NXT Take Over : Brooklyn 2015 Review

We’ve made it to Take Over Brooklyn. It hasn’t been the most interesting of journeys but its one we’ve taken and we’ve gotten to the end of it. Its the first Take Over event that I’m staying up to watch so I’m extremely excited.

Matches Quick Overlook :

Tyler Breeze vs Jushin “Thunder” Liger
Winner : Jushin Liger

The Vaudevillains vs Blake & Murphy
Winners : The Vaudevillains

Tye Dillinger vs Apollo Crews
Winner : Apollo Crews

Baron Corbin vs Samoa Joe
Winner : Samoa Joe

Bayley vs Sahsa Banks
Winner : Bayley

Kevin Owens vs Finn Balor
Winner : Finn Balor


I wasn’t planning on watching the pre-show but got bored so tuned in. Lita saying that she’ll sort out Alexa Bliss has made me jump about in my seat like crazy.

Now I’m excited. The main roster PPV pre-shows need to be this short.

Triple H

Ummmm OK. OK? I guess it was meant to hype us up with the whole #WeAreNXT stuff and all but I kind of just started laughing. I am a tiny bit excited to see The VaudeVillains win the titles.

Tyler Breeze vs Jushin “Thunder” Liger
Jushin Liger wins by pin fall

Once more we get the models down the run way and a new Breeze outfit. I love his entrances and I love watching him. The Gold outfit is honestly wonderful and he just looked lovely. I want his coat…. And his trousers…. And him….

The match was a master class of some of the best moves in Liger’s arsenal and the story was brought up time and time again of Breeze and his ego and whether or not he’d be able to reel back the ego and learn any lessons from being in the ring with a legend like Liger.

It was the perfect match to start the night off with. Liger had his whimsical charm, Breeze started off cocky and got angrier and meaner and the crowd spent most of the time chanting Full Sail Sucks….

A Liger Bomb later and Breeze is out for the three count. I don’t know whether I would have had Breeze lose to Liger but then again he was the special guest so I guess it makes sense to have Liger win. Breeze looked great in defeat though he had some great moves in there that I hadn’t seen before or at least not for ages. This could be a minor turning point for him.

The VaudeVillains vs Blake & Murphy
The Vaudevillains win by pin fall

Could I love The Vaudevillains any more then I already do?

Yes. Yes I can. Their entrance gear was adorable even if the hat was two times too big for them and Simon Gotch just looks perfect in blue. I actually wanted to touch the TV every time I saw him because he’s perfect.

Well unfortunately it wasn’t Lita but Blue Pants that came out to help the Vaudevillains.

Gotch started the match and man did he impress. I’ve kind of had to begrudgingly agree with Pete once or twice that Gotch needed some work on his move set but man is he great right now. He’s on fire! His flexability is great and the way he uses it in the ring to come up with some innovative things to get out of submissions and all sorts is amazing. 2am is too early to be watching Simon Gotch. 2pm is too early to be watching him to be honest. He addles my brain.

The match was really brilliant, honestly it was great. Team BAMF did the one thing they do the best which is work as a team. They don’t have much of a personality outside the ring but they do have some great chemistry in the ring. English was the guy in the ring being beaten down most once again leaving the hot tag to Gotch.

Just when I thought that Alexa Bliss might just behave we get her and Blue Pants fighting it out in the ring whilst the Whirling Dervish is hit and I go into meltdown as the Vaudevillains become NXT Tag Champs.

I am actually crying and completely missed everything happening in the next match because I’m crying. 23 hours I’ve been awake nearly and I can’t deal with the feels.

Apollo Crews vs Tye Dillinger
Apollo Crews wins by pin fall

A better match then I thought it would be. Apollo Crews looks great and is it me or has Dillinger got a new hair cut?

I admit to missing a lot of the match because I was crying but what I did notice was good. Crews and Dillinger looked great but Crews standing flip was bloody brilliant.

I still don’t know anything about Apollo Crews but I mean some of the stuff he was doing was awesome (when I wasn’t wiping away happy tears) and I’m now kind off excited to see where he goes from here.

William Regal

He announces the start of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classics which will start in two weeks time. I can’t wait for that it sounds like it’ll be a great way to remember Dusty. There was already tears in my eyes and now there are even more.

Baron Corbin vs Samoa Joe
Samoa Joe won by submission

The match felt overly long and boring and ended with Baron getting beaten by submission.

I don’t know why I just can’t like either of these. Everyone online were really excited and getting into it but I just really couldn’t. I was bored, I felt tied, it felt like every other match these two have had for the last couple months just longer then usual which means little.

I just can’t get excited when either of these guys come down to the ring because right now they just really suck the fun out of everything. At least Samoa Joe’s music sounds a tiny bit better.

Stephanie McMahon

We were watching NXT for one reason. To watch NXT. I didn’t know that. I technically wasn’t watching for NXT in general I was watching live to perv over Tyler Breeze and Simon Gotch and I got my wish. She really came down to introduce the Womens title match.

Bayley vs Sasha Banks
Bayley wins by pin fall

I loved the segment before the match especially the imagery of Bayley being part of the whole Four Horsewomen stuff and being faded out whilst the other three go on to the main roster. It was nice seeing the rise of Bayley in the recent weeks. As I said I think it would be the wrong time for Sasha to lose the belt tonight but at the same time I can’t see Bayley lose. She’s just lovely.

I said on Twitter earlier in the night and I’ll say it here. The polka dot headband and wrist bands pretty much made me 100% in the Bayley camp for tonight even though I love Sasha too.

The match was really fast paced, Bayley was on the offence for so long and it was innovative and fast and completely put Sasha on the back foot. It was great to see, really great to see.

The fight got heavy with Sasha using Bayley’s bad hand against her and all sorts. They really took it up a level or three. I didn’t want a winner in the end because it was just such a good match and it would be painful to see either lose.

In the end I’m so happy for Bayley, she just rocked it and she honestly deserves the title. She proved EVERYONE wrong and she was bloody amazing. She looked better then she has for ages and I can’t wait to see where she goes from here. If I was emotional when The Vaudevillains won their match then seeing how emotional Bayley was at the end of the match and the hug with Sasha just made me want to die in my own tears.

Kevin Owens vs Finn Balor
Finn Balor wins

So yeah… I don’t think this match is going to be able to follow what we just saw because what we just saw was epic.

I kind of wondered if this match was going to be extremely quick as we only had 5 minutes left, the way Owens just kind of sat at ring side nonchalantly made me wonder whether he’d bother even going through with the match. As it is he did fight.

Personally I do think that the match measured up to the girls. We have to remember that there are two big differences between the matches. One being that Bayley and Sasha are much faster then Owens and Balor even with their fastest moves on display they are much more just beat the shit out of the other. The second is the ladders. This isn’t a normal match you have to choreograph ladders into it, you can’t have a ladders match that doesn’t utilize the ladder as a weapon in 200 different ways, or indeed not have more then one ladder in the ring at the same time.

It also didn’t have the story behind it that the match before it had.

So yeah I think it was a great main event. In fact I preferred it a lot to their other match. The Beast in the East match was nothing on this one even if I did struggle to stay awake whilst watching this one.

The match was good but I can’t help but feel that it was as good as Kevin Owens made it, I say it all the time but I like Finn as a person but as a character, as a wrestler… I don’t get the big fuss over him. I mean for most of the match the story was that Finn wouldn’t give up and he was being beaten badly by Owens just to stand up again and I get that. I do get that. It just wasn’t very interesting and when he did have the advantage it felt like he did nothing with it. You can’t take your eyes off of Owens even when he isn’t kicking someones ass he’s doing something worth watching, Finn not so much. He has a long way to go and he isn’t that great on the mic either, he always looks really uncomfortable. It will be interesting to see where he goes from here because you’d have to think that Owens is done with NXT now.

My Thoughts :

I’m too tired.

Vaudevillains rock. So happy they are champs.

24 hours awake… Not good.

NXT UK tickets will come out before I get paid, I might JUST be paid because of the Bank Holiday but I don’t know. Anyone want to buy me tickets? I’d dearly love to go and see if I can meet Simon Gotch. Come on you know you want to pay for me to go…

I just very much hope I get the money for it I’d love to go see it live and see if I could meet some of the stars. I just want to see NXT.

I will do something about it tomorrow to sum it up I need a nap. I need sleep. I’m a bit dead. Night all.

EDIT : Now with final match results which I knew I forgot to put in I was just testing you all….

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