NXT 29/7/15 Review

After watching the WWE List and gushing over Becky Lynch being adorable and Simon Gotch being perfect (I won’t bore you with how he’s the perfect man on here I promise) I finally found the time to watch NXT.

(BTW the WWE Network is honestly worth the money. Get it.)

Matches Quick Overlook :

Enzo Amore & Big Cass vs Dash & Wilder
Winners :  Dash & Wilder

Jesse Sorensen vs Baron Corbin
Winner : Baron Corbin

Levis Valenzuela Jr & Elias Samson vs Chad Gable & Jason Jordan
Winners : Chad Gable & Jason Jordan

Dana Brooke vs Charlotte
Winner : Charlotte

Kevin Owens vs Danny Burch
Winner : Kevin Owens

The VaudeVillains vs Blake & Murphy
Winners : Blake & Murphy

Enzo Amore & Big Cass vs Dash & Wilder
Dash & Wilder win by pin fall

Alright match. Nice win by Dash and Wilder which I wasn’t expecting because Cass and Enzo are so popular. Not sure I can say I’m upset by the result because its nice to see another team coming forward.

Dash and Wilder kind of had Enzo and Cass’s number all match long.

Jason Jordan / Chad Gable

Chad is adorable, its funny how cheerful Jordan is seeing that he never wanted to tag with Gable. I really love Gable. He’s great on the mic, good in the ring and pretty fun. I think these two have a good chance of going to the top of the division.

Gable really honestly has a great chance of going pplaces, he’s just so funny.

Arnie Advert

Just….. What the hell did I just watch? I laughed way too much.

Dana Brooke Promo

Dana makes me laugh. I don’t know if we’re meant to be laughing but she’s great. I also love seeing her in the ring, kind of hoping she’ll win tonight.

Jesse Sorensen vs Baron Corbin
Baron Corbin wins by pin fall

I don’t think the boos are because Baron Corbin is a heel but because they are bored.

So am I.


William Regal / Tyler breeze

Tyler Breeze is the greatest thing to ever be invented.  Him and Regal are so funny, I just want to hug both of them. Tyler Breeze on my TV makes me extremely happy. What more do I need to say?

Levis Valenzuela Jr & Elias Samson vs Chad Gable & Jason Jordan
Chad Gable & Jason Jordan win by pin fall

So we’re showing off tag teams this week? I’m not upset by that!

Samson and Valenzuela were a bit boring but Gable was pretty awesome and managed to have a great match with a smile on his face. He really has something special in him and I’m enjoying watching him grow as a competitor.

I’d kind of like to see them against a better team.

There is still a little bit of work to go with these two but they are already a great team and working really well together. Their signature move is called “The Grand Amplitude” I love they already have a signature move together. I really like them.

Dana Brooke / Emma

Dana talks a big game but I have a feeling she’s going to be beaten by Charlotte which is a shame because it would be great to see her win. I just really like her.

Bull Dempsey

We get a promo on Bull Dempsey. I’ve missed him. It all made me laugh I really want to get Bull-Fit now. Bull is brilliant!

Charlotte vs Dana Brooke
Charlotte wins by pin fall

I LOVE what Charlotte is wearing she looks lovely in purple.

The match was good, I mean Dana didn’t do bad up against Charlotte and it was quite obvious that Charlotte would win but I feel like it kind of buried Dana and Emma. Charlotte didn’t need to win especially seeing she’s doing so well on the main roster and Dana and Emma haven’t really done anything much recently and really need to get wins to stay relevant.


Good match though.

Samoa Joe

Well at least his interviews are starting to get more exciting. Hopefully his match next week against Rhyno will be more exciting. I’m still at a loss at what they are doing with Joe who is way too good to be doing… Whatever this is.

Kevin Owens / William Regal

A apology from Owens and Regal wasn’t impressed. I love Kevin Owens and William Regal and now I’m repeating what I said about Tyler Breeze earlier. I’ve also today in my RAW and SmackDown reviews said all I need about Owens.

Eva Marie

To add to a rather promo/interview heavy episode we get to hear from Eva who makes her goal obvious. She wants the NXT Divas title.

Kevin Owens vs Danny Burch
Kevin Owens wins by pin fall

I honestly thought at first they called Danny Martin. I was completely confused at what his name was, I’m sure it wasn’t that important either seeing the match was called “Kevin Owens in Action”.

And Owens was in action, kicking ass as he does.

I don’t get why Kevin Owens can have a squash match and entertain me but Baron Corbin and Samoa Joe can’t. I mean in the last  7 or so hours I’ve seen more of Kevin Owens then I possibly could hope for and he’s brilliant every single time.

The VaudeVillains vs Blake & Murphy
Blake & Murphy win by pin fall

I had a horrible feeling that the VaudeVillains wouldn’t win. Of course having Simon Gotch’s tweets sent to my phone meant that I found out what happened on Thursday morning when I woke up in the caravan of the holiday park we were at. Tears come streaming down my face and my niece told me I just needed to clap and feel positive (she’s six and in love with New Day.)

The match didn’t disappoint. The VaudeVillains are by far one of the most interesting tag teams in the whole of WWE. Aiden English has always been a impressive competitor and has enough charisma to drown in. I’ve always felt he was the more complete of the two even though I love Simon Gotch to pieces.

This time out though and even though it takes nothing away from how great Aiden English is we really got to see so much more from Gotch.

Neither team really had the upper hand for too long and English got stuck in the ring for a long time being grounded, it was strange for it to be English as its usually Gotch tagging in English after being beaten down in the ring.

Honestly, I ain’t joking, the VaudeVillains have stepped up to the next level and are more then a match for any tag team.

Shame about the ending though I loved that they were gentlemen till the end. I can’t tell if the VaudeVillains are face or heel but I love them.

My Thoughts :

Well they showed off those tag teams and it worked. There is still something missing from NXT at the moment, that little spark, but the tag teams didn’t disappoint.

It was nice seeing so many people out there and there was a lot of interviews and promos and stuff. Some really funny things and some funny but sad (I love the Bull stuff but I agree that actually it ain’t that flattering for him.)

I’m not sure what is going on with Cass and Enzo they went from being real hot to losing a lot and not really doing much. I said it before but I kind of hope that we’ll see Cass and Enzo vs The VaudeVillains vs Blake and Murphy at TakeOver because that would be great but with Cass and Enzo losing I can’t see them being in line any time soon to fight with Blake and Murphy.

Someone PLEASE do something with Baron Corbin. I can’t even tell if I’m angry, upset or just bored any more. It isn’t funny.

Chad Gable and Simon Gotch.

First off Chad Gable has lived up to the hype we’ve been getting for him. He makes mat wrestling fun. He’s got that cheeky little spark that Kurt Angle had back in the day and in ring, OK still needs some work, but is holding up pretty well. I’d like to see him and Jordan get into a proper feud though to test him both on the mic and in the ring.

Simon Gotch. Now I’ve been told I can only mention him now in these blogs because its wandered out all over the darn place. Let me tell you about Simon Gotch.

A lot of people think the gimmick won’t work but it will. He’s great with fans online, honestly he has this over the top personality on twitter and sticks to it. He’s never rude or obnoxious but he’s a giant geek and so endearing that he wins fans over like it was the easiest thing in the world. Yes the gimmick is over the top but it works. People LOVE it. It FEELS like a extension of him even if I’m not sure I can distinguish a actual person in there at all (his twitter bio says Time Lord, I can dig that. Gallifreyan Time Lord it is. The fact that he’s handsome, funny, a gentleman, has great hair and a moustache and is a Doctor Who fan makes him the perfect man) it just feels right. It feels like if you bumped into Simon Gotch on the street and became his best friend THAT WOULD BE HIM!

Just LISTEN to the #OhMyGotch chants if you don’t believe that fans just LOVE him.

Most of the time gimmicks don’t work because they don’t feel real. Now of course I don’t mean he feels like a Strongman and all that but it feels like he loves the character so much and so much of it (the gentleman stuff, the look etc) is HIM that just like the Undertaker and Kane have he can do the Gimmick Strongman/VaudeVillain thing and then slip into a more “real” character when the time suits. I mean gentlemen aren’t a myth even if my sister likes to make out they are, he could easily still have the Strongman Gentleman Bruiser gimmick but tone it back in a more serious moment and then when they have nothing to do with him for a while go right back to it.


And every week he comes out and does something a little bit different.

Even if he doesn’t make it as a singles wrestler (which he could/should) him and English are brilliant as a tag team (and English REALLY deserves to be pushed as a singles competitor because he is a fantastic wrestler and has a brilliant character) they have a different feel to them but just work brilliantly.

The only reason I’m not adding Aiden English to my duo of super impressive and amazing wrestlers that I love this week is because I ALREADY KNOW HE’S FANTASTIC. I honestly feel he’s one of the most underused talents they have.

Chad Gable is on the up and up.

Simon Gotch could be worth more then a mountain of gold.
(He already is to me… I love him. Possibly more then Cesaro! Not as much as Alex Shelley though…)

Either way all three of them are brilliant, I’m completely biased about all three (so shoot me) and I will just week in and week out whilst watching them perform tell you how wonderful I think they are.

Chad could do without the tag team stuff, he’s be great against Balor. I don’t know why but just thinking about them two against each other makes me chuckle. Chad could be the perfect comedy wrestler (character wise). He’s honestly just great.

The VaudeVillains need to be on the main roster. They need a great run as a tag team whilst also getting a good run as singles wrestlers. Yeah people keep saying Simon Gotch has a way to go, I just think you haven’t been looking. If they aren’t going up they need those tag belts.


What was I talking about before those three?

Oh yes. Tyler Breeze is also fantastic and I love his thing with William Regal right now. I have many great ideas on how to boot him up to the main roster. I love Tyler Breeze. Add him to my biased and I don’t care list.

I am actually going to shut up now. It has been a long LONG day.

Actually one more thing. Or two.

1/Please do not give the VaudeVillains a female wrestler to join them. This might seem like a really weird complaint but I just like tag teams that ARE just tag teams. You don’t need a manager or a spare wheel. I feel with Carmella and Alexa in the mix at the top of the tag teams there could be a time when someone decides to make the VaudeVillain’s a threesome (shhh) but I love seeing the number games fail (like PTP vs New Day.)

2/Please tell me the VaudeVillains won’t go the way of Cass and Enzo and now they’ve lost to Blake and Murphy go backwards. They need to stay at the top.

That is it. NOW I’m going.

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