NXT 19/8/15 Review

To be honest I had a lot of drama yesterday so couldn’t watch it but completely forgot that it was NXT Wednesday night (to watch Thursday for me) and SmackDown Thursday night (to watch Friday for me.)

A mistake I don’t usually make but my dog was ill and I had to clean up dog puke all night….

Matches Quick Overlook :

Tyler Breeze vs ???
Winner : Tyler Breeze 

The HypeBros & Enzo & Big Cass vs Team ???
Winners : The HypeBros & Enzo & Big Cass

Blake & Murphy vs Dawkins & Fulton
Winners : Blake & Murphy

Contract Signing

So the Women’s championship contract signing is up first. I’m not even going to deny that the longer William Regal’s hair gets the more I have a crush on him. Love the amount of respect the women get in NXT to have their title contract signing just like the guys, not that it makes it any more interesting.

I have a very soft spot in my heart for Bayley and happy that she got the chance to tell everyone how much this meant for her. She’s about the only real face WWE have as a whole in the Divas division and she’s just so lovely. Plus having “Bayley’s gonna hug you” chants is awesome.

Sahsa. Well Sasha is Sasha and she’s really the Boss and I love her.

I really do think this was a brilliant story for Bayley especially because the weight of the women’s division is going to be on her shoulders with the majority of the other big name Divas now main roster. It was quick but didn’t hide any of the point to it, she needed to prove herself and she has in two giant matches. As hard as Sasha’s words seem if you listen to them to be fair they were needed and Bayley can now leap to another gear and take that title if not at Take Over then soon.

Loved Bayley’s attack after the fact. Good on her.

Tyler Breeze vs ???
Tyler Breeze wins by pin fall

I get that this was all about getting some heat in his match against Liger but there wasn’t really that much point to having a match when from a silly roll up when Breeze was talking to a mask we get two super kicks (a Supermodel Kick at that) and then the three count.

After the Corbin-esque match Breeze put a Liger mask on whoever it was that he was wrestling (heck the commentators didn’t even bother saying his name) and gave him a cheeky Beauty Shot and pinned him once more (he also didn’t let the unknown keep his mask, he took it and walked out staring at it.)

Meh I loved seeing Breeze at least! He’s pretty much my favourite singles guy in NXT other then Rhyno.

The Hypebros & Enzo & Big Cass vs Team ???
The Hypebros & Enzo & Big Cass by pin fall

Well I wasn’t really hoping for much seeing the other four guys didn’t get any kind of name at all. So they are team ??? though was one of them Jesse Sorenson? Or however you spell it?

It basically was just an excuse to get all four of these guys in a ring and have them beat the shit out of some unknowns. Sorensen(?) was about the only guy on the other team that had any kind of personality in the ring and I think that’s because I already knew who he was. It was a load of high spots and the two named teams just beating the shit out of people. A pointless match though I had been missing Enzo and Big Cass. I kind of love them for some reason….

They have another 8 man tag team match the week after Take Over apparently against Wilder and Dash (in pretty pinky red tops) and Gable and Jordan (in pretty matching ring gear.)

OK I love these four they are probably my favourite teams behind the GREATEST tag team of ALL TIME (of course, they haven’t been on yet but I need to say it……) THE VAUDEVILLAINS!!!

Wooo Vaudevillains….

Samoa Joe vs Steve Cutler
Samoa Joe wins by submission

I’m not buying into the hype that is Samoa Joe. Not at all.

At least this match was a proper squash match. Another Corbin-esque done in 15 seconds thing. The crowd were dead and I feel like that is something that could go on for a while if he doesn’t start to do something. As I said before I have been a fan of Joe’s for so SOOO long but right now I just don’t know.

After the match obviously Boring Corbin shows up to do more work then he has in the last few weeks of matches!

I can’t be bothered to get any kind of emotion going for this match. Sorry but I just can’t and I don’t want to either. Thing is I can’t be bothered to see Joe “bring down Corbin” but I also don’t want Corbin to win because he’s boring. I’m over it all.

Team BAMF vs Dawkins & Fulton 
Team BAMF win by pin fall

I do like some Team BAMF. Mainly because they are the oddest team going and it isn’t even like they have a personality, story or real “thing” going for them. They are basically two ugly people standing behind Alexa Bliss who has more personality then should be physically possible and makes the team exciting.

The match was really good compared to everything else tonight which was surprising seeing out of all the matches Blake and Murphy were the only champions fighting yet they really had a good match that didn’t just see them squash a team. Fulton and Dawkins were pretty good and look ready to get pushed a little more they just need a bit of personality sprinkled on them.

After the match and Simon and Aiden come down to announce what they have in store for Alexa Bliss. Unfortunately all they get is TWO slaps from her. I loved the line “Madam you would be wise not to exploit your female privilege and stay down there” it really put me in mind of two geeks trying to talk a bully out of bullying them. As I’ve said 100 times before (and will 100 times before tomorrow night) I don’t want the VaudeVillains to get a valet, I’d like them to borrow Carmella (after all her and Alexa have heat) or some other Diva or even not bother with a Diva and just find another way to stop Alexa getting in the way. I have this horrid feeling they’ll get a manager type and I don’t want it to happen because I just think they are great together as a duo and their chemistry and charisma is something to behold. Honestly when they come on stage I am captivated by them and honestly right from the start I was in love with Simon Gotch he’s just going to be one of the biggest things ever one day when WWE realise just what a monster of a personality he has. The Old Time Gentleman thing works so well I don’t care what anyone says and there is so much you could do with his character without ever really needing to change much and people just care about both of them.

Seriously. The VaudeVillains are awesome and I’d love to hear how anyone couldn’t love them. I find them captivating. They’ll make great tag team champions.

Kevin Owens

Well we couldn’t have a NXT right before Take Over without Owens coming down and telling us what is what right?

Why is it that Owens always talks the truth? Yet everyone thinks he’s a terrible person?

OK people think he’s a terrible person because he wants to kill any wrestler his son supports but that isn’t the point.

I have to admit that I was a little bit busy writing the above about the VaudeVillains to pay much attention to Kevin Owens but he is talking his usual smack which is always entertaining. I’ve said it, Pete has said it, we’ll all say it. Owens is one of the only wrestlers in WWE right now that can talk for hours and hours on end and I’d sit there and listen. Of course Simon Gotch and Aiden English are two others so I was kind of busy reviving my broken heart after they got slapped TWICE but there you go.

What I did hear from Owens was brilliant and I loved his slow climb up the ladder followed by the arena going dark and Finn suddenly showing up sat on a turn buckle and Owens looking like he shat his pants. It was a strange moment and then Owens and Balor went at it. The thing is it still feels like Owens is the champion not Balor. Like how I feel that Team BAMF have no personality or real drive right now I feel the same about Balor’s title reign so far which seems to have been there just because Owens was needed in his feud with Cena and on the main roster and Balor has been a second thought. He’s done nothing other then had a match (maybe two if I can’t remember one) against Marcus Louis that lasted moments.

My Thoughts :

Well…… Next time we’ll be talking will be tomorrow evening/morning for NXT Take Over.

For the NXT before Take Over it didn’t really fill me with feels and hype.

I was overly excited anyway about the tag teams because they are my favourite division (love me some tag team wrestling) and in my opinion have by far the best personalities in NXT (Enzo, both VaudeVillains, Gable…) but that is about all I’m hyped for. OK maybe the contract signing got me a little hyped for Bayley vs Sasha but I would have been hyped when the match showed up again purely because I love both participants.

I’m not really that pumped up for Balor/Owens and neither was I for their match at Beast in the East. I don’t think I was overly in love with the match either. The whole “feud” has just been one of being there. They have had little interaction, no real build up either time and no real chemistry. Balor has been nowhere at all in the lead up to NXT with a boring match last week and a moment that probably was meant to scream OMG (by the commentators reaction I’m guessing it was meant to) but ended up being Really?

The episode was full of nameless guys being beaten up for the sake of being beaten up by some of the big name stars of NXT. I knew one of their names because I used to watch him in TNA and saw his name on his shorts and the other I knew because he got beaten up by Corbin last week and the commentators managed to say his name in the space of 10 seconds before he got beaten to a pulp.



I mean it was cute and all but I wish they’d done something and managed to SAY what they were going to say. I wouldn’t give up anything to hear Simon Gotch being a gentleman and Aiden English being like a little boy trying to reason with Alexa whilst all the time knowing what was coming. I’m starting to find the Alexa Bliss slapping them thing a bit over the top though, it was good as a OMG what are they going to do next type thing after they were chivalrous (to the end) and were trying to help her out the ring and it worked the second time when it kind of was like OMG SHE DID IT AGAIN BURN HER WITH FIRE (OK the last bit was probably me. Why does she get to touch Simon Gotch’s face every week? This is so unfair. I WANT TO TOUCH HIM!!!!) but now its like…. Get over it. We know you’re gentlemen but you are also men in 2015 and a tiny (because Alexa is tiny compared to them) woman isn’t going to stop you from talking. It didn’t really work this week and made them coming to ringside pointless.

When you have guys like English and Gotch you don’t just leave them slapped and don’t let them talk. They are way too good to be left like that. Whatever they were going to say was probably going to be the second best thing of the night behind Bayley and Sasha.

Take Over should be good though.

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