SummerSlam 2015 Predictions

I’m early for a change with all this so here we go with the Predictions for SummerSlam.

Dolph Ziggler vs Rusev

Well I can’t see it going Rusev’s way unless we’re in for more of the same in the coming month. Ziggler came back to large applause from the crowd, maybe because they can see a light at the end of this particular story tunnel, so I can’t see him losing.

I really want this to be the end of it all and Rusev losing might send him on a different path. Either by being nicer to Summer Rae and finding his own way or making him mad and want to kill lots of people. Either way he needs to stop obsessing over Lana and we need to move on, unless they plan on reuniting Lana and Rusev which could be interesting.

PREDICTION : Dolph Ziggler

You don’t bring someone back, hear the crowd go crazy, see the flicker of love in the crowd for Lana and then have the good guys lose. You just don’t. I don’t see anything else working out.

Randy Orton vs Sheamus

This is a difficult one. This feud can go on and on, it doesn’t even have to be something we see all the time it can just come and go as they please. To this extent neither need the win.

I’m not sure who they’d have win. I can maybe see a rehash of Wrestlemania and Orton winning just for Sheamus to cash in his briefcase later in the night. Either that or they are going to end up counted out or something.

For this reason alone it is really difficult to choose a winner because I can’t figure out who needs it most. For that reason I’m going with …

PREDICTION : Randy Orton

Mainly because as I said I could see Sheamus being the get out of jail card needed later in the night. Him losing to Randy could then do two things. Have him need to win so cashing in the briefcase and that then leading to the second which is him vs Randy for the title. But this is purely because I have no other ideas what will happen.

Cesaro vs Kevin Owens

This is a nightmare of a match to predict because both really need the win. Not that they need, need wins but because who would want to see either lose? Right now both are on fire the are both fan favorites and both come out and entertain every night.

Owens is on double duty so there could be some “he’s injured from his ladder match last night” reasoning behind him losing the match so that would be the easiest way out of it but at the same time I just don’t really want to see either lose.

If I’m really honest Cesaro needs the win over Owens. Owens as I said in my Road to SummerSlam blog just feels like a fixture now. This IS where he belongs and the fans have completely and utterly taken to him. He’s here to stay now and that is great.

Cesaro on the other hand is coming into his own. After his successful time with Tyson Kidd he’s suddenly became the man on fire and his momentum could be ended with a loss tonight. It won’t be a terrible loss but the fans are hungry to see Cesaro go further. People like to see Owens lose because it makes him angrier and gets his gob going more, people just love watching Owens. If he loses there will be no momentum lost because he’s great when he’s winning or losing.. Cesaro possibly not so much, we don’t really know yet.


I’ve talked myself into believing he needs the win. Whatever happens I’m hoping these two get the stories they deserve after SummerSlam is over. Even more of the same will be good for them.

King Barrett & Stardust vs Neville & Stephen Amell

Well this is a interesting one but a easier one to predict I think.

I’d like to think this will be a very fun match but at the same time you don’t invite Stephen Amell to come and wrestle and SummerSlam and then have him lose.

It’ll be a good match to watch but I think the win is written in the stars….

PREDICTION : Neville & Stephen Amell

Honestly I can’t see Stardust and Barrett winning but I do hope this is a beginning of a new tag team.

The Wyatt Family vs Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose

I’m not sure. I really am unsure on what is going to happen in this one. There are rumors abound that Sting is going to help Reigns and Ambrose but that won’t really make any difference would it? I mean thinking about it if Reigns and Ambrose need help of any kind that would mean that the Wyatt Family will be growing too. There are also rumors that Reigns is turning heel which is different to the usual rumors of Ambrose turning heel.

As it stands right now its geared up for Reigns and Ambrose to win it. They keep going on about how they function brilliantly as a team and so on and the Wyatt family is a family in name but Wyatt wouldn’t do jack for Harper. It seems more of a prophecy of what is happening then anything else.

Even so I’d be more then happy to see the Wyatts win so…

PREDICTION : The Wyatt Family

I want to see Rowan come back, I want the Wyatts to be strong and I want this to go on for another month or so. You’d think the feud would die a death if the Wyatt’s lost and you can’t have Bray turn his back on Luke or something and break up the Wyatts AGAIN just after they started to reform. It’ll be interesting to see the outcome really.

Team PCB vs Team BAD vs Team Bella

PCB are going to win.

It SHOULD be Team BAD or Team Bella. Not because I don’t like Team PCB (I don’t) but because that is the only way to progress this stagnant story any further.

If Team PCB win all that will happen is that we’ll have to hear how great they are all the time. OK Charlotte and Becky are new to the main roster picture but it will still be the same Divas getting over time and time again. They were the face of NXT and will just jump straight to being the face of the main roster.

If Team Bella win then you can properly establish them as one thing or the other. I always thought Team BAD were meant to be the middle ground team but its obvious now that they are the out and out heels. Team Bella now needs to be planted smack in the middle and Nikki as champion can’t be made to look ridiculously weak either. If Team Bella are first out then it’ll be silly. Nikki needs to be the person either being pinned last or doing the pinning. Either establish Nikki as a true threat going into what could only be a great match at the next PPV for the title or else show that her time is over. DON’T use the match as a excuse to pimp out the NXT Divas who are coming up over the Main Roster Divas because that is NOT a revolution for the Divas but for certain Divas.

(There are still MANY Divas missing any kind of revolution….)

If Team BAD win, which is the outcome I want, it’ll establish them as a proper threat. It means that even though Tamina came up through NXT herself they are going to push Divas even if they aren’t part of the four horsewomen (or so happened to be called Paige.) Team BAD are probably the most interesting team they have with a sack load of attitude. Naomi STILL needs that belt more then ANYONE in this whole story and her push has NOT been the failure that many people think it has. She’s gone from strength to strength and I honestly think she deserves to be the leader of her group and to be made to look strong.


It isn’t going to be anyone else is it? I think Charlotte will get the final pin, Team PCB will eliminate both of the other teams and then will tell the world how they are the greatest thing since sliced bread whilst insulting Brie for doing ONE of Daniel Bryan’s moves and ignoring everything from Charlotte’s entrance music to the strut and the woos and killing me in irony.

Tag Team Title Match

This is harder to predict. I can’t see Lucha Dragons or Los Matadores winning for the same reason I’ve said a million times before. They look great now in the shadow of PTP and New Day on the mics. They can wrestle and they look great in the matches but they have become extensions of a feud with two of the most charistmatic teams there is. I don’t think that we’ll see anyone but PTP or New Day leaving with the titles.

I’d like to think it’ll be PTP.

My heart is saying New Day though.


I don’t know just something about them recently has made me think that they’ll beat PTP and then go back to having a feud with them as Champions. I’d like to see PTP keep the belt but it isn’t that long until the Usos will be back as well so they are probably clearing up for when they return. I just don’t know..

The Miz vs The Big Show vs Ryback

I can’t see Ryback losing this one.

I think it’ll use Miz to bring some comedy and pace itself so that the Big Show doesn’t bore us to death but I think in the end it’ll be Ryback and his feats of strength that overwhelm both and we’ll see him leaving with his belt.


Don’t forget this is his first major story with his first belt so I don’t think he’s going to lose it at his first real defense of it. I’ll be surprised if he does especially to either of these two.

Seth Rollins vs John Cena

I see John Cena winning.

I have this story in my head where Cena wins the belt and Sheamus comes down and takes it from him by cashing in thus leaving Cena with the US belt but not giving him the Championship belt.

That might be a good way to end it all. Either that or doing it the other way round so that at least Seth has a belt. I just see Rollins leaving without the belt and then having to make it in the world with The Authority.



It seems to all match up. I can’t see either Cena or Rollins holding both the US and World Heavyweight belt, it would clog up the top of the mountain too much with guys like Cesaro and Owens scrapping for the remains underneath.

Its a neat way to wrap everything up but I’m probably going to be completely wrong.

Brock Lesnar vs The Undertaker

I want it to be The Undertaker.

Thing is it’ll be too easy to have it be Brock. I am so fed up of the unbeatable Brock Lesnar and would love to see him beaten and then him losing confidence in himself to come back better next year or something and do the whole beast stuff.

It gets too boring having Brock being unbeatable all the time and it was bad enough that he defeated the streak I don’t really want to see him beating Taker again so soon.

There are rumors again that a big match for Wrestlemania will be made at RAW so maybe it’ll have something to do with one of these two? It can’t be the title picture because that is usually sorted out at the Royal Rumble so I’m leaning more towards it being either the Family vs Family match or this one. This one makes more sense. Unless we’re building up to Reigns vs Ambrose at Wrestlemania which I doubt would be rumored to be a big match for anything really.

PREDICTION :ย The Undertaker

Fans love him, he’s lasted so long in the business because we love him. People went beserk to see him back. We WANT to see the man who had his streak defeated do the impossible and beat the Beast. That would be a story worth telling.

Match of the night?

Cesaro vs Owens by a country mile.

Meh-ish match of the night?

Rusev vs Ziggler

It’ll be a good one I’m sure.

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