RAW 8/17/15 Review

The last RAW before SummerSlam and there are stories to ramp up and contracts to sign.

Matches Quick Overlook :

Randy Orton & Cesaro vs Kevin Owens & Sheamus
Winners : Randy Orton & Cesaro

Roman Reigns vs Luke Harper
Winner : Roman Reigns

Tamina Snuka vs Becky Lynch
Winner : Becky Lynch

Rusev vs Mark Henry
Winner : Rusev

Ryback vs The Miz
Winner : Ryback

Prime Time Players & Lucha Dragons vs New Day & Los Matadores
Winners : Prime Time Players & Lucha Dragons

Sasha Banks vs Nikki Bella
Winner : Sasha BanksΒ 

The Authority

So The Authority come down to the ring to plug the Network and SummerSlam. Its like some terrible commercial instead of a promo of any kind. We really didn’t need them to come to the ring to tell us that SummerSlam is going to be SO epic that its four hours long. We’ve known that now for a few weeks.

Randy Orton & Cesaro vs Kevin Owens & Sheamus
Randy Orton & Cesaro win by pin fall

The match started off slowly, there were many tags to get started with Orton and Sheamus.

These guys are probably some of the best in the company right now and its brilliant to see them in the ring together. I really think they’ve hit on gold with Owens who has the mouth and demeanour that you just want to hate but at the same time support him because you love that you get to hate him. He’s brilliant on the mic and is even better in the ring. Cesaro has come leaps and bounds and really is ready to be pushed, if Vince still thinks that Cesaro isn’t hitting it with the crowd then he’s blind because the Cesaro section includes the whole arena and nearly 90% of fans homes if social media/forums are anything to go by.

Gonna become very unpopular here, especially when it comes to Anna, and say that I honestly think Cesaro could cut at least 80% of his uppercuts per match. Probably even 90%. Half the time all he’s doing is uppercutting people now. I was a bit surprised when he hit Sheamus with one when Sheamus come off the top rope we didn’t get a “Uppercut out of nowhere” kind of thing.

A great match though and brilliant to see all the Cesaro Section signs and the win for Orton and Cesaro. Brilliant match to start off with.

The Undertaker

When they said that the Undertaker was going to be speaking I didn’t realize it was going to be a backstage thing with a lot of purple smoke and Taker going on about the Reaper. Very poetic but I was hoping for him in the ring and for everything to be destroyed and lightening and Kane coming back as the Monster Kane.

Meh never mind it was still the coolest thing in weeks. Takers character is something that just never gets old, he’s changed it so much over the years and yet he still manages to go back to vintage Taker (to a point) and kill it. Coolest wrestler ever.

The Authority

Well we might never have got his recap of his week but we learn that Seth Rollins will get a statue if he wins at SummerSlam. I kind of want him to win because I don’t want Cena as champ and I think he deserves to win but now also because I wanna see this statue.

Roman Reigns vs Luke Harper
Roman Reigns wins by pin fall

I am not going to complain to see Harper wrestling again. I kind of want to see Rowan back soon to join the Wyatt family now a full family welcome would be cool.

Dean joins the commentary just to babble on about a prelude to war. It was kind of pointless and then he moved during the break to sit next to Saxton instead of JBL. I don’t know why I’m even bothering to bother you with these things.

The match was better then the one on SmackDown but I kind of got bored of listening to the commentary which made me miss a few different moments in the match but all I really want to say is how is Harper stuck in a Shield 2.0 vs Wyatt Family 2.0 feud and not kicking Seth Rollins ass for the World Championship? He’s fucking seriously scary when he does everything. His kick to Romans face looked like it had taken Reigns head off, some of the moves he was doing I would never think he’d do.

The reason the commentary got on my nerves was purely because Ambrose kept shouting that Wyatt was at ring side to do nothing. Well why does Ambrose come to ringside other then to watch the match? I just didn’t get why he had to be shouting about it. And when he said that Reigns was scary I laughed because that was ridiculous. NEARLY as ridiculous as the Superman punch is.

Harper dominated the match but when Reigns got a bit of momentum he looked great.

I just don’t understand how Harper isn’t right at the top of the tree right now because he looks the part of a wrong ‘un and his way in the ring just looks like he’s going to kill someone.

Tamina Snuka vs Becky Lynch
Becky wins by submission

Well I didn’t think that Tamina would win, its obvious that Team PCB are the team that are going to work seeing that Paige is always being pushed, Charlotte is the Superstar of the future and Becky is there.

Tamina looked brilliant though, I’m a big fan of Tamina. I think she looks great and could really dominate as a champion if given the chance. Hell she could kick the ass of half the men and look at home.

I’m fed up of hearing about the Revolution in certain ways, mainly because obviously each commentator have their own “team” that they seem to be behind and instead of just focusing on how great this revolution is they try to push for their team and its really pointless. The GIRLS need to be talking about the actual revolution and they don’t do it half as much as they should be (not their fault obviously they haven’t been given enough time to talk about it.)

The match was really great but I kind of think if any Diva SHOULD have used power to get out of a submission it would be Tamina.

Rusev vs Mark Henry
Rusev wins by submission

You see the thing is I heard after Ziggler disappeared that he’ll be back on the last RAW before SummerSlam so it didn’t surprise me at all that he came back after the match. The reason I’m saying this is because it once more made it feel so strained and pointless having Lana at ring side. This whole story is stupid, the only way to make this story less stupid would be to have had Lana vs Summer Rae at SummerSlam. That isn’t happening so the whole story is just one ridiculous and pointless things in a long time.

The match itself was the same as most of Rusev’s matches since he returned. We just honestly didn’t need to see it.

Actually I take that back. The match was pretty terrible and the “highlight” of terribleness was the failed attempt at the Accolade followed by seconds later the Accolade being put on Henry. It was just a pointless match to carry on the set up and story telling of a pointless story. Its made Rusev seem weak, it was a waste of Mark Henry, It was a pointless exercise for both Lana and Summer Rae who deserved much better and still deserve much better and as I said most people knew that Ziggler was back so it was a boring return to Ziggler rejoining him to a terrible bloody story.

I mean OK you can say all stories could be avoided if the people involved just ignored each other but if Lana really didn’t care for Rusev or his relationship with Summer then she could just ignore them. Its no longer Rusev getting into Lana’s face but the other way around so it makes it even worse.

I hate this whole thing and I don’t get how anyone could enjoy it or think its a good thing for either Summer Rae or Lana. ESPECIALLY Lana who could be doing about 100 other things.

Lana / Dolph Ziggler

Pointlessness? How about Rusev vs Dolph at SummerSlam? Hopefully that will end the stupidness of this story. Hopefully.

Taker vs Lesnar

Anna talked about this video package in her RAW review from last week so I don’t really think I need to say anything else about it. It really helps hype up the match though but they could have left it till this week instead of showing it last week.

Ryback vs The Miz
Ryback wins by pin fall

Its really nice to see Ryback back with his title. I would have hated to have had to see another Champ drop the belt so soon after Daniel Bryan did. Also great to see Show at ring side. He might be boring from time to time but I really think he’s been great against these two.

The match wasn’t the best and it was actually quite short which surprised me as most of the matches have been quite long tonight.

It did a good job of what it needed to do which was to hype up the Intercontinental match at SummerSlam which surprisingly is one of the matches I’m looking forward to.

Contract Signing

I hate contract signings.

This gave Seth the chance to babble on inanely for ages and I completely gave up listening to him. When John Cena came down I just completely turned off.

Prime Time Players & Lucha Dragons vs New Day & Los Matadores
Prime Time Players & Lucha Dragons win by pin fall

Well. Its interesting. And Los Matadores are even wearing lovely purple outfits that look like they match New Day, even Xavier pointed this out whilst I was typing this.

The match didn’t last long before El Torito and Xavier Woods were fighting amongst themselves and then unfortunately there was a really messy roll up and PTP and Lucha Dragons win. It was a shame because all these teams usually have great matches against each other but it felt like a match for the sake of a match. It lasted stupidly short and could have been much longer if they killed off the stupid Rusev/Ziggler thing earlier or half the speech of Cena and Rollins.

Superheroes vs Super VillainsΒ 

Who can’t love this story? I think its a great story for all three Superstars involved and love the addition of Amell. I must have missed the threatening of Neville because I don’t think I’ve seen that was it on SmackDown and I just missed it?

As for Stardust and Barrett I think its the best thing that has happened for them in recent times. Love the new Cosmic King cape thing, kind of hope that they stick together for at least another month after this even if we obviously will lose Amell?

Barrett is one of the top guys on the mic and he’s just got it all going for him and its a shame he’s kind of stuck in this rut now especially if its because he’s “injury prone” he just really needs to be given the chance.

Nikki Bella vs Sasha Banks
Sasha Banks wins by submission

Well two more of my favorite Divas in the main event I can not complain.

The match was shorter then I thought it would be but it was a great match. The problem with these two are they both are meant to be playing the heel so it was brilliant seeing it work for Sasha but once more muddies the waters around Team Bella and seeing they are meant to be the big bad of the Divas Division it doesn’t really help. Which makes it even harder to listen to people like Paige and Cole and all that go on and on about how evil Team Bella is when actually they are all pretty much the same.

Regardless the match was great and it was a shame they didn’t end the night on it because what came next was just pointless and boring though at least, unlike the Rusev stuff, it served a point. It wasn’t the best match of the night and I think the Tamina/Becky match was better but a great main event.

Brock Lesnar

I gave up listening to Paul Heyman after the first few moments, laughed when he sang and just got over hyped about the match at SummerSlam. Unlike Cena/Rollins I didn’t turn my ears off because it was boring but because he was just shouting so much at once that I was getting excited but didn’t understand what he was saying.

I thought it would’ve been better either without the Undertaker coming down and beating Lesnar up or else with them having a epic stare down but no Taker took out the Beast.

My Thoughts :

It was a good RAW leading up to SummerSlam.

The two Divas matches stole the show highlighting four of the most talented women in the world today. It was nice to see them get so much action.

The chants for Lesnar (and oddly JBL) were why we don’t get nice things. I get that it was Lesnar’s home town and all that but they were getting Lesnar and after how hard all the Divas have had to work to get to main event RAW and have two matches of decent length on RAW the fans could have left their cheering for the next segment. It wasn’t even like in the end the match was overly long (like I feel the Reigns/Harper match was) so it wasn’t like they were really bored or anything they were just being rude.

I think we could have cut out the tag team match because it felt a bit like a after thought, like they only just realized there needed to be a tag team match leading up to SummerSlam and forced it in. It was pointless because it was so short and had such a sloppy ending which didn’t help any team going into the PPV.

I HATE the Rusev/Ziggler/Summer Rae/Lana shit so I think it was a complete waste of time. The whole story has been marred by injuries or people disappearing and just needs to end. Hopefully at SummerSlam this will be the last straw and it will just disappear like it should have done ages ago.

What I do love though is the acting skills of Stardust and Barrett who were brilliant and great as the Super Villains against Amell and Neville.

A better RAW then last week but not one of the most entertaining nearer the end there. Good first hour or so and then it started to drag. I’d say that we needed RAW to be cut down in time but when they utilize the time properly then we get some great shows they just need to get someone who can do it on a regular basis and not once a month.

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