Dragon Ball Super : Decisive Battle on Kaio’s Planet! Goku vs. God of Destruction Beerus

“Kaiō-sei no Kessen! Gokū VS Hakaishin Birusu” (界王星の決戦!悟空VS破壊神ビルス)

I feel like this episode will answer a lot of questions that we might have had about Beerus. I can’t wait to see how Goku gets on.

The truth is not very well.

I mean it would be boring if he was beating him right off the bat but he really didn’t have a good time of it.

Beerus doesn’t seem half as troublesome as he seemed before this episode. He seems to only destroy planets that annoy him which is fair enough, if you need to have Gods that build and Gods that destroy at least its a half decent answer to say they destroy because a planet was annoying.

All he’s interested in is the same as Goku and Vegeta, to find the strongest opponents and beat them.

His strongest opponent is the Super Saiyan God.

That ain’t going to be Goku anytime soon as Goku is beaten within two blows in his Saiyan Third Form.

To be fair on Goku I think he managed to impress Beerus a little bit. The increase in strength each time seemed to hold interest to Beerus but it wasn’t ever going to be a fight. Goku wanted to see how strong Beerus is and Beerus wanted to see the power that Goku had. In the end both left happy.

Of course Beerus is now heading towards Earth and a ship full of some of the most annoying characters in the world. Not annoying to the audience but in their actions. Can you imagine him coming face to face with Majin Buu? Or Trunks and Goten?

Vegeta has been warned and the preview for the next episode makes it look like Vegeta is going to have a whale of a time. I wonder if Vegeta knows anything about this Super Saiyan God? Or whether its just a load of crap. Vegeta doesn’t look interested in fighting Beerus just keeping him happy enough so that he doesn’t blow up Earth.

Speaking of Vegeta once more his hard man shell is cracked as he shows up to Bulma’s birthday even if he’s going to be anti-social whilst he’s there. I said it before I don’t get where the relationship bloomed from or how the hell they’d ever conceive a baby (I mean imagine them two not making each other want to die long enough to have sex?) but their relationship is one of my favourites and I love that behind everything you can see how much they actually do care for each other. Its sweet. And it is nice that unlike Goku who just made excuse after excuse Vegeta actually bothered to show up.

Then again it is Vegeta’s wife and I think unlike Goku he actually missed it on purpose.

Beerus is on his way to Vegeta, a defeated Goku is on his way to Earth.

Its getting good.

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