The Road to NXT Take Over Brooklyn 2015

I’m going to do my best to make this work, it might just be a one time thing but if it goes well I might do it again.

We have come to NXT Take Over and below we will relive how we got to some of these big matches.

Unlike Pete with his monthly PPV blogs its hard to know where the starting point is for anything really. It isn’t like we’ll be coming back here regularly. Then again I think it makes it easier because I don’t have to think about what came before just how we got here and there ARE some really interesting stories that have been going on in the lead up to Take Over.

Tyler Breeze vs Jushin Liger

Now I am stupidly excited for this match.

The story of how it came together has managed to shine light on just how brilliant Tyler Breeze is as a performer and as a character. People say he can’t be taken seriously but he’s shown many sides. The beginning was all cutesy fun with him skulking about Regal’s office demanding a match at Take Over. As the weeks went on a nastier side to him started to emerge and with the full knowledge of who he would be facing at Take Over this week he showed a real mean side to him. The character of Breeze shouldn’t be taken lightly by people who think its stupid because its extremely clever. There are so many layers that can be explored and simple reasons can flip the character from one side to the other (though the middle ground is played beautifully most of the time.)

It was one of those matches that story wise just kind of popped out of nowhere but it should be one of the best matches of the night. I’m really happy to see Breeze on the card (before all this I was pondering if he’d be on Take Over as he had kind of disappeared) and even without someone there to have a back and forth with he’s shone in the weeks leading up.

I lie.

He has had a back and forth and that is with Regal and he works perfectly against Regal.

I have my Tyler Breeze t-shirt ready to be pulled over my VaudeVillain one when he comes on.

Blake & Murphy vs The VaudeVillains

This is the match I’m looking forward to the most.



Not that you wouldn’t have noticed that if you’d been following my NXT blogs.

The thing is until very recently I was basically a NXT virgin. I started watching NXT a few months back because people told me it was the greatest thing ever, probably around the time of the last Take Over show…. I think it was brought on by Sami Zayn being on RAW if I’m honest. Before then I had little interest in wrestling (just one of those things, my interest in the sport was revived when going to a local event) and didn’t own the WWE Network so wouldn’t have gone out of my way to watch it.

I slowly got into it though and the tag teams were good. There is something about Enzo and Cass that I loved and Alexa with Blake and Murphy were fun.

Then the fucking VaudeVillains showed up. I sat and watched their entrance with my mouth hanging open. I rewound it and watched it two more times. I watched their match with tears in my eyes. I then went right back to the beginning and watched the whole thing another three or four times. If I reviewed their first match I don’t think I got across how much I fell in love with them because it was instant. They’ve taken over my life, I have both of their tweets (yes both) sent to my phone, I spent stupid amounts of money to get their t-shirt from the US store and I go on about them all over the shop. They are the background of my computer and of my phone… I love them. My friends love them my mum loves them EVERYONE loves them.

From the second match I watched it felt like I’d been their fan since I was born and I just went along with ranting about how wonderful they are.

Then they got their chance to become number one contenders and I really didn’t think they’d be made them. Enzo and Cass were still technically in the middle of a feud with Team BAMF therefore it made sense that they’d win.

They didn’t.

And since then nearly weekly I feel personally that we’ve been shown why the VaudeVillains deserve the championships.

That really isn’t talking about the road to getting here. It was as simple as them beating Enzo and Cass and then being cheated in their first match against Team BAMF. They’ve been slapped around by Bliss a little recently (as I said in the last blog it was two too many this week) but there is no real story as Team BAMF doesn’t do anything. Mainly because the only person that seems to have a character in the team is Alexa! In fact the whole road to this match is Alexa vs the VaudeVillains and their chivalrousness.

Its my match of the night before its even began. GO VAUDEVILLAINS!!!

Bayley vs Sasha Banks

This is all Bayley.

Sasha is busy in the Divas Revolution.

Shortly after a video package from Bayley talking about her hand injury she returned and its kind of been her redemption since. She wanted to prove herself and in doing so took two of the biggest names NXT have down (Charlotte and Becky.) Personally I didn’t think either win was anything to write home about, she had some really impressive moments in both but both she got beaten quite badly in. Bayley does have a long way to go still but she’s getting there.

You don’t need Sasha there to know that she’s the Boss, she’s the top of the food chain. Knowing that the final destination for Bayley’s redemption was all we needed to know how important it was.

Its been a short road to this but has had by far the best matches. Bayley really has had to fight her way here and its been interesting to watch.

Finn Balor vs Kevin Owens

The road to this match has been….


Impossible to measure?

So brilliant its passed us all by surely?

Nope just hasn’t been one.

Seriously. Tell me where any of this was built up?

I mean the build up to their original match wasn’t brilliant, it focused more on Owens vs Samoa Joe then it did on him against Balor. Since winning the title we’ve hardly seen Balor and obviously Owens is now full time main roster so he’s not always around either. They’ve tried to make it interesting in the last two weeks but if I’m honest I much rather they hadn’t bothered and just had both show up at Take Over and fight and get it over with.

Its a shame because Owens would have been great, he’s great at everything but then again he is being great on RAW and SmackDown so maybe its too much to ask of him. I’d rather have him on RAW and SmackDown then up against Balor who I like as a person but not really liking his character.

Well that is that for this. I’m not sure any of this really has much to do with the roads travelled to the four big fights of the night but there you have it.

I’ll have my predictions out in a jiffy for you to all ponder on and of course I’ll be tweeting live @Awerka . Got my VaudeVillain’s t-shirt ready and my Tyler Breeze one and really looking forward to the night.

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