One Piece : Rebecca

Chapter 797

If we thought that Luffy was going to fight Fujitora then we’ve got it all wrong….

Luffy has gone to do what Luffy does best and that is going and saving people from their complicated thoughts.

You see why I love Luffy is that he is simple. Not in the “he’s a simpleton” way but in the simplistic way. He is still young but I think at heart he always will be. He feels complicated emotions, he’s shown it many times, but when it comes to matters of the heart the only complication he feels is how to act.

For Luffy life is simple.

Do what makes you happy.

Its hurt him in the past but he’d have it no other way. He wants his friends to be happy and he doesn’t get lost in the complications of politics and so on.

Rebecca and Kyros need to be together so what is more simple then “kidnapping” Rebecca and taking her to her father so they can be happy?

Luffy doesn’t care about the royal bloodline or Rebecca’s “place” in the world because that is too much. Luffy had one question, a simple question, “Are you OK with that?” and her answer, her very simple answer was “No!! Of course not!!!”

So its simple. Luffy takes Rebecca to be with her father ignoring politics and the fact that everyone thinks he’s kidnapped her and pirates are once again being viewed as the bad guys. Because matters of the heart are simple for Luffy. Simple as in FOLLOW what your heart wants.

Again I’m not saying that Luffy would be happy to give that advice and see someone get hurt but he isn’t a simpleton. He knows the pain following your dreams can lead to (everything from Zoro’s defeat at the hands of Mihawk to the demise of White Beard and Ace) but he also knows that you won’t be happy unless you try.



And I love Luffy for it because it means 90% of the time his actions make 100% sense.

I didn’t want Rebecca to join the crew so I’m happy she’s with her father, I’m kind of sad we never got to see a proper story for her but at least now she could show up in the years to come with a new side to her. We’ll have to wait and see. Rebecca is the most disappointing character I’ve ever seen in One Piece, there was so much that could have been done with her and so much that just wasn’t.

The chapter was charming because it reminded us all what Luffy really is all about.

Yeah he’ll save the country and everyone who needs saving but at the heart of it the people that touch his heart are the ones he wants to help more then ever. Rebecca was there for him, gave him lunch and was her friend and to be honest it would have in the future haunted me thinking he didn’t do something in exchange.

Right now though Luffy has to get to the boat in time because Fujitora is on his way and he doesn’t look happy.

I like that the Marines are being out manovered though, that is all a lot of fun. I still kind of want Bartolomeo to join them but I don’t think we’ll be getting a new crew member. I can still hope that Jinbe will show up soon and join though!

What is most important is finding out what the hell is going on with Sanji and the others!

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