NXT 12/8/15 Review

I will be fully up to date with wrestling after this… Well until we get to tonight but let us not talk about that.

Matches Quick Overlook :

Solomon Crowe vs Tye Dillinger
Winner : Tye Dillinger

Baron Corbin vs Axel Fischer
Winner : Baron Corbin

Marcus Louis vs Finn Balor
Winner : Finn Balor

Bayley vs Becky Lynch
Winner : Bayley 

William Regal

We start with Regal confirming that Owens/Balor at NXT Take Over will be a ladder match. Good times, good times.

Solomon Crowe vs Tye Dillinger
Tye Dillinger wins by pin fall

Why has it felt like a lifetime since we’ve seen either Dillinger or Crowe? I really like both of these so I’ve really missed them.

The match was not the best match, it was quite slow in places and I feel it went the wrong way. I know that its the first time Dillinger’s perfect 10 gimmick whatever it is was used in NXT and I liked the right knee to the face finisher move that he did to win but at the same time it wasn’t that long ago that Crowe was coming back and going on about climbing back up and it just seemed odd for the next time we really see him and he’s losing to Dillinger.

Either way it was nice to see them both back in action but I don’t really get the perfect 10 shit.

The HypeBros

I don’t get what they are going on about but yeah. I do find them funny together just whatever the hell Mojo has on his face just don’t.

Baron Corbin vs Axel Fischer
Baron Corbin wins by pin fall

The boring chant says it all. Boring. Boring Corbin Bores again.

He got all gobby after the match which made him 1% more interesting before some dude called Steve Cutler come down to be “end of day”‘d out of the ring.

Oh look then Samoa Joe comes down. So Boring Corbin and Yawning Joe bore me to sleep when talking then bore me whilst “fighting” and then I guess we only got Thank You Joe chants because at last the boringness had disappeared.


It was only a quick little look at his working out and not a funny thing either. Good on him for going through all this that is all I have to say.

Tyler Breeze

We get a special message from Prince Pretty which was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. I love Tyler Breeze, he’s just the perfect character.

Marcus Louis vs Finn Balor
Finn Balor wins by pin fall

It wasn’t the most interesting of matches in fact I found myself scrolling through Twitter instead of watching. You kind of already knew that he wasn’t going to lose to someone like Marcus Louis not even in a shocker and to be honest right now Louis is kind of nowhere so it wasn’t even like they told much of a story.

Its nice to see Finn fighting again but I don’t feel they’ve done much with him since his championship win.

After the match, and never missing a chance, Owens attacks Balor.

The VaudeVillains / Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss is dinky or Simon Gotch is much bigger then I thought he was. I could watch Simon Gotch speak all day, I could look at Simon Gotch all day. Did I mention I have a VaudeVillain’s T-Shirt now? I just want to hug him and never let go of him. And Aiden English is adorable. But then again have you SEEN Simon Gotch smile? How anyone could ever be upset after seeing him grinning I don’t know because he’s just the greatest and his eyes sparkle so much and he gets slapped once more and then Aiden gets slapped for sticking up for Simon. Why can’t I just hug them. I want to just sit in the same room as Simon Gotch for the rest of my life.

I’m such a failure.

Bayley vs Becky Lynch
Bayley wins by pin fall

So we have the number one contenders match and I kind of just wanted Bayley to win and get it over with because I just want to be so happy for Bayley.

Sasha was at ring side for commentary which was a nice touch.

Becky is the coolest looking Diva in the whole of WWE. I really love her hair. The match was mainly Becky beating the shit out of Bayley and there were some really weird looking submission moves that apparently were meant to be really cool and inventive but just made me wonder why Bayley didn’t just bend her elbow or life her arm upwards.

The match wasn’t bad but it felt a bit slow and I got fed up of people going on and on about the damned hand injury. The ending could have been better but I’m just so happy to see Bayley win.

My Thoughts : 

There has been something missing from NXT recently. I don’t know what it is, some little bit of charismatic story line. The VaudeVillains/Team BAMF had the makings of it and the VaudeVillains are doing a good job of working with what they have with Alexa but it just hasn’t been there.

There are too many Established Star vs Unknown matches that last a few minutes with no real consequence. There never seems to be much of a carry on and sometimes some of the fan favourites show up once in four to five weeks. I know the way they tape it means that probably that happens more then I noticed but I’m kind of new to NXT and everyone always said that the wrestling was better, the stories were better and the show was better but to be fair it looks like a developmental territory right now and that might be because the bigger names have either graduated to the main roster or are doing other things but all its really done is make the shows feel the same each week.

The Baron Corbin yawn fest EVERY week needs to stop. Hopefully it will now but I really hope that Corbin beats Samoa Joe at Take Over for personal reasons.

I feel like one big problem is Balor/Owens. Because Owens is on the main roster it feels like we’ve not really had a proper build up to their rematch, there hasn’t really been a story like there has been in the past. I kind of hope that Owens loses at Take Over and Balor goes onto build a new feud with someone.

I just feel like there needs to be more of a focus on some of the shows. At the moment I struggle to catch half the jobbers names, this week was slightly better but not by much. We’ll see though. I’m still mega hyped for Take Over.

I also MIGHT watch NXT live this coming Wednesday. Usually I work Thursday so don’t stay up, I’m working this Thursday too but the thing is that I tend to still be awake at 2am when it ends anyway and then I have to put my phone on Do Not Disturb as Simon Gotch endlessly tweets about it (I don’t mind I love reading it when I wake up but it always makes me kick myself that I’m wide awake at 2am and didn’t just get out of bed to watch it instead of lying in bed hoping I’ll fall asleep.) It most probably will be the only live blog that we do this week minus the PPVs which I’m at least staying awake for over the weekend (I’m not working Sunday or Monday and have the house to myself so I can watch both live.)

I’m not usually this late with NXT so sorry about that!

Plus yes I did post this earlier when I’d basically just written the intro, I’m sorry about that I didn’t do a Pete and press the wrong button I dropped the whole fucking laptop on the floor and it posted! My laptop is fine, my foot is not.

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