SmackDown 8/20/15 Review

The last SmackDown and last event before SummerSlam. We’re looking at a good one here. Hopefully.

Matches Quick Overlook :

Ryback vs The Big Show
Winner : Double Count Out

New Day vs Los Matadores
Winners : New Day

Brie Bella vs Sasha Banks vs Becky Lynch
Winner : Brie Bella

Randy Orton & Cesaro & Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose vs The Wyatt Family & Sheamus & Kevin Owens
Winners : Randy Orton & Cesaro & Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose

Ryback vs The Big Show
Double Count out

Its strange to have Ryback fight both Miz and Big Show on his return just before he fights both at the PPV. I’m a bit lost at the reasoning that these guys should or can only fight the people they are in a feud with. In fact that is probably my number 1 problem at the moment that we get the same match week in week out instead of seeing random matches and stories being built back stage or with run ins and people on commentary. The Tag Team division was the only one doing that until ALL the tag teams basically got put into the title match.

The Ryback/Show match was nothing special. I like the story but it really will rely on Ryback and Miz making this match at SummerSlam interesting. the match ending in a double count out didn’t really surprise me because you don’t want to see Ryback get a three count on Big Show just before SummerSlam (you’d leave that until SummerSlam) and you don’t want to have the champion lose either.

It was nice to see a match starting SmackDown off but it just reminded me why I DON’T like watching Big Show.

New Day vs Los Matadores
New Day win by pin fall

And this would be a six man or six BEING tag match as it were. There is too much character in New Day, all three of them are way too much fun.

This is about the only time I have any real interest in what Jimmy has to say, he has a lot of interesting insight into what could happen in the fatal four way match at SummerSlam. I liked hearing him big up Los Matadores who have looked mighty in the last few weeks and have had some really good matches up against New Day and the others. If anything these two teams are great against each other and I find it great watching them. The teams have great chemistry and the great thing is the comedy of Xavier being the cheerleader being out smarted by El Torito is just great.

This match is no different. It was much better then the opening match no matter how you feel about El Torito being in the match. It was fast paced and fun. To be fair I don’t care what anyone thinks about smaller wrestlers but he looked good up against Xavier Woods, maybe he wouldn’t look good up against Big E but against Xavier it looked good. That just added completely to the great in ring chemistry these teams have.

Big E killed El Torito and Xavier Woods got the smuggest pin in the history of smug pins and there was dancing.

Dolph Ziggler / Lana / Rusev / Summer Rae

I wanted to see anything and everything before I wanted to see more of this story! This is terrible. Really terrible.

The horrible thing is I like Ziggler and I like Lana. I think Rusev is good and like Summer Rae. This story has been the worst thing I’ve seen in ages. It doesn’t make Lana look like a strong woman, it is the weirdest thing in the world to have Summer do when she could be in the Divas Revolution, its a waste of time for Dolph who could be facing the fucking world champion and its made Rusev look stupid.

It might have been good if breaks from both Rusev and Ziggler disappeared for injuries and so on and so forth but its been so elongated and boring and I just can’t be bothered.

This whole bit just kind of sucked. It was so childish. That is probably it. It is like children. Rusev throwing his toys out of his pram as his girlfriend left him for the pretty boy and then the bitchy girl joining Rusev to help him get one up on his ex and all four act and look like children. I don’t want to see people kissing in the middle of the ring to “make a point” adults just wouldn’t act like that. It isn’t even like joy of being together its purely so that they can piss Rusev off. Its so childish and all four deserve a better story.

Bo Dallas vs Neville
Neville wins by pin fall

Well we haven’t seen Bo Dallas for a while which is always a shame because he’s great. We don’t get to hear any inspirational words from Bo but its bound to be a good match.

And it was a good match but a shame that it was obvious that it was a match to build up Neville’s steam for SummerSlam in his big match (that he’s obviously going to win) with Stephen Amell. Bo has been nowhere forever now and its a shame.

After the match and we get to hear from Stardust and King Barrett who just talk about punching people in the normal Stardust/Barrett way. They make a great team though so if they have nothing better to do I’d quite like to see them teaming up for longer then just for SummerSlam. They are actually really great. The Cosmic King stuff is pretty funny.

Brie Bella vs Sasha Banks vs Becky Lynch
Brie Bella wins by pin fall

Before the match we get to hear from Nikki who went on about how she’s the most dominant Diva and the most powerful woman in Sports Entertainment (probably still upsetting Stephanie.) To be honest we have heard a lot from Team B.A.D and PCB but not really Bella which sucks. The Bella’s finally got interupted by Team B.A.D who seemed not to have heard a second of the actual speech. By the time Becky came out I’d had enough of listening to them because half the bitching and moaning was so forced and pointless.

The match was brilliant though and the best thing about it was that for a change it didn’t feel like it was just showing off Becky and Sasha at the expense of Brie. Brie started off with all the momentum and she looked amazing. Her kicks look like they’d kick a hole in someone. If this is anything like what we’ll get at SummerSlam then we’re in for a great match.

I really like Becky’s style in the ring too and Sasha is just dominant. It was a needed win for Team Bella though I can’t remember when I last saw Alicia wrestling.

Ambriegns / Randy Orton / Cesaro

I love these four together. Ambrose talking about how he’s going to torture people right to Cesaro just wanting to beat Kevin Owens and get a “Lose Owens Lose” shirt. It made me laugh.

Replay of RAW

We get to once more see flashes of the Taker/Lesnar stuff from RAW including hearing Glory Glory Brock Lesnar being sang once more by Paul Heyman.

Randy Orton & Cesaro & Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns vs The Wyatt Family & Kevin Owens & Sheamus
Randy Orton & Cesar & Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns win by pin fall

Now this is a main event.

Of course a lot of the match was purely there as a exercise to show off some of the biggest guns WWE have right now but it was a fun match with a few random pairings and a good look at what the companies future holds for us. I think most of the men in this match are going to be with the company for a long time and will shape the company and I think that is a brilliant thing for us fans.

Cesaro shone as did Owens and it made me excited for their match at SummerSlam. Wyatt I’m still hot and cold on but Harper should never have been pinned, he’s been pinned too much recently and it needs to stop because he’s too good. Orton and Sheamus you know what you are getting its nothing new but not something to be sniffed at.

A great main event going into SummerSlam.

My Thoughts :

I’m actually surprised by how much wrestling content we had and how little build up to SummerSlam there was. That isn’t a negative that was completely a positive in its favor. I liked that it made SmackDown so easy to watch as it felt like it easily went from one match to the other.

It got me hyped for a few matches, the ones I’m not looking forward too were only hinted at so I was able to enjoy looking at what I can expect from some of the better match ups.

I’m not going to bore you with my thoughts this week as its a wrestling heavy weekend so this is it. Great SmackDown.. One of the best of the year if you ask me if a little muted for being the last final push to SummerSlam.

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