Strictly Come Dancing Launch Show 2015

Two years in a row and I’ve stopped watching halfway through. This year we’ll make it to the end.

So who gets partnered with who this year?


Why can’t Strictly always be this happy and carefree? By the halfway mark we always have way too much tension and drama that just doesn’t need to be there. I loved the opening, especially Tess and Claudia sleeping in bunk beds. All the dancing, the Strictly Street, Strictly Express and red carpet stuff was great.

It got me excited.

I also know we have new professionals but I have no idea who they are.

Tess & Claudia

I thought they worked brilliantly last year and already they are working perfect together right now. I honestly think its the best line up we could ask for. They manage to be funny without feeing forced.

Meeting the Celebs

I know about three of these people. There was one person that looked like she’d rather be anywhere else but in Strictly. Missed her name. Kind of hoping that Iwan Thomas gets Ola and does really well but I just want to see Ainsley Harriott kick butt.

Ainsley HarriottNatalie

Iwan ThomasOla

Jay McGuinessAliona

Jeremy VineKaren

So the first celeb pairings?!

Iwan and Ola could be good but he seems to feel like he can’t dance so we might see not as much of Ola as I’d like to see. Jay looks like he’s going to throw up and really needs to get over it all, of course you also have a happy Aliona. Really that woman shouldn’t be on the show anymore.

Ainsley and Natalie are a match made in heaven aren’t they? They look delighted to be together.

Jeremy could go quite far with Karen. She does get the best out of her partners.

Great match ups. Perfect match ups in a way.


Missed the name. Wasn’t anything special was it? I don’t keep up with the charts so have no idea who she was but thought the song was boring.

I did like the pros though but they are just lovely all the pros.

Introducing Gleb, Otlile & Giovanni

Well interesting choices. I can’t wait to see what Otlile does. I don’t get the big deal over the guys and the little bit of dancing we saw was a bit so-so. We’ll see what happens but I think Otlile will go a long way.

Helen GeorgeAljaz


Georgia May FooteGiovanni

Kirsty GallacherBrendan

A little more iffy on these then again the majority of the people I knew of was in the original four. Helen and Aljaz look like they could be fun as a partnership she’s quite a cute little thing though she might suffer from being called “fake”.

The other three are probably the ones we’re looking at to go a long way. Jamelia and Tristan look like they could be the best of the female celebs but I’m pretty sure Kirsty and Brendan are going to be great.

Georgia and Giovanni for me are completely unknowns. She wants to be seen as a woman but I feel Giovanni might go for making her look “cutesy” in their dances. We’ll see.

Caroline & Pasha

Were two of the people who made me turn off last year so I turned off from their dance.

Pros meeting the Celebs

They do look like a fun bunch. I’m really excited to see their dance but I just think they look like they are really funny! Then again I’m sure I said the same thing last year and then stopped thinking that way halfway through.

There are a lot of nice looking couples already and great chemistry with the whole team.

Anthony OgogoOtlile

Daniel O’DonnellKristina

Peter AndreJanette

Some really good pairings this year. Anthony and Otlile could be good as long as his arm hold up and Peter and Janette can only be good.

Kristina is one of the go to girls for the “duffer” selection so it doesn’t surprise me to see her dancing with Daniel but I think they could be a nice couple.

Putting on the Ritz

Loved this guy, he was the same guy that sang with Jamie Cullum last year wasn’t he?

Slightly surprised that there were four female pros and only Brendan for the pro dance. You’d think this would be the perfect dance for Anton. Not that I’m complaining because Brendan just looks the part in ballroom he’s always my favourite when it comes to ballroom.

Anita RaniGleb

Kellie BrightKevin

Katie DerhamAnton

Carol KirkwoodPasha

The stranger of the pairings end the show. I was pretty sure that Carol would get Anton but seeing her get Pasha just proves that they really do want a male celeb winner. Katie and Anton? I’m a bit worried about that. Anita and Gleb might be the ones that get classed as the “boring” one.

Kellie and Kevin. Kill me.

Group Dance

The group dance was strange. The singer that I don’t know who she was is back and she just fell flat. These guys were so full of energy that I would have loved to have seen something really bouncy but instead it just felt a little meh after everything.

Final Thoughts

Some brilliant couples.

Jamelia is my pick to win.

2 thoughts on “Strictly Come Dancing Launch Show 2015”

  1. I want Jamelia and Tristan to win! I loved her when she was being interviewed and has the right attitude.

    My favs are Ainsley and Natalie though! Love Natalie to pieces and grew up in love with Ainsley. They just EXPLODED with happiness at getting each other so I can’t wait to see them!

    Kellie and Kevin… Same thoughts. She was the only celeb to annoy me in their interviews and she was put with Kevin. At least Joanne isn’t on the main show this year!!!

    Anton might have a good one! I kind of want to see him do well but when he’s had half decent partners in the past he’s been the one that let them down with his silly Latin routines. Hope he gives Katie some good routines!

    The rest look great and I can’t wait!

    I don’t get what everyone is going on about when it comes to Gleb. I mean I get that he’s good looking but nowhere near as drop dead gawjus as our Tristan! Nothing special really. Love Giovanni and Otlile’s accents though can’t wait to see the three new pros in action!

    Aliona might have that smile wiped off her face if Jay can’t get past the nerves. I didn’t like when he was talking to Tess, he got on my wick a little acting like a little boy, and he looked petrified on the dance floor. Not to be mean to him but because I don’t like her I hope they go quite fast!

    Daniel and Kristina could be sweet like her and John were.

    Good looking group though 😀 can’t wait!

    Are you going to attempt to do your Strictly page again @gmlucius 😛 it hasn’t gone right the last two years!

    1. Yeah Anton’s biggest problem will be choreographing Latin. He needs to get some good routines in and hope that the majority of her ballroom comes in the later stages when people aren’t so forgiving.

      What do you think of Brendan and Kirsty? I know you are a big fan of Brendan’s I think he could go to the final this year.

      They are already talking about a male winner though so it’ll be interesting to see if Jay is holding back or if he’s going to be a duff one. Iwan could be a dark horse? Possibly Anthony though I think that is too obvious. Can’t see anyone else giving the girls a challenge.

      We’ll see with the Strictly page. I’m thinking of doing something different, trying a few different looks out before the series starts.

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