Aoharu x Kikanjuu : It’ll Become Your Greatest Partner

“Saikō no Pātonā ni Narunda kara yo”(最高の戦友パートナーになるんだからよ)

I have a lot of problems with this series and it hasn’t really stopped the longer I’ve watched it. I said I’d give it to episode 5 and I’m starting to feel like I need to make up my mind.

The problems continue.

I don’t like the animation style. Everything seems to have been brightened up too much so you lose detail and it looks shiny.

That doesn’t matter though I can get over that, I’ve watched a lot of shoddy animated programs in my life.

What really makes this unwatchable is the one dimensional, archetype characters.

I am sick to the back teeth of being reminded every ten seconds that Hotaru is a girl. I might sound overly grumpy about it but the whole story around why she won’t tell them she’s a girl is so ridiculously contrived that I just don’t see what the point of it even is.

So Masamune doesn’t want a girl on his team though he knows that girls in survival games are good so the only reason Hotaru keeps up the appearance of being a boy is because she’s scared she won’t be allowed in the team even after she’s proved how good she is. We’re meant to believe that Masamune will hold her being a girl against her when he is smitten with her/his talent? I’m sure this is meant to be a “big reveal” at the end or middle of the season that is meant to make us all so happy but it is so contrived that I have no patience with it.

I don’t particularly like characters like that anyway.

Then you have Toru who has no other side to him then being a pervert. There is nothing else at all. He’s a longer sure but that just plays into his creepy pervert bit. Again I’m guessing they will play onto this really ridiculous and over the top joke until Toru once more needs to prove he’s “more then that” but by that time so many people will be put off by his character (he’s extremely anti-female viewers who have had enough of perverted morons like him) that no one will care.

Masamune is the only one that looks like he has more to him then meets the eye but he’s underused or when he isn’t underused he’s basically there to counter the most sexist and perverted parts of the anime whilst being the most misogynistic character in the show by refusing to have a girl on his team for nothing other then them being girls!

The episode was boring. The characters grated after the first five minutes. They tried to force drama and “importance” into the show by having the beginning see Hotaru leave the group just within the first half for her to re-join. There was no need for it because we’d seen that she’d fallen in love with survival games and we could have seen her just be FRIENDS with these guys. There was no need to try and force a story that just needn’t be there.

The whole “she damaged everything so needed to repay her debut” story was stupid from the off so the one plus is that it is now over in episode three.

That isn’t all though. We are introduced to a character that, for a strangely perverted anime as it is, comes across as doubly creepy. Nagamasa Midori seems to be the “bad guy” but I’m not sure if I’m creeped out because its made out that EVERYONE in this anime who enjoys survival games seems to be perverted and the guy is working with children and just performs random “body checks” on people he has just met or whether I find him creepy because he’s actually a cool bad guy and its just my annoyance with the main characters being projected onto a innocent character.

Either way if the anime was meant to make me laugh it doesn’t.

Toru is the worst character I’ve seen in a long time.

I’m not even bothering with episode 4.

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