’t really say anything we hadn’t heard before though so it isn’t really worth mentioning. I’ve said before a couple times that unfortunately for me the Divas Revolution has stalled quite badly recently. It was a good set up, though now looking back in hindsight it was anything but a good set up, and since then its defeated its own purpose.

Still as I said it was nice to see both of these teams getting promo time in the ring like the guys do. More of that.

John Cena & Prime Time Players vs New Day & Seth Rollins
John Cena & Prime Time Players win by pin fall

Now this is a match and a half and of course with New Day comes the trombone.

The match was great and the greatest thing about it was that New Day got a lot of ring time against Cena and looked so good in there that it was unbelievable. There was a lot of Xavier Woods and his trombone.

It was a great match though and once more the Tag Teams stole the show, something they are doing more and more now. I kind of was waiting for Sting to show up again which kind of stopped me concentrating 100% on the in ring action but it was good.

Was nice to see such a good line up for the main event. Though it feels funny watching Cena wrestle without giving us a two hour speech beforehand. I feel kind of empty not being ranted at by Cena before the match. I kind of wish that we did get the Cena speech now.

New Day are my number 1 reason to watch RAW and SmackDown.

After the match and Sting comes back on the screen to show Rollins his statue being taken away in a dump truck. Very original.

My Thoughts :

Much better then SmackDown the week before, some really good matches on the card. Really liked seeing so many different faces up against each other. Wish they got it through their minds that that is what we want to see in the Divas division too.

All the feels to see Edge and Christian and the Dudleys all together again and New Day worked so well with them that its a shame that Edge had to retire and we couldn’t get Edge and Christian vs the Dudleys vs New Day. I don’t know why but I think it would be a fun match, a feud with those three teams would probably be the funniest thing going.

I’m interested to see, like Bo Dallas, if they actually go anywhere with Los Matadores and their “turn” as it looks like we’re getting. It’ll be interesting to see if they move away from the Matador thing and do something different with them. No Bo Dallas though which is a mighty shame seeing that they could build a nice little story for him if they tried. He’s entertaining to watch, in fact you could have a disgruntled team headed by Bo with his first followers being the Matadors. Or El Torito.

I really don’t like Sting. I don’t get why people think he’s the best thing since sliced bread. I think it is pathetic that they are having him face Rollins at Night of Champions, he’s done nothing to deserve a title shot, I think his whole thing against Rollins is pathetic and stupid. I’ve never understood Sting as a character. I’ve never understood why people like him so much. I’m not even going to try and understand. He wasn’t funny, he wasn’t “spooky” or intimidating he just came across as being stupid.

I’m still extremely disappointed with the way that Rollins has been booked his whole championship reign. He’s much better then what he’s been given to work with, creative don’t seem to play to his strength’s at all and sends him out to give overly long promo after overly long promo and trying to make him endearing in that cute little heel way that Seth just can’t pull off because he has a sneery, up his own ass look on his face. That isn’t a insult to him he’s be a perfect sneery, up his own ass heel but instead they try to fit a square peg into a round hole and then wonder why it isn’t going.

There are a few guys I’ll be interested in seeing what happens next with them. A strong show.

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