Dragon Ball Super : To the Promised Vacation! Vegeta Goes on a Family Trip?!

“Yakusoku no rizōto e! Bejīta ga kazoku ryokō!?” (約束のリゾートへ!ベジータが家族旅行!?)

We are having a Dragon Ball day to catch up with my reviews with Dragon Ball Super.

Whilst Goku goes to train with Kaio we get the ever happy Vegeta going on holiday with his family.

I have to say its a great way for new fans to meet Vegeta and it feels like nothing has changed. I’ve never really gotten the relationship between him and Bulma but at least in this episode its endearing in its own way. Vegeta just wants to train so he can be stronger then Goku but he’s taking his time at least to spend family time with Trunks and Bulma.

I like seeing Vegeta forced into pictures of normal everyday life looking as determined to hate it as always.

Bulma was right though the fact that he did it was enough to show his devotion to his family.

Away from the vacation, Goku and Vegeta both wanting to become strong and all the rest we have Beerus and Whis continuing their journey to find the super powerful opponent that Beerus the God of Destruction has dreamt about. To do so they go to a planet, eat a dinosaur then destroy said planet. Obviously they are going after Goku an it won’t be long probably until they find him.

I liked how the episode carried on what the first episode started with reintroducing characters and nicely explaining their personalities to new audiences whilst making fun stories for old fans to enjoy whilst nicely introducing the next threat to the universe that obviously Goku is going to have to deal with.

In many ways Dragon Ball Super has made it feel like Dragon Ball has never been gone.

Mainly though I’m just kind of happy to see Vegeta again. He was always my favourite character and all the series has managed to do for me is make me want to go back and watch the old stuff over again which is something I might end up doing.

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