One Piece : The Soldier’s Decision

Chapter 796

Fujitora has been told he must go out and bring capture Luffy and co. Fujitora has left their fates up to the gods. How long that will last who knows.

Well two days I believe.

As Tsuru and Sengoku show up on Dressrosa demanding to know why Fujitora hasn’t made a move the dice suddenly bounces along to 6 meaning the marines are on their way.

Luffy is awake…….

Well this is Luffy his version of awake is expressing five or six emotions and states all at once. Even though he didn’t seem to want to choose a emotion or action and stick to it he’s there and concious at least. Most of the time. Probably.

Luffy doesn’t seem at all interested in running away from the Marines though so we’ll have to see next week what he does in his current condition.

I liked this weeks chapter because it felt for the first time in ages that we’re starting to move on. Last week was great this week really hits the nail on the head of Dressrosa. Get past the Marines and we’re on our way again. Everyone who isn’t Luffy has made plans to leave and it looks like it’ll be clear sailing.

There is a question of who might leave with Luffy I guess. A lot of people are still talking about whether Rebecca or Bartolomeo will join the crew, Rebecca is getting all kitted out to look the part of someone going to inherit the Queenship and Bartolomeo fangirling away. There is also the question of what is going to happen to Bellamy who is escaping (hopefully) with them now that he’s not planning on dying at the hands of Marines.

Personally I like the dynamic of the crew and I’m not sure anyone needs to join though I’d quite like a semi-happy ending for Bellamy this time out.

I didn’t get all the stuff about Kyros and Rebecca. I’m not sure why the whole world can’t know that Rebecca is his daughter, the whole logic behind it seems really weird.

In fact a lot of stuff revolving around Rebecca either confuses me or annoys me. I just don’t get the point of her character, it was like they wanted to make someone everyone would feel sorry for without putting much effort into it. Rebecca as a character had so much potential but in the end she’s just always been surrounded by “poor little girl” drama.

She honestly had no real effect during the whole of the fight against Doffy and his family and never had that one moment to stand out like everyone else. She was always portrayed as a burden. That isn’t really fair on a character that had a equally tragic back story as anyone else that tends to get their “redemption” story when we meet them. I just feel like she was a character never destined to be cared about.

Which sucked because people DO care about her and the reason people get so annoyed at how she’s drawn, how she acts and how others treat her is because she deserved so much better. She deserved to be a character we care for.

Kyros’s daddy issues are sweet, I’m not one of the people who thinks he’s a sexist pig for wanting a different life for his little girl. ANY parent would prefer their child wasn’t sent to the gladiator stadium and forced to fight. At some point though Rebecca needed to grow up and Kyros had to let her and she hasn’t. She’s gone from a gladiator to a Queen in waiting and hardly a second thought gets spent on her.

She COULD have taken out Diamante, she COULD have saved Viola.

She DID nothing. She WAS a burden and it WASN’T, ISN’T and NEVER WILL BE fair on her as a character.

At the same time if that’s how badly she’s going to be represented in this story I don’t WANT her to be on the crew. THIS WAS HER HOME and she failed to do anything to save it. That wasn’t fair on her but I don’t want someone “finding” themselves the way Rebecca needs to find herself.

I just kind of wished that she did something because she had so much potential.

Grumpiness gone.

I can’t wait to see Luffy vs Fujitora though I think Fujitora will do his best not to fight Luffy too much seeing that he knows what really happened and he has him to thank. It’ll be nice to get off of Dressrosa, I’m happy that Luffy is thinking about Sanji!

I just want to go on a new adventure!

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