Dragon Ball Super : How Dare you Hit my Bulma! Vegeta’s Furious Transormation?!

“Yokumo ore no Buruma o! Bejīta ikari no totsuzenhen’i!?” (よくもオレのブルマを! ベジータ怒りの突然変異!?)

Majin Buu might have finally destroyed the Earth by simply pissing off the God of Destruction. Lets hope that between them all someone is able to stop it happening?

Well the Earth was saved by Weiss indirectly. Everyone who could fly up and have a go at Beerus (Gotenks, Piccolo, Gohan, Android 18 and Tenshinhan) but the only reason Beerus has stayed and not just left and blown up the tent is Weiss is too busy eating.

We didn’t actually get to see Vegeta properly up against Beerus and the sad fact is that I’ve already seen the title of the next episode which kind of destroys any belief that this “furious transformation” of Vegeta is going to do anything.

It was one of those episodes where nothing much happened. We got to see a lot of people easily beaten by Beerus whilst Dende tells everyone that Beerus is a god.

Vegeta spent the whole episode pretty much paralysed and making funny noises whilst his “friends” and family fell before his very eyes yet he never bothered at any point to just tell everyone that this is the God of Destruction? It makes no sense.

The best part of the episode was Bulma. She’s great, she thinks she’s some kind of Goddess herself and I don’t blame her for that. She walks right up to Beerus and slaps him, regardless of how weak it is she’s the only person to lay a hand on him and that is where the incident in the title comes from. He slaps her back so that she knows her place.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens in the next episode and how, other then Weiss’s refusal to leave, they stop the destruction of earth. No matter what Goku does he’s not going to be able to fly in and save the day because there is no chance that he would have powered up at all more since he was defeated.

I did like Gotenks and Bulma both pointing out to Beerus that it was childish and that if he really wanted pudding then all he had to do was ask and someone would give it to him. Like Majin Buu he really is just a big child. It isn’t being disrespectful he cares about he throws his toys out of the proverbial pram whenever he feels he’s missing out on something. For example who is to say that the cushion that Vegeta’s father used was more comfy then the one Beerus had? In fact what kind of adult/grown up (regardless of God stature) really asks for THE most comfy cushion? Its a damn cushion.

I still have no idea why Bulma needed a great big cruise ship for her party though.

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