NXT Take Over Brooklyn 2015 Predictions

So my first predictions blog.

Unlike Pete I won’t be checking on my progress as the night goes on, I think just making the predictions is enough. They will be completely biased with little reason if I don’t want to give a reason so there….

Or in other words I’ll never vote against the VaudeVillains or Tyler Breeze because I’m a biased fan girl and I’m allowed to be crazy when it comes to them.

Apollo Crews vs Tye Dillinger

I keep forgetting that this is a match if I’m honest. I have no interest in Apollo Crews as I have no idea who the dude is. As I’ve said before I haven’t been in the loop as it were in recent years with wrestling having a bad experience when I went to see TNA live in 2012 and spending a few years not too bothered whether I saw it or not. Whoever he is people are really excited about him.

Regardless this is a easy prediction.

This is the guys debut match he’s hardly going to lose though I’m surprised that he’s up against Dillinger who has just had his Perfect 10 stuff added to him.

I don’t think its going to be the best match but I know that it’ll be Crews that walks away with the win.

PREDICTION : Apollo Crews

Samoa Joe vs Baron Corbin

Do we need to talk about this one?

Of course like the above the result is 100% obvious from the beginning. Why bring in Joe, have a few failed attempts at story, have him “beat the shit” out of people (yeah right) and get hyped up every week just to put him against Corbin and lose?

You could say why do it to Corbin but Corbin’s loss was always on its way, it’ll be the next step in his evolution. If he doesn’t lose here, and after not losing to Rhyno, its hard to see where they will go with Corbin other then boring fans to sleep for a few more weeks.

Joe hasn’t been amazing since he started with NXT and I’ve found myself a bit disappointed but I feel he could surprise me with this match. I do think it’ll be Joe’s win though but that seems too easy and too boring.

Not that the thought of Boring Corbin winning fills me with joy.

I think I’ll pass on this one.


Jushin “Thunder” Liger vs Tyler Breeze

This one I am having problems predicting.

On the one hand you are bringing in Jushin Liger THE Jushin Liger. The Legend himself. Everyone probably wants to see him win and it seems a foregone conclusion.


The other hand you have Tyler Breeze. Possibly one of the best performers and characters in NXT. The guy hasn’t had MUCH to do recently and you’d feel with Zayn out with injury, Hideo out with injury and Owens on the main roster it’ll be his time to shine just as soon as the rematch is over and done with. So why start that off by having him lose?

It depends on where they are going with Breeze I guess.

The match is going to be good, I don’t doubt that, and it’ll be a great opportunity for Breeze to shine brighter then he already does. If they want to use his loss as a way to springboard him in one direction then I can see it working with the last few weeks behind him, if they want him to win and springboard him to the top then its the perfect opportunity.

Which do I think?

I’d like to think that Breeze will get the win after a good match. I’d like to think he’s on his way to feud with Balor and maybe pick up the championship. To be honest I want him on the main roster. I just love Tyler and I’m not going to put my prediction against him.

PREDICTION : Tyler Breeze

Blake & Murphy vs The VaudeVillains

The first of the championship matches and I’m honestly going to say I want the VaudeVillains to win.

Blake & Murphy are good in the ring but they have nothing going for them outside of it other then Alexa and Alexa isn’t enough to make them interesting. Don’t get me wrong I don’t doubt they COULD be interesting outside the ring but they haven’t been given that chance (at least since I’ve been watching.) The VaudeVillains on the other hand are just great and Simon Gotch’s popularity seems to be sky rocketting with all the #OhMyGotch chants and the crowd going crazy every time he so much as moves. They have more charisma in a eyelash then Blake & Murphy have been able to show for a long time.

I like Blake and Murphy but their whole feud with the VaudeVillains has all been about Alexa slapping Gotch and English around whilst they look gormless in the background. The VaudeVillains basically beat them a few weeks ago if it wasn’t for Alexa and the story has been how to “contain” her and they’ve found a way to do it, though we didn’t get to hear how because she slapped them…. Twice.


It has to be the greatest tag team to ever walk through those ropes and the VaudeVillains leave Brooklyn with gold. It HAS to be surely?!

This is the last time I’ll beg though PLEASE DO NOT GIVE THEM A VALET!!! PLEASE PLEASE KEEP THEIR DYNAMIC THE SAME!!! They don’t need anything else they are perfect together. I’d love for them to have borrowed Carmella or something to get Alexa out of the way (obviously them being Gentleman they would never touch Alexa themselves or enlist other men to do so so it HAS to be female intervention you’d guess) but whatever happens DO NOT give them a valet. DO NOT spoil them. They are so good as a duo just leave them be and give them the belts and let them run wild with them. PLEASE.

PREDICTION : The VaudeVillains (Predictable I’m sorry….)

Sasha Banks vs Bayley

I’m torn.

Again there are two ways they can play it.

I HOPE they give the belt to Bayley because it would be interesting for NXT to see that. Sasha can focus on her main roster duties and we can have some interesting growth for the newer Divas in NXT.

In reality it would be a bad move to take the belt from Sasha the night before SummerSlam where she and Team B.A.D are fighting for dominance. It doesn’t say much for her if she hasn’t got the belt (not in a bad way just it would be a step for Bayley but would once again be a step backwards for Team B.A.D in general.)

Honestly I’d like to think Bayley would win but I’m kind of thinking the belt will stick with Sasha at least until we’re a little further into the Divas Revolution on the main roster.

PREDICTION : Sasha Banks

Finn Balor vs Kevin Owens

There isn’t much point to take the belt off Finn so I think he’ll keep it.

Seriously that is about it.

Owens lost the belt when it was right in his story to lose the belt. When he was holding the belt he was great and even better he was able to go to the main roster and use it to make a great story. When he lost the belt it was the best time for him to lose the belt. It didn’t make him look weak, it didn’t detract from a story it just happened and it didn’t matter. He went on to be where he is now, which is being one of the main reasons I bother watching RAW and SmackDown religiously.

Finn hasn’t done anything since becoming champion.

Taking the belt away from him is a pointless endeavour and just won’t happen.

Owens doesn’t need the NXT title belt.

Balor can’t afford to lose it.


I feel like its all going to be pretty straight forward but I’m probably going to be completely wrong. To be honest its a hard one to really predict and I’m being completely biased with some of these answers.

It’ll be interesting to see where some of these guys go after Take Over. People like Breeze, Balor and Team BAMF haven’t really been doing much recently but they are too good to be on the sidelines or not doing anything. It’s the turning point really for a lot of the people on this list.

The best match of the night is going to be a toss up between Breeze/Liger and the Tag Team match.

Worst match of the night will be Corbin/Joe. I’d stake my bottle of cider on it.

I feel like it’ll be a great night though.

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