One Piece : Suicide

Chapter 795

And we’re finally up to date (with the exception of this week obviously) with last weeks chapter Suicide.

Excuse my French but….

Shit, fuck, shitting hell WHAT THE HELL ARE WE LOOKING AT?!

I’m not even going to apologise for the swearing DID YOU SEE THAT?!

First off we finally get to see what Sanji, Nami, Brook and Chopper are up to even if I have no freakin’ clue what I was witnessing its been so long I can’t remember what was the last we saw of them (though I’m sure it was purely just being cornered by Big Mama’s ship) but whatever. Its nice to see them again.

What was amazing, and what probably let me breath a sigh of relief for Shanks, was the visitor that literally dropped in on Kidd and Hawkins.

The man who has been captured 18 times and survived 10,000 kinds of torture. The man who has been sentenced to death 40 times and see’s suicide as a form of hobby.

The beast that is Kaido.


And more importantly we know that White Beard was a beast of a man and Black Beard is a smart but dangerous man (mostly down to his choice in crew/devil fruit) and from what we’ve heard of Big Mama she’s a force to be reckoned with.

We’ve now seen Kaido fall from a Sky Island and survive.

And Shanks is just a drunk with one arm.

I can not wait to see what it is that made Shanks a Emperor. I mean I’m speechless when it comes to the introduction of Kaido but its also just got me completely hyped to what kind of strength Shanks must have. I mean didn’t he fight with the arm he lost and he wasn’t a Emperor then was he? Or was he a Emperor? Everything I’ve seen of Shanks I couldn’t tell you why he was a Emperor when we look at the others around him but didn’t he even start a fight with Kaido and show up perfectly fine at the war and then basically made sure the war GOT ended with just a look?

Now Kaido is terrifying and I can’t wait to see what he’s going to do next but it just makes me want to know how powerful Shanks really is!

If you don’t know nawt about me and One Piece… I only carried on reading the manga and watching the anime because I was in love with Shanks. He’s been my favourite character since Romance Dawn and I can’t wait till the inevitable reunion with Luffy and his rather obvious “downfall”.

Putting aside my Shanks ponderings has there been a better introduction then Kaido’s?

I mean the guy just plummeted from a Sky Island and stood up again like it was nothing.

Just how?

Just why?

And he seems to blame Whitebeard….


Ignore every boring review I’ve just done because this is what I read One Piece for.

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