One Piece : Sabo’s Adventure

Chapter 794

The last chapter ended with Fujitora being told to bring back Luffy and Law’s head. He seems pretty set to do as he’s told but we’ll have to see if he actually does it!

Its a bumper pack of One Piece reviews today so look out for them all!

We don’t get to see Fujitora today taking anyone’s head but what we do get to see is Sabo’s story.

You would never have guessed that from the title would you? You are very welcome for that wonderful piece of blogging.

Anyway it is pretty sad but also makes complete and utter sense in the end. During his incident he lost his memories and all he knew was his name, because it was on his belongings, and the feeling that he’d rather be anywhere but back home with his parents. It was horrible then to see his memories only returning with the death of Ace.

If anything it did hurt a lot hearing Sabo’s story because you didn’t think this whole story could get worse. You kind of felt like actually there could be 101 reasons why Sabo COULDN’T be there you never really thought that the reason was that he just didn’t have the memories of brotherhood any more. The one positive from his life before joining Dragon was his relationship with his two brothers and that was completely taken away from him. He never got those memories back to enjoy time once more with his brothers until after it was too late.

Kind of heartbreaking.

OK not kind of. Very much heartbreaking.

I’m in two minds about the chapter. In some ways it is a nicer way to deal with the question of why didn’t Sabo go to the war on the other hand it is just another piece of heartbreak for the sake of giving Luffy/Ace/Sabo sad times. I didn’t actually ever think about him losing his memories and just expected the reasons for him not being there to do with Dragon. I mean it wasn’t like Dragon went either, not that he’d care about Ace but surely he’d know of Luffy and Ace’s relationship.

I love seeing Sabo’s relationship with his crew though as it reminds me of Luffy and his crew and in some ways any heartbreaking story we get from either of their past (bar Ace and his death) kind of is made up for by the fact that they both find happiness doing what they wanted to do and making a family out at sea.

It is a shame that Sabo can’t hang round and we get some Sabo/Luffy moments but I’ll be happy to think we’ll see it some other time. Surely Sabo isn’t going to be important enough to start a war over so hopefully we’ll get a proper reunion before long!

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