Dragon Ball Super : Where Does the Dream Continue!? Search for the Super Saiyan God!

“Yume no tsuzuki wa doko da!? Sūpā Saiya-jin goddo o sagase!” (夢の続きはどこだ!?超サイヤ人ゴッドを探せ!)

We continue with our Dragon Ball day and the continued search for the Super Saiyan God by Lord Beerus the God of Destruction.

So Goku isn’t allowed to know about Beerus just unfortunately for everyone Beerus has learnt of Goku and is making a b-line for him. I found it funny seeing the lengths that  King Kai will go to just to stop Goki from finding out about Beerus just to simultaneously see Beerus learn about the fate of Freeza and therefore also learning about Goku.

There is a lot of telling us just how scary Beerus is whilst he just goes on about dreams and being hungry, I mean he takes a bath in this episode and seems a bit scared at the thought that there was/is someone who could have defeated Freeza.

Either way he’s nearly at King Kai’s planet so we don’t have to wait very long to see what happens next.

Bulma has taken it upon herself to rent out a giant cruise liner for her birthday party. It all seems a little pointless to me because its just too much space for a birthday party.

Everyone is there though. Master Roshi is being a perv, Yamcha and Pu’ar bump into Krillin and Android 18 with their daughter Marron flying on their way to the party. Piccolo is there and horrified at the wedding picture that Gohan and Videl give him where he’s been captured with his eyes closed. Chi-Chi, Mr. Satan, Buu…. They are all there and ready for the party.

Well other then Goku (which is probably a good thing seeing Beerus is on his way to fight him) and Vegeta (who is training still to beat Goku.)

It looks like the story will split into two (it already really had) and we’ll see Goku vs Beerus and a party at the same time.

I did like the talking prophet fish that Beerus was threatening. That was kind of funny.

It also made me miss Cell for some reason.

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