RAW 8/31/15 Review

So a lot kind of happened last week but also a lot didn’t really happen.

Matches Quick Overlook :

Dolph Ziggler vs Rusev
Winner : Dolph Ziggler (DQ)

Alicia Fox vs Becky Lynch
Winner : Becky Lynch (3:21)

The Big Show vs Ryback
Winner : Ryback

Brie Bella vs Charlotte
(Beat the Clock)
Winner : Charlotte (1:40)

Cesaro vs Kevin Owens
Winner : Kevin Owens

Braun Strowman vs Dean Ambrose
Winner : Braun Strowman (DQ)

Paige vs Sasha
(Beat the clock)
Winner : Timed out

New Day vs Dudley Boyz
Winners :


Oh boy.

Sting has never been my favorite. He’s not really that convincing on the mic and he’s only gotten worse with age.

The thing is we’ve now gone from Seth fighting his peers (Reigns/Ambrose) to him fighting a Monster (Lesnar) to fighting THE Man (Cena) to now fighting a has been who everyone wants to see win the title just because its like ticking off a long list of things and making sure that Sting gets inducted into the Hall of Fame one day. God forbid he never made it into the hall of fame or something.

Sting keeps going on that we can’t compare Rollins to legends which is all true of course because he’s at the beginning of his career still in many ways. Then Sting CONSTANTLY compares Rollins to Triple H NOW. Not Triple H where he was in this part of his career but NOW. So Rollins compares himself to the greats, yeah because he’s a egomaniac and everyone knows this, but the only person comparing him to the legend that is Triple H is Sting. I don’t get why he kept bringing up Triple H.

It would be a travesty if Sting wins the title at NoC.

The Authority

Looks like Triple H isn’t here so Seth just cries Stephanie a river instead.

Stephanie points out to Rollins that actually Sting is correct and legends aren’t made in a day, a week, after one good thing happens to them or even a year. There are many wrestlers right now that in their own right will be seen as legends (one way or the other, maybe not LEGEND legend but a legend none the less) later on in life but that comes with watching how their popularity and characters shape their fans futures.

I don’t think that Seth is going to be anything like Triple H either but that is for history to decide not Sting.

Dolph Ziggler vs Rusev
Dolph Ziggler wins by DQ

The match was actually really great I enjoyed it. I don’t like the stupid way Rusev has to “show off” to Lana that he’s beating up Dolph, its pathetic and completely the wrong way to be going with a guy known as the Bulgarian Brute. Right now its like watching High School Musical or something with Rusev flexing his muscles trying to get the girl and all the cutesy couple photos from Dolph and Lana and the bitch trying to ruin everything.

I like watching Ziggler and Rusev against each other. Rusev’s brute strength is no good in a match if the guy he’s up against can run rings around him like Ziggler can but at the same time the second Ziggler has to stop to catch his breath and ends up in arms reach of Rusev he’s in trouble. The changes of pace really work well with them and they have some great in ring bouts.

Right now though all you are doing is constantly waiting for either Summer Rae to interfere or Lana to attack Summer and distract Rusev.

Neither “couple” come out looking like good guys.

This bout ends when Summer comes in to stop a three count, cue Lana getting in to beat up Summer. Summer is a great wrestler so I don’t know why they have her getting stomped down all the time by Lana, well I do its because the fans love Lana but it would work better if Summer actually got the better of her once or twice.

If we have to endure another match with these two PLEASE ban the girls from ring side!

Dolph Ziggler / Lana / Summer Rae

So backstage Renee talks to Dolph who is upset that he won by DQ but not THAT upset. When he goes into his locker room Renee gives us a run down on what is going to happen whilst Summer sneaks into his locker room


Fuck this.

Nikki Bella

Well Nikki informs us that we’ll be counting down to her becoming the longest reigning champion. I hope we get to hear more of her in the next two weeks but I doubt it.

Becky Lynch vs Alicia Fox
Becky Lynch wins in 3:21

So the beat the clock thing.

Because PCB won the tag team match at SummerSlam whichever of the team wins their match tonight in the shortest time will get at title shot. So that means that Charlotte is going to kill whoever she’s in a match in within seconds.

Becky is up first against Fox can I just point out that with a three minute long match Becky looks just as “good” as any other Diva in the last year or so in their three minute matches WHICH WAS ALL THEY EVER GOT.

Or do we just forget this?

3 minutes is way too long. Charlotte is going to win hers in under a minute.

It was a good match and there was some great moments and I really do love Alicia and hope they do something with her after this whole team thing is over with and that she doesn’t just disappear so that the NXT Divas can take over. Some of her moves are just gorgeous to watch.

I’m sad because I just know it won’t be Becky that wins.

Ryback / Summer Rae / Dolph Ziggler

So I love Ryback at the moment. His impressions of Show and Miz were funny but the whole point of the segment was really to show Summer Rae running giggling from Dolph’s locker room whilst he exits looking confused in a towel.

The Big Show vs Ryback
Ryback wins by pin fall

The match was pretty interesting. Miz was a bit subdued at ring side which was a shame but the match was pretty good.

I like the whole “world against Show” thing going on right now to the point that he got distracted by Retire chants and called out the crowd. I can’t help but feel like we’ll get a “retirement” story soon what with the superstars turning on him during matches, him hitting his team mates or whatever and so on.

Ryback was always going to win.


Brie Bella vs Charlotte
Charlotte wins in 1:40

I would like to point out that I find Charlotte as annoying as I found her father. BUT I like her wrestling skill. She isn’t one of my favorites but I think she’s great in the ring, not as great as others seem to think though.

I HATED that the match was so short and that they had Brie just run away from her. It was ridiculous and insulting to Brie. I understand a little why Charlotte is kind of the “face” of the future of women’s wrestling but it doesn’t mean I have to like it.

Terrible match, horrible ending and personally I do think its a little insulting to Team PCB and Team Bella.

The Dudley Boyz

It really is great seeing them back. Why the hell is Renee bothering to point out how long they haven’t been in WWE? Just shhhh already.

It really feels like they haven’t been gone. I’m kind of happy that they’ve just kind of slotted right back in. Not only have they just slotted back in but they flawlessly have started what will no doubt be a wonderful feud with New Day.

Cesaro vs Kevin Owens
Kevin Owens wins by pin fall

I was a bit disappointed with their SummerSlam match and I don’t think we need a rematch. Seeing we have one I think we need to see Cesaro win. Is it me or have the Cesaro Section signs died away a little now? I think they really need to start striking with Cesaro and Owens and the others now before the fans just get too used to them and the higher ups start thinking they are stale.

The match was slightly better then the SummerSlam one but it was a tale of two halves. We had a complete beat down on Cesaro followed by a complete beat down on Owens but neither side of the match really filled me with joy.

The blocking of the Tornado DDT was something that Cesaro needs to do more of. Cesaro’s big strong man thing doesn’t work half as well as WWE like to think it does because quite often he’s taken out by moves that he should just be blocking with his strength and turning to his advantage. They don’t do it half enough with him though and sometimes it makes him look like he isn’t half as strong as he actually is.

I didn’t like the ending to this match either, Cesaro got chucked into the announce table and hurt his ribs and that was kind of it. A pop up powerbomb later and he’s out for the three count but it felt like they didn’t want Owens to lose but they wanted Cesaro to look strong so had to have a dodgy ending instead of a exciting one.

Still a good match. These two need something really good to do.

Dolph Ziggler / Lana

Oh jesus. “So she saw you naked how do you think that makes me feel?” Lana is not a 10 year old Creative. She’s a adult. Technically its abusive behavior on the part of Summer Rae to just let herself into a locker room without warning and knowing that someone is in the shower waiting to see them come out. How do you think Ziggler feels about having someone see him naked?

Why the hell are they treating Lana like some high school girl?

PLEASE let this END.

Braun Strowman vs Dean Ambrose
Braun Strowman wins by DQ

Well we’ll get to see him properly wrestle for the first time.

It took me a while to realize that Bray was talking so I apologize that I have no idea what he was talking about though I guess it was mainly about Braun and how Sister Abigail is smiling on them.

Am I right?

It was OK. Nothing to talk about. The match ended in DQ when Roman Reigns got involved. It was just a point to show that Braun is unstoppable including taking a chair shot that didn’t do anything to him. I get what they are trying to do, Braun looks a lot bigger then Harper purely because his upper body is a lot bigger then his. He looks like a bear whilst Harper looks like a normal guy. Thing is Harper does all this better and is the better wrestler.

I will say this for him though.

He is going to make the Wyatt’s a family to be feared once more. They were slowly going that way anyway but there are still people that just won’t take them seriously any more after what happened to them in the first place but Braun is now the untested factor that will keep them from being beaten for a while.

I just personally think it went from being a half decent thing for Harper and Wyatt to it being a good thing for Wyatt but maybe not the best for Harper who I really think deserves to be in the main event picture and is actually the only person in WWE right now that I could see being a “face of fear” or whatever in the future. He has everything to be someone who goes on for a good long while doing the same kind of thing as the Undertaker. Braun is going to take that from him though because you don’t need two unstoppable forces and that was what Harper was great at.

Paige vs Sasha Banks
Paige is timed out

So this wonderful Divas Revolution that has had three matches and only one that had a Team BAD member in it. More on that some other time.

It was hardly worth tuning in for. Charlottes match was so short that it would have been a miracle for Paige to beat that time against anyone let alone Sasha. I mean it was horrible to see Brie lose in just over a minute but they would never have Sasha also lose in such a short time.

Man they could have done so much with this revolution. They haven’t. It blows.


If you thought this couldn’t get worse it got even worse the more we watched it. Summer Rae is now completely the bimbo bitch in all the teenage movies you’ve ever seen. Lana is the bimbo airhead. This isn’t going very well for anyone in this. I think its even more funny that we go from a Beat the Clock Divas Revolution match to the most ridiculous story line that is honestly bringing down not only two great male wrestlers but two wonderful female talents too.

It is the most disrespectful story in WWE right now. Please give Lana and Summer something proper to do.

New Day

Xavier Woods and his hair down and straight is great.

New Day’s #SavetheTable and #GiveTablesaChance is just hilarious and they really look fucking awesome with their whole Saving the Tables from the Table Poachers stuff. No matter what is thrown at these guys they are just complete comedy gold.

Dudley Boyz vs New Day
Dudley Boyz win by pin fall

The match was brilliant. New Day really stood toe to toe with the Dudley’s which can only mean good things. This is how you do young talent vs older talent not having idiots like Sting come down and bitch about them just have them shut them up whilst making the young talent look good.

The Dudley’s have always been great at getting a crowd going but to be fair they have a match on their hands with Xavier and his #SavetheTables stuff at ring side.

This will only get more explosive if PTP who are still quiet at ring side (though they did mention that they had a re-match to come but wouldn’t say when) actually join it.

A great match and the Dudley’s still look great. It can only mean good things for the tag teams.

Seth Rollins / John Cena / Stephanie McMahon / Sting

This is kind of where you get to have a nap and not miss anything. Don’t believe me? Anna managed it a few weeks back. Its nap fodder.

More of the “you don’t become a legend overnight” story as well as giving us a double booking of Rollins at NoC against both Cena and Sting.

Now I’d LOVE for WWE to actually book this for Seth to win both matches clean on his own and give him the night of his championship but I don’t see this happening.

My Thoughts :

A night of SummerSlam re-matches? Fun.

I will have a blog out later in the week about why I don’t think the Diva Revolution is working, and no before someone comes and moans at us it has nothing to do with the Divas themselves who have still got to deal with a load of shit. Seeing I’m writing that blog I won’t bother writing about it here.

What I was saying about Cena losing the US Title to Rollins has kind of come true. So Rollins is up against both Sting and Cena in two different matches at NoC. Cena for the US Title and Sting (who hasn’t even won a match in WWE yet) for the World Championship.

So in effect we get a replay of SummerSlam, I don’t think Cena is going to lose twice to Rollins so he might get the belt back but right now it means that the belt is stuck. Rollins has it, he has a opponent, he isn’t going to fight random people for it before NoC so people like Cesaro, Owens, Rusev, Ziggler amongst others who could’ve been fighting for that belt are stuck doing much the same as they were before with no real stopping point. Its a shame that they didn’t just have Owens win the belt in his last match against Cena because it would have been a much better place for it to be then where it is now.

I might sound grumpy but to be fair it was 100% better then last week which was far too much talking and nothing much more.

One thing we need to get rid of completely though is the Lana/Summer Rae bitch story line. Why the hell are we bothering to have a MizTV about it when Ziggler could just sit Lana down and show that Summer Rae was lying about him “popping his head out the door” and “inviting her in”? Why is a grown woman who started a relationship with a guy purely to get at her ex…. OK Why would a adult woman really do any of the shit that Lana did?

She was so hot at one point with the fans and they could have done just about anything with her. Honestly they could have. There was so much that you could explore with her as a manager and even get her in the ring against someone like Summer.

Now its all bitchy back stabbing and point scoring in the playground. Rusev and Ziggler look like giant children being led on by two play ground bitches.

Why am I meant to feel sorry for Lana when this is Lana’s game backfiring on her? SHE was the one that “dated” Dolph to piss off Rusev so then Summer approaches Rusev and he “dates” her to get back at Lana. The thing is it isn’t Summer and Dolph that look stupid anymore for being part of it, it is Lana and only Lana looking stupid. She keeps saying nothing Summer or Rusev can do will bring her down but EVERY action she takes is DIRECTLY to upset Rusev. She interrupts his matches because she knows that being at ring side and attacking Summer will put him off. She knows that Summer is playing games because THAT IS ALL SUMMER AND RUSEV HAVE DONE but she’s taking out her “hurt feels” on Dolph.

Its stupid and really quite disrespectful to both.

Just do something with them both PLEASE.

SmackDown will be reviewed sometime Friday as even though I have the night off I’m going out on Thursday.

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