NXT 5/8/15 Review

I know I’m late but I’ve been working and trying to do other things when I get home so didn’t have the motivation to watch it. Plus I was going to watch it yesterday but my sister unexpectedly showed up for the weekend so I didn’t get a chance.

Better late then never!

Matches Quick Overlook :

Charlotte vs Bayley
Winner : Bayley 

Baron Corbin vs Steve Cutler
Winner : Baron Corbin

Tyler Breeze vs
Winner : Tyler Breeze

Dash & Wilder vs The Hypebros
Winners : The Hypebros

Samoa Joe vs Rhyno
Winner : Samoa Joe

Charlotte vs Bayley
Bayley wins by pin fall

Well at least they are starting off strongly for a change.

Bayley was really into the match, with Charlotte, Becky and Sasha on the main roster the Divas Division is going to fall on her shoulders and this really was a passing of the torch to Bayley.

It was a great match and Bayley is back with a bang which is what she needed. It is nice to see her really fire up. There were some great moments and the Bayley-to-Belly from the second rope was a fitting way to end the match. Seeing Bayley so happy makes me happy.

Kevin Owens

This guy is just the best thing going right now. Or one of them. I don’t know whether I prefer watching him talk or wrestle because he’s one of the top guys in both areas.

He isn’t happy. Kevin Owens isn’t ever a happy guy. At least his son hasn’t announced he is a Finn Balor fan because Finn might die. Owens wants a ladder match to make sure that Regal won’t screw him out of the title which is actual a real smart move, which Owens is full of because he’s a genius anyway, the interview with Cole was hilarious and just generally great. His walk out was wonderful.

Bull Dempsey

This time #BullFit is watching other people get fit.

I do love Bull and he’s putting his all into this whole #BullFit thing.

Baron Corbin vs Steve Cutler
Baron Corbin wins by pin fall


Bayley / William Regal

Bayley wants a title shot and she gets a number one contender match against Becky. Next week. I really hope that Bayley gets the number one spot, I’m starting to warm to Bayley.

Tyler Breeze vs ???
Tyler Breeze wins by pin fall

So happy to see Tyler wrestling again, missed him a little bit. I mean I’ve loved his backstage stuff with Regal but I just love watching him in the ring. Plus his blue/purple gear is so lovely.

I’ve missed him….

We didn’t get to see much, I missed the guy he was fightings name and can’t be bothered to check it out. The match didn’t last long and went completely in Tyler’s favour. Still nice to see him.

Tyler Breeze / William Regal

Regal comes down after the match to announce that Breeze will be fighting Jushin Liger. Can’t wait for that. We then got a Jushin Liger promo to get everyone excited.

Finn Balor

Finn is cool and collected. He looks a lot more uncomfortable sitting down to talk about Kevin Owens, he continually went on about Kevin Owens being a man of many words but it also felt like they forgot that the whole point of Owens is that he’s a man that KEEPS his word.

We’re getting a ladder match.

Dash & Wilder vs The Hypebros
The Hypebros win by pin fall

What is it that Mojo has on his face because I don’t even want to bother looking at him with it on his face. Zack Ryder is looking cute though.

The match was a good one for Dash and Wilder who really have come to be a great team. The problem is they didn’t bother to build on the momentum from last week and instead gave the win to the Hypebros who don’t need to win because everyone loves them anyway and they are never around.

After the match at least Dash and Wilder got some good heel moments and beat up the Hypebros. I really like Dash & Wilder.

The VaudeVillains / William Regal


Honestly I don’t have much to say or that I can say about it other then its obvious that the boys will need a female in their corner to keep Alexa at bay (Regal told them as much.) I’ve heard in a live show last night they tagged with Bayley which would be awesome if she kept Alexa out of the way but I kind of hope that at TakeOver they use Carmella with the promise that Enzo and Cass could get a match against them.

I’m against them getting a full time valet for many reasons. Number one is that I just don’t think they need it, number two being I just don’t see anyone being right for their duo and three because I just feel they are perfect as they are.

Having someone like Bayley or Carmella help on the night is enough.

I really feel like we might be getting the titles changing hands at TakeOver.


Some real training from Bull.

I know a lot of people think this is below Bull, and it is, but the amount of effort and character he’s putting into it you can’t help but love him and support it. I do hope that #BullFit ends with him getting a push to make up for making him look a bit of a fool. I’d like to see him be the guy to shut Corbin up.

Samoa Joe vs Rhyno
Samoa Joe wins by pin fall

“A 300 pound man that moves like a lightweight” well for anyone thinking that was exciting… ANYTHING he did… You missed out on great Joe back in the day because this is NOTHING to what Joe used to be.

Good job by Rhyno to try and make the match more then a Joe snorefest but unfortunately to no avail. There are tiny sparks of the Joe I know and love in there but most of the time I just sit there wishing the match would be over and sooner then later.

Meh no doubt soon enough someone will come and tell me I’m too mean to Joe but I’ve been a Joe fan for a long time and I just kind of feel let down by what we’re seeing in NXT and if he can’t have a great match or even semi-decent match against Rhyno then I just don’t want to see him here for much longer.

My Thoughts :

I don’t know. It was better then recent weeks but there wasn’t really a match that saved the night. Bayley vs Charlotte was great but not spectacular and the rest of it kind of sent me to sleep a little.

The backstage and talking bits were great. Loved Owens/Balor interviews (even though I think Finn needs a lot of work there) and really enjoyed Regal with the VaudeVillains (I mean Simon Gotch’s cute little smile had me melting I love them so much words will not tell you how much I love them.)

At the moment the episodes kind of just feels like they are all over the place. Its like a lot of different ideas being thrown around and every week having to expect something different. You aren’t see some of the bigger names regularly either. The VaudeVillains vs Team BAMF is about the only thing at the moment that is consistent and even that I’m saying that and its been two weeks.

They have built up a little steam with Chad Gable but we aren’t even seeing backstage pieces with him which is kind of needed.

I don’t know it just feels a bit flat.

THOUGH I also had the problem of having a six year old talking all over the episode and my sister (not quite six but just as bad as the six year old) asking 100 questions so maybe its just these people.

In fact that is pretty much the reason why its not as in depth as usual, not even the VaudeVillains segment. I just couldn’t concentrate or hear anything and just got slowly more annoyed.

I’m hyped for TakeOver which I will be hopefully watching live!

I’ll need to work on my Simon Gotch fan girling because I haven’t done enough in this episode.

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