WWE SummerSlam 2015 Review

The big 4 hour blockbuster of a event that everyone is talking about is here. As long as we remember what time its on of course.

Matches Quick Overlook :

Randy Orton vs Sheamus
Winner : Sheamus

New Day vs Lucha Dragons vs Los Matadores vs Prime Time Players
Winners : New Day

Rusev vs Dolph Ziggler
Winner : Double Count Out

Neville & Stephen Amell vs Stardust & King Barrett
Winner : Neville & Stephen Amell

The Big Show vs The Miz vs Ryback
Winner : Ryback

The Wyatt Family vs Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose
Winners : Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose

John Cena vs Seth Rollins
Winner : Seth Rollins

Team PCB vs Team BAD vs Team Bella
Winner : Team PCB

Cesaro vs Kevin Owens
Winner : Kevin Owens

The Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar
Winner : The Undertaker


OK I criticize it when its bad but I’ll give it to them this time. MUCH better Pre-Show. My opinion? Renee spent the time being the lead in to the questions. She didn’t really get into the conversations and didn’t talk over people and the boys had enough chemistry to carry it on. The cutesy girl act being dropped is a life saver and Renee got on with what she does best other then interviewing people which is being a good lead in.

The boys were quite funny and Bryon and his end of the world eyes when his Kickstart got stolen was hilarious.

Jon Stewart / Mick Foley

We start off with our host Jon Stewart getting the crowd pumped up. Or at least I guess he was meant to be doing that.

His bit got better when he introduced Mick Foley though I would have much rather have gotten to the wrestling and not having to listen to people talking. It was a little fun with Mick going on about how he thought he was going to come and interview the Rock not Brock Lesnar and then admitting to being afraid of Brock Lesnar.

Randy Orton vs Sheamus
Sheamus wins by pin fall

Everyone seems certain that Sheamus will be cashing in his contract tonight and we can only believe that he’s going to go on to do that later on tonight with his match being the first of the night.

After a first burst of offence by Orton after Sheamus told the whole of the Barcley’s center they looked stupid not him he actually took over the match for a long time. It makes me a bit sad that we’ll probably see Sheamus win the title after taking advantage of the contract when the champ is down and not by having a full match because I’d have loved to see him just destroy Seth Rollins the way he looked to be destroying Orton.

Of course this is Orton so he soon got back up.

After a RKO and great ring presence by Sheamus we even nearly got a punt from Randy Orton and I can’t remember when we saw that last.

I was wrong but to be honest I’m happy I was wrong. Great win for Sheamus but still think we’ll see him later on.

New Day vs Lucha Dragons vs Los Matadores vs Prime Time Players
New Day win by pin fall

We really forever need New Day to be on the microphones because they are awesome. Their singing and Big E’s dancing. It was just brilliant.

New Day also smartly attempted to pin themselves in the middle of the ring which is clever.

This match was just phenomenal. All the teams were brilliant. I can’t even start telling you how much I enjoyed it. New Day did a good job of dominating at least the time in the ring, Prime Time Players threw people around like they were nothing and Lucha Dragons and Los Matadores were flying all over the place.

Out of nowhere when all the bodies were lying around the place we see New Day win back the titles.

Fantastic match. Honestly I have nothing but positives for these guys and man are the tag teams in WWE and NXT shining right now.

New Day will make great champs once again and they really are on a roll. Even the crowd had to just cheer for them by the end because that match was fucking fantastic. Big props as always to Xavier Woods too for his commentary.

Jon Stewart / WWE Arrows

So Jon Stewart continues to get autographs from superstars and whilst he’s talking to Neville and Amell the studio goes dark and the Undertaker stalks by. Great little bit of fun in between matches.

Dolph Ziggler vs Rusev
Double Count Out

I might not like the story but the match should be good.

To be honest I had no interest in the match so it just fell flat to me. I didn’t care about the story or who was winning for what reason. This has been too long and too boring for me. There were some great moments especially for Dolph but it just didn’t do anything for me.

It also suffered a lot from being after the Tag Team match which was a brilliant match.

If I’m honest it should have started the show off not been after two brilliant matches. Lana’s new outfit looked silly, it would have been better if they moved away from the actual suit design and just had her come down in something natural looking. The denim done up to look like her normal outfit just didn’t suit her.

Seriously hope this is all over.

In the end we got a double count out and Summer Rae actually beating up Ziggler which was the most entertaining part of it. Please at the next PPV if this story has to continue then continue it with the girls not the guys.

King Barrett & Stardust vs Neville & Stephen Amell
Neville & Stephen Amell win by pin fall

You know what?

This match was really good and Stephen Amell wasn’t half bad for a celeb. The match was quite fun though you could see Stardust and Barrett’s failure from a mile off as Stardust got more and more distracted. The crowd were a little dead, to be honest that isn’t saying much the biggest pop of the night being for Lana and New Day winning, but the longer Amell stayed in the less the crowd seemed to care about the match.

Shame that Barrett lost but I knew that was happening.

Biggest props of the night will go to Stephen Amell, he wasn’t just a stunt to get in Green Arrow fans he actually fought and looked great. If he ever had a change of heart I think he’d polish up quite well in the ring.

Its funny when I think this match was better then the Rusev/Ziggler match. But it was really good and the story was brilliant.

The Big Show vs The Miz vs Ryback
Ryback wins by pin fall

Another match that should have happened before now but has had to be dragged out thanks to injury at least it hasn’t become as dull as the Rusev/Ziggler match.

The Miz was semi-smart. He started by running out of the ring and letting Show and Ryback get it on. He ended up getting suplexed by Show (who suplexed both him and Ryback at once) but then rolled right back out of the ring.

Seeing I’m in a giving mood I’ll give Show credit for his tumble off of the middle rope. It wasn’t quite as graceful as Neville and his gravity defying moves but it was something. Also much credit goes to Miz who stayed well out of it for 90% of the match and appeared at the best times to try and pin both Show and Ryback.

In a match that seemed to be over in a flash even though I was enjoying myself Ryback took advantage of a KO punch to Miz to take out Show and retain his title.

I could have spent another 10 minutes watching this move, specially if Show had anything else in his arsenal to surprise me.

Jon Stewart / Paul Heyman

So Stewart finally goes to talk to Lesnar. He doesn’t get further then Heyman and told Heyman how it is. Everyone doesn’t like the fact that Taker lost to Lesnar at Wrestlemania, he told something that is true. We’ll remember that Taker lost once at Wrestlemania but whether or not we remember it was Lesnar that ended it when Heyman has finally stopped telling us we don’t know yet.

We needed more Glory Glory Brock Lesnar. Not enough. Nowhere near enough.

The Wyatt Family vs Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose
Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose win by pin fall

A lot of chatter online of Reigns turning his back on Ambrose but right from the start Ambreigns showed their great fluidity together and just took out the Wyatts. The match went straight out of the ring and out of control with Bray and Dean going flying and the ref just stood there with his hands in the air.

So straight from the off seeing that Ambrose and Reigns look so good together as a tag team I didn’t think there would be any funny business.

The match was really good as it tends to be with these lot. My biggest problem was that Ambreigns was all but murdered in the ring before a very short period of dominance. There felt like there needed to be something else to it because it just didn’t feel like any real kind of end. I do like the more relaxed Roman Reigns though, I think I said that before. Every time that they are in the ring together though you feel like there is something missing and it never feels enough. It isn’t even like the Wyatts fell out or something. It felt like this match was going to lead to something else and it kind of just ended and it felt like one of the many matches we’ve seen on RAW and SmackDown. Maybe that is the problem here, this match has pretty much been seen every week since Battleground one way or the other so it isn’t like it was something new or exciting.

Nice Dooms Day Device though.

John Cena vs Seth Rollins
Seth Rollins wins by pin fall

Well I wasn’t expecting these two to be the middle match. I was expecting them to be the second main event. I’m guessing that is going to the girls?

Well Rollins looks pretty and he literally has about three strands of blonde hair left. Might as well cut them off now. I sat on the edge of my seat waiting for Sheamus.

The match was good for Rollins letting him take control as most of Cena’s matches recently has allowed his opponent to do. There were some incredible moves from Rollins who really upped his game. This was the kind of Rollins we wanted to see against Reigns and Ambrose. This is the kind of Rollins that fans fell in love with.

With a near return of a punt earlier in the night I was kind of hoping the Curb Stomp would return tonight.

I can’t say anything similar about Cena. He botched a springboard stunner and looked to miss most of his marks during the night. It was a bit of a sloppy one from Cena which made Rollins look even better. In fact Rollins just looked deadly for the majority of the match. I don’t really think the comedy/weak heel has worked for Rollins he’d have been such a better champion if they played to his cocky arrogant style but made him look like a threat.

Jon Stewart came down a ruined the match by helping Rollins win with a chair shot. Pretty weak ending to a match that Seth really deserved to win on his own.

No MITB cash in either so Rollins has both titles meaning a real bottle neck for some big talent right now till he drops one.

WWE Network Promo

I only mention it because there are some really interesting looking shows coming up. Well worth the money really.

Team PCB vs Team BAD vs Team BAD
Team PCB win by pin fall

There were some brilliant moments in this match. The first part of it though they weren’t coming from Team PCB not even Becky or Charlotte. Some great team work, great high spots, Paige turned into the Big Show for the night and Team Bella slayed.

Really pissed that Team BAD were first out, I kind of knew they would be after all Paige “started” the revolution therefore it was always going to come down (story wise) to Team PCB vs their Big Evil Bad Guys Team Bella.

Thing is Team Bella were good. Nikki looked like a champion.

How many times we had to see the Alabama Slamma out on the floor replayed to us I don’t know but it was about 100 times. For everyone saying this was going to be the best match of the night purely because the NXT Divas were in it they were sadly wrong. It wasn’t even the best tag team match of the night (seriously that Tag Team match really was good even if it will be slightly forgotten by the events after it.) Even though we got to see a good deal of offence with Team Bella after Team BAD were eliminated it just slowed down and started to drag.

There was no real surprise that Team PCB won and that the commentators then told us how Team PCB are wonderful and Team Bella should be worried. The only surprise was it was Becky that got the pin not Charlotte.

Paige looked terrible the whole match long. Sorry to say it but I’m probably going to have to hear how bad the Bella’s looked for the rest of the week when they looked ten times better then Paige did.

Well it’ll be interesting if they move the Revolution forward. I doubt this will move it anywhere.

Cesaro vs Kevin Owens
Kevin Owens wins by pin fall

We did get a couple reminders of Owens match last night against Balor. Not that we could forget it. This was the match that I claimed could be a MOTY contender so I was looking forward to it.

You would never have guessed Owens was in a ladder match only 24 hours before. Both went out there and right off the bat gave the crowd what they wanted. Both of them look like they’d just be hitting hard, you’d think it would be similar to Orton vs Sheamus but actually you get a bit of everything. EVERYTHING. They flew over the top rope like cruiser weights, they grounded each other, they threw hard punches and kicked each others asses inside and outside the ring. You saw a little bit of everything we love of these guys and they really gave their all.

It was a little subdued if I’m honest. The crowd seemed tired by this time or else waiting for the main event.

The match was good, maybe not as good as I thought it would be. Cesaro never really got a chance to get his rhythm going which was a shame because it meant we had a slightly one sided match. Not only that because Cesaro never got up to speed really we were left with Owens fighting Cesaro with not much of a fight in him.

Still best fight of the night. Or at least so far.

Brock Lesnar vs The Undertaker
The Undertaker by submission

It starts off promising. Taker doesn’t die on his way down to the ring taking forever and neither do we fall asleep waiting for him to reach it. Before he can get in and take off his coat Lesnar is on top of him and we just have a full on brawl. It isn’t one sided at all, when one guy gets the upper hand the other fights back almost immediately. Its what we really needed for the match.

Even Suplex City didn’t dent the fight.

The end of the match sucked though. The ref went down to check Lesnar’s shoulders, saw that his shoulders were down counted one, the bell went, the ref complained, Undertaker got a low below and put Taker back into Hell’s Gate till Lesnar passed out (whilst showing Taker the middle finger.)

Bit of a shame really. It was a great fight, a really good fight.

My Thoughts :

Great PPV. Tag Teams rocked it tonight and most of the “big” matches didn’t size up to the smaller ones. Cesaro/Owens was match of the night and Taker/Lesnar would have been up there but the end was so bad.

I don’t feel a lot was ended at SummerSlam. I think the Divas Revolution has stagnated now and their chance to move the story forward wasn’t seized. I think we’ll have another month of Rusev/Ziggler to live through. I don’t see where they are going with Rollins as they’ve just got a two titles completely swallowed up leaving guys like Owens and Cesaro with nowhere to go. They missed a trick not having Sheamus cash in.

The tag teams can do so much but I kind of hope that NXT and the Main Roster clash when it comes to the tag teams. I’d like to see all tag teams in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classics but mostly I’d love to see New Day vs the Vaudevillains and Cass and Enzo going up to the main roster.

Stephen Amell was amazing and their match was great.

For a four hour event it didn’t feel like four hours. Not only did it not feel like a four hour event a few of the matches felt extremely short and we seemed to end about 20 minutes early which makes me feel like one or two matches were shorter then they first should have been.

Tag Team match was the stand out match, something that the pre-show panel kind of joked about. I’m not even kidding, those guys really put it all on the line tonight. The other matches were good but just not quite as good.

The biggest problem going forward is the reliance of people in feuds fighting amongst themselves. If we don’t get some random match ups on RAW and SmackDown leading into PPVS you’ll feel fatigued with the same old same old before we get to the PPV. Even if its 8 men tag team matches.

For example instead of having Owens/Cesaro/Orton/Cena/Rollins all battling it out week in week out why not have Cesaro face Luke Harper or Dolph Ziggler? Why does it have to be a constant roll of Owens/Cesaro/Orton/Cena/Rollins? Spice it up a bit more.

Good PPV though, not sure it was worth 4 hours. Rusev/Ziggler could have been on the pre-show and as I said we ended early anyway so I doubt it would have made much of a difference then.

It felt like a longer RAW then a PPV if I’m honest other then the special outfits.





















One thought on “WWE SummerSlam 2015 Review”

  1. It wasn’t that special really.

    Most of the matches were pretty plain. It felt like WWE didn’t want to worry about injuries on Banks and Owens so their matches were second thoughts to NXT. Banks match at Take Over was only so good because of the emotions attached it was just as good as any other good match on either card but it was emotional so people are seeing it through a emotional prism. Owens match at both were subdued which is extremely sad. Though I guess his Take Over match was slightly more convincing then his SummerSlam match.

    The IC story and Rusev/Ziggler stories need to end. I’d say so should the Family vs Family story but the problem with that is what do you do with any of the four in that story? Rusev or Ziggler can always move into the IC picture and Miz into a feud with the one not in the picture or else have all three in the picture and Show drop out but it isn’t so easy to sort out Reigns/Ambrose/Harper/Wyatt and that is WHY they have this feud anyway.

    Its very obvious just from the teams and the fact the only people Stephanie introduced were NXT girls and not just any NXT girls but the four horsewomen of NXT that Team PCB was always going to win which is stupid because it isn’t a revolution. Paige hasn’t been out of the title picture since she joined WWE so there is no “change” and if the only “Change” is that Charlotte and Sasha join Paige and Nikki at the top of the tree then it would have been wasted. You can have as many good matches with them as you want but it isn’t the same as giving Divas a Chance or revolutionising women’s wrestling when you are doing the same old thing that people get bored of. YAY more TV time for them but why to such a select and small group? What about Emma, Summer Rae, Nattie and the others? Heck even Naomi, Tamina and Alicia are only there to boost the numbers.

    The Taker/Lesnar ending was terrible but there are still 100 rumours about Sting so I’m guessing they are still going for Taker/Sting at Wrestlemania? Why is everyone so obsessed with Sting? He wasn’t that good when he was younger!

    I really hope that they have something good to do with Cesaro now.

    Also apparently the US Title has been taken off the active titles page or whatever on their site. If they get rid of the title or keep it attached to Rollins and adding it to the main title then its a shame because the Cena open challenge was great and not only that but it was something good for people like Cesaro/Owens/Neville and the others to be fighting for.

    I agree that the tag team match was epic! Deserved a extra 10 minutes of Big E swivelling his hips xP .

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