Pro Wrestling Pride Eye of the Hurricane Plymouth 13th September


I don’t really have much to say about my week to make a weekly post (more working overtime, more tiredness, more complaining… It can wait till this Sunday) so I thought I’d give you all a heads up on something we’ve been talking about a lot. I’m going to another wrestling event locally.

Ran by Pro Wrestling Pride who I have actually been dying to see a show of (mainly because they’ve had some of my fav American wrestlers over but their shows are always that little too far out on days that I’m working the next day or on the day!) and featuring my hero. Or one of them. The story will be under the cut and has nothing to do with this.

They are in Bodmin the day before, we’ll obviously be at the Plymouth show on the 13th, just paid for my tickets.

For more information visit their event page :

Or their Facebook :

Or indeed the tickets page :


We’ll be there and one day I will learn how to drive and be able to go to events regardless. One day. Till then I’ll have to find a friend who can drive and bug them.

So yes. I don’t know if I’ve shared with you my heartbreak of my trip to Portsmouth.

I loved Hurricane Helms since forever. I loved Shane Helms in 3 Count, loved him as Hurricane and at the time was watching his web show H2H religiously. Every week I’d be there so happy.

So when he announced that he was coming to Portsmouth I brought tickets without even thinking about it. I got in trouble at work because they had to change my rota. I spent money I didn’t have on train tickets and hotel tickets for me and my sister as she was the only person that would go with me and refused to pay anything. I didn’t even know WHERE Portsmouth was. I kind of knew it was north of here…. Because anything not Cornwall is north from here.

I honestly spent the little money I had for the rest of the year on tickets and stuff.

Then the Monday before (I think the event was on Friday or Thursday) he announced he wasn’t going and I was heartbroken. I understood why he wasn’t going, I didn’t blame him for it, but I cried. Ugly horrible tears of sadness.

Obviously after spending nearly £300 on tickets, train tickets, hotel tickets and the like I ended up going to the event and had a wonderful time, even nearly got a free ticket to their next event when I commented that I’d have loved to go see the steal cage match but couldn’t get time off work. Unfortunately (and I blame TNA) I never did go back to VPW in any of the places that they usually go. I said it in my PWA review earlier in the year that I’d love to go back, and just after I said that they had a few cock ups with their shows (I follow them on Facebook still) which really pissed off fans and made me nervous to ever book to go there again just in case. Its a long way.

I have my Hurricane mask and cape… They won’t be making a appearance unfortunately but I really do love the Hurricane.

Cue embarrassing photos that I’ll share because I’m good like that!

So I will be going to the Eye of the Hurricane event. If he doesn’t come for whatever reason expect me to die of sadness (though this time its only been £30 and that was for me, my mum and a friend and my friend is paying for his ticket and my ticket and my mum is paying for hers so I’ll get it back!) We’ll review it in normal fashion either when I get home or the next day (no over time wooo! and boooo!) and hopefully I’ll have better photos then last time! I’ve decided not to go to the live NXT events in December on the understanding that my friends will all come to local events when we can make them so hopefully there will be a few more on the horizon and I’ll let you know. Gutted I can’t really afford the NXT event at short notice.

So the photos………


Me in my Cape and Mask. I told you I owned a Hurricane cape and mask. The cape has disappeared (last seen in my wardrobe) and the mask is currently decorating the face of one of my pet coconuts.

As I said I enjoyed the night well enough. That used to be my favourite hoodie…. Interesting fact for you all. The only wrestler that I fell in love with during the show was the UK Kid, my sister thankfully asked him if I could have a picture because I wouldn’t have had the guts! (And that is my Kevin Nash Big Sexy Tour t-shirt you see before you… Brought from the TNA store because I was a huge TNA fan at the time!)

Not that it is interesting at all but I got autographs on the back of a UK Kid picture (its somewhere with a signed photo of Colin Baker!) I passed it along upside down and then some of the faces (Jake whatever his name was) turned it over and jokingly refused to sign it because it was of the UK Kid. They saw I was extremely unimpressed and signed it anyway, I didn’t care because I only wanted the UK Kids autograph anyway! 

The event itself was back in 2010. I’d brought ring side seats right in the corner by the entrance that was how close I would have been to Hurricane back then. Now I’m older and I don’t really care how far away I am at a local show so don’t bother with ring side chairs or whatnot. I was three rows back when I went to see TNA and ended up with two 7 foot tall Germans sat in front of me the whole time….. That’s for another flash back some other time not that anyone cares! 

Good memories. Good memories. It might be a extremely short blog but one day I’ll lavish you with photos of all the famous faces I’ve met. There haven’t been many. Maybe on Sunday!


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