The Road to SummerSlam 2015

The biggest event of the Summer is here and it is going to be a mega 4 hours of wrestling.

Or so we’ve been told a few million times. NXT Take Over kicked off a mega week of WWE wrestling last night with more then just a bang, I think Bayley and Sasha Banks blew a crater in Brooklyn last night. The question at least for this blog is how did the main roster get to SummerSlam and can they destroy the remains of Brooklyn tonight?

NXT Hangover

Lets just talk about this for one second OK.

NXT Take Over last night was great. Personally I’d leave it at great. It had a MOTY winner in there and a really good ladders match plus some really good matches up and down the card but it was only 2 hours long (well it over ran but it still wasn’t FOUR HOURS OF WRESTLING) and really did showcase the BEST talents on their roster.

Its easy to be lost in how good Sasha Banks vs Bayley was and if you like either of them or have followed NXT for a long time you’ll all have mega feels about the match and the ending of the match and the four horsewomen of NXT.

Is there anything with so much emotion on the SummerSlam card?

Probably Lesnar/Taker but that doesn’t really come close. The NXT Women’s championship match had a near perfect build up with two of the best and most loved women wrestlers in the sport right now and lived up to expectations.

If say Cesaro/Owens became a MOTY contender would we have the same emotional connection? In the past few weeks their match has been one I’ve looked forward to the most but there isn’t that much history between these two, there isn’t something as big as one of their dreams on the line and they’ll be stuck in a four hour long slog fest that possibly will have one or two naff matches in it (Corbin/Joe was naff but people just get to ignore them) and even if its the greatest match of the year people won’t feel as sentimental towards the outcome as they did with the women in NXT.

SummerSlam needs to be PHENOMENAL not to be lost in the shadow of its developmental program. NXT Take Over has cast a huge shadow and SummerSlam is already being laughed at for having to follow it.

The Story of Two Lanas

My most hated story of the year so far. How did we get here? Well obviously at one point we were going to get Rusev/Ziggler just after Zigglers big feud with the returning Sheamus. We DIDN’T get that because Rusev then became injured. So moving on we had to deal with a jealousy angle involving Ziggler/Rusev/Lana.

With no real idea of how long Rusev was out for we settled in for the long term hoping a decent match would arrive at some point.

It didn’t.

Rusev teamed up with Summer Rae and instead of doing anything interesting with any of them they had Rusev return to take out Ziggler who then disappeared and slowly turned Summer Rae into a paradoy of Lana. The story become twisted and silly and soon we had Lana “not caring” about Summer Rae and Rusev just she cares enough to watch every tiny thing they do and get upset about it and want to start a fight with them both.

Cue a month of having to see Rusev and Summer Rae being embarressed or trying to embarras Lana.

Dolph shows up out of nowhere on RAW this week to challenge Rusev and for some reason we’re meant to be happy to get this match. I’m not. I have no interest in the match and I have no interest in the story. I personally think a lot of Lana’s support has dwindled with the story which is unfair on her because she was on fire at one point and could have done just about anything. I also feel they went completely the wrong way. I know Lana isn’t a fully fledged Diva and more of a manager but I really feel they could have had a nice 5 minute brawl between Summer Rae and Lana at SummerSlam leading to them respecting each other and walking off without the men. They didn’t need the Ziggler/Lana in love thing it could have stayed just a mutual whatever and then with Summer Rae at her side Lana could have won and both women walk out of SummerSlam with their heads held high.

Instead we get Ziggler vs Rusev. A match I was looking forward to a month or so ago but not so much now.

Big Men, Big Egos, Big Trouble…

Sheamus and Randy Orton have had the best feud going for a while. Its understated, its fun and it lets us watch Orton and Sheamus kick each others asses every week or so.

There isn’t much to say about this feud as it really is just a continuation of something that kind of happened by chance after a rather violent set of matches against the two of them. Sheamus has settled into a comedy heel role with a serious side to him from time to time and right now is one of the most exciting individuals to keep a eye on. Yes mainly because of the bad hair and the briefcase.

Lose Owens Lose

Kevin Owens pissed Cesaro off after walking out of match after match and then sticking his nose into Cesaro’s business. Cesaro having nothing better to do after his tag team partner was injured was elevated into the US Title Owens/Cena picture and he stuck it out there. He’s been in some giant matches in recent weeks/months and every time has come out looking brilliant. Owens himself feels more of a fixture then a newbie to the main roster and seems to just fit in with whomever he’s in the ring with.

Their match is a obvious one for WWE to go for, with four hours to fill and these two being two of the superstars the fans most want to watch and with Cena moving into the title picture with Rollins it was obvious that the best place for these two to be was together.

Leading up to their match has been a eye opener for anyone who didn’t believe in Cesaro. His in ring skills have spoke for themselves since forever but his renewed confidence in himself and his mic skills has meant that he’s been one to watch AND listen to for weeks now. He matches up perfectly to Owens and whilst Owens cheeky little glint in the eye works perfect for the heel Cesaro’s works perfectly to be the face.

Owens had a great match last night and I think (as I said above) this could turn out to be a MOTY contender.

Superheroes and Super Villains

A odd but exciting story. I heard ages before it started the plan was to have Stardust vs Amell at the PPV but the way its actually grown and come to be is a thing of beauty. Stardust’s promos, if a little odd, have been so entertaining and his feud with Neville has had brilliant matches all round. The addition of the Cosmic King, King Barrett just added to how amazing this story was and is one that I kind of hope carries on afterwards, though the big problem will be who will side with Neville and replace Amell from SummerSlam onwards as I don’t think we’ll see the Green Arrow coming back again but it is too good a duo in Barrett/Rhodes to just use for one PPV.

This is a story I’m more then excited to see explode at SummerSlam.

Family vs Family

Another feud that has been on going and one that is getting better with time. There was a time during this year when I thought Bray Wyatt was a pointless addition to any PPV because he was only showing up for PPVs and leaving cryptic messages for his opponents all over the place but he didn’t really have anything that stuck for him. He went against Taker and Wrestlemania and then Ryback and then turned his attentions on Reigns.

In the end we ended up with a mini Shield vs Wyatt Family reunion and a match that is probably going to be great but I’m not wild about at the moment. Don’t get me wrong its the best thing for all four competitors at this moment but there needs to be some movement for all four sooner rather then later.

Divas Revolution

The Divas Revolution takes a back step in my opinion with this match. Its a three team elimination match but instead of each Diva having to be eliminated singularly like those types of matches tend to be when one Diva is pinned then the whole team is gone. Not only that but because it involves all three teams, and therefore the only Divas WWE seem to care about at this moment, and all teams in their entirety there is only one Divas match during the four hour long broadcast PLUS no Womens Title match.

The match is no doubt going to be great and everyone will be so happy when Charlotte pins everyone for the win and Team PCB stand tall but you have to admit it would have been better having Nikki vs One Member of PCB vs One Member of Team BAD and then a elimination tag team match against the remaining members instead of what we’re getting. Heck it would be better if you had to eliminate every single Diva in there (would be great for Nikki to be the last women in the ring against Charlotte or Sasha.)

As it is it’ll be over shone by Sasha/Bayley at Take Over and with no inclusion of anyone other then the Divas we’re seeing every week on RAW and SmackDown it’ll bring nothing new to the revolution which story wise has kind of ground to a halt now.

The Big Man is back!

The Intercontinental championship is at last going to be defended at a PPV. With Daniel Bryan winning it at Wrestlemania just to get injured followed by a win for Ryback and injury right after it feels like there is no luck with the championship at the moment.

When the feud began there was a lot of fun it in and I really looked forward to the match. There were plenty of laugh out loud moments and it all looked really good. Then Ryback got injured and disappeared and the steam kind of sizzled out of this one and we’re left with what could have been a great super hyped match and is now just something that needs to be done to finish off a story.

I’m still looking forward to it but not half as much as I was last month.

Tag Team Revolution?

We’ve had a revolution in the Divas but is this a turning point for the tag teams? This year has seen some great tag teams and some great teams holding the belt from the Usos to Team BTE and now PTP and even New Day. We’ve got tag teams coming out of our ears on both the main roster and NXT. The NXT champions are (now) some of the most charismatic characters we’ve had in WWE in a long time and there are a wealth of teams that we could see competing in this Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classics in the coming months on NXT.

Is it about time that the tag teams got their own revolution?

Well if they aren’t this four way could be a opening for it to happen. All four teams are extremely exciting to watch in the ring the only question will be can they give us a match that gets people hungry for more of the tag division? I’m kind of interested to see if they have any of the main roster teams go down for the classics tournament, I know it would be slightly pointless but New Day, The Ascension and Lucha Dragons all very recently came from NXT (or at least two of the members of New Day did) and it would be interesting if at some point we get WWE Tag Champions against NXT Tag Champions.

The story of how we got here was basically EVERY beat each other up and won over each other, PTP don’t care who they fight and New Day won’t be beaten in dancing. These four were the four teams that were constantly about and fighting therefore they are the teams on the PPV. A shame that we couldn’t have one big tag team turmoil match with just every tag team in the company entering. That would be fun.

I just want to see Enzo and Big Cass against everyone and anyone.

Winner Takes All…

I started to sound a little like Bray Wyatt when I realized we’d get Cena vs Rollins at SummerSlam.

The story of these two seems to be that Cena doesn’t like Rollins as a champion therefore will do what is best for business and win the belt and I don’t know what he’d do then.

It got some good accidental heat with Rollins breaking Cena’s nose in a match and after that we got a glimpse of what could have been with Neville getting a title match as well as a whole host of other big stars getting into the champions face. There was a wealth of wrestlers we could have had face off against Rollins tonight.

We get Cena.

THE match of the night – 16 months in the making blah blah blah….

When Taker returned at Battleground and cost Lesnar the title I was excited.

Then Taker came to RAW and talked to us all and I lost my mind.

Then Taker and Lesnar brawled and the whole locker room had to keep them apart and I just couldn’t stand the happiness.

It all went quiet from then with occassional tirades from Heyman and the “final” words being spoken on RAW by both.

We all know why it happened and I wouldn’t give anything up in the world for Paul Heyman’s Glory Glory Brock Lesnar.

It just kind of is there. You don’t need either to say or do anything after Battleground and the RAW the night after. From then on Lesnar/Taker was the match everyone wanted to see.

I’ll get my predictions up ASAP but I really do think we’re in for a treat. I only mentioned NXT in the blog because people are already trying to start a war between the two, I don’t see why we have to do that. Its obvious that NXT is successful because the relative freedom it gets compared to the main roster guys and the girls and guys on the roster can’t be held responsible for the stories they are given (its different to complain ABOUT a story then to attach blame to the failings of the story to the characters/wrestlers involved.)

I don’t like that there is already a NXT is better vibe that is going to mar a lot of people’s feelings before SummerSlam even begins. Especially as I said above the only match that was stand out brilliant was Sasha vs Bayley and there was a LOT of emotions tied to that one from the girls in the match to the fans watching all around the world. There isn’t a match with such emotions on the main card AND its twice as long with many MANY more matches on it. People get so hyped up on having to hate one or the other that they forget that its all the same thing and we should be happy that Triple H’s baby is free from the writers that have a strangle hold on the main roster and that us as fans can change the main roster by supporting and loving NXT without hating and bringing down the main roster whose guys and girls work just as hard and half of them seem to now have originated from NXT (as they should) anyway. The amount of hate I’ve seen online just because SummerSlam isn’t NXT is ridiculous and people are setting out to hate SummerSlam just for the thrill of it.

Take Over has cast a large shadow over SummerSlam but I think we are lucky that we have both in one weekend and that of course the Main Roster stars are going to raise to the challenge.

I think the best match of the night will be Cesaro/Owens. Hands down the match I’m looking forward to the most.

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