Gate : Jieitai Kanochi Nite, Kaku Tatakaeri : Ride of the Valkyries

“Ikusa Megami no Kikō” (戦女神の騎行)

It has been a while since we reviewed any episode of Gate, mainly time constraints and forgetting about it. Weird as that sounds because it is one of my favourite anime’s of the season but along with Arslan Senki just kind of got forgotten.

The last time we watched though Itami was trying his best to help Pina who sent his team on a suicide mission but misread what the enemy would do.

Now we see how everyone reacts.

Pina not so good.

Itami calls in reinforcements in the shape of a load of helicopters (playing Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries as they go, which makes a haunting background music choice for the battle.)

It was a good end to the battle though it did skip a little from where we were last episode to Itami calling in reinforcements. Last episode he was waiting to see what Pina would do.

The battle was well done and it was great to see Rory in full swing, not only does she look like she should be the bad guy she fights like it too, its chilling watching her fight like its the easiest thing in the world to do. She has no qualms to just jump straight in and its like a game to her.

Seeing the difference in Rory, the two armies and then the JSDF in how they fight and hold themselves is brilliant but the best part is it didn’t overlook the culture shock aspect. Obviously this is the first time Pina is seeing anything of the military force of the JSDF, she calls their helicopter a metal Pegasus because she just can’t get her head around what she’s seeing and instead of being happy that they won and Italica is safe she’s scared of the power behind the machines that the JSDF have.

Its also good to see that their communication difficulties aren’t overlooked. It would be simple enough to overlook them but because she can’t talk to Itami or anyone other then the refugees they have with them she can’t quite grasp what it is they want or what they are doing.

In the end the JSDF have done what they want to do and are leaving but Pina might get her chance to talk to them next episode as on their way back to Arnus Hill the Knights of Roses corner them and Itami sacrifices himself for the rest of this team and is on his way back to Italica.

Once more it reminds me why this really could be a hidden gem. I don’t see many people talk about it online anywhere, not to the extents of things like Gangsta, but it has a wonderful charm to it and such lovely characters. You can go from a big battle to small sweet little moments very quickly and nothing feels like it hasn’t been given enough time.

The diversity of characters is interesting and its interesting to see where the relationship of the refugees and Rory to the JSDF go from here because at the moment even though the JSDF is protecting them and its obvious to see why they get on from the outside it could look like Stockholm Syndrome (or whatever they call the equivalent in the Special Zone) because normal people on the street aren’t going to understand the relationship for obvious reasons. The JSDF might be trying to keep civilians safe but they are terrifying with their machines and technology and even if they are saving cities along the way more and more people are only going to feel as uneasy about it as Pina did.

I’d feel like it would be a shame if that aspect of it gets swept over at any time.

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