NXT 22/7/15 Review

I am overexcited – Blame Simon Gotch……

Now I have been dying to see this episode since 2am this morning (UK time) when Simon Gotch started to retweet about 1 million replies to him. I was unfortunately awake and trying to sleep (as I needed to go to work at 8am) and then instantly wished I had just watched NXT instead.

As you all know I am currently madly in love with the VaudeVillains and especially Simon Gotch….

Matches Quick Overlook :

Cassie vs Eva Marie
Winner : Eva Marie

??? vs Baron Corbin
Winner : Baron Corbin

Mike Rallis vs Samoa Joe
Winner : Samoa Joe

Emma vs Bayley
Winner : Bayley

Angelo Dawkins & Sawyer Fulton vs The VaudeVillains
Winners : The VaudeVillains

Finn Balor


We haven’t seen Finn since he won the title so it was nice to see him once more. I can’t help but see the Lego loving little Geek we were given in the little get to know Finn Balor stuff every time I see him now.

The opening was pretty boring it was just Finn coming to say thanks to the fans and tell us how happy he is to be champion and how happy he’ll be to fight Owens at TakeOver.

I’m not afraid to say it but I’m not 100% the biggest Finn fan when he’s in the ring, I like him alright enough but I don’t get the big “he’s the greatest thing in the world” attitude some people have. I’m going to be very unpopular (when the hell aren’t I when it comes to opinions in wrestling?!) and say I personally think Tyler Breeze is a much better in ring wrestler.

That being said like Breeze I have to say that Finn just has a great personality and his character is extremely addictive. I mean me and my friend who comes to watch NXT with me just can’t help but do the arm movements in time with his music and hmmm along with it whenever he shows up so he’s doing something right.

Plus he’s a cutie. That always wins me over.

Cassie vs Eva Marie
Eva Marie wins by pin fall

It was obvious from the start that this was meant to be a show off of how far Eva Marie has come and lets be fair she has….

Not that the last time I saw her wrestling that means a whole deal but we have to be fair (or pretend to be so that fans don’t try to kill me) and she has improved.

That being said it was still quite a slow and stodgy match. I quite liked Cassie and her kicks and can’t wait to see how she develops (if she does) because she could be something a little different. Personally I felt like Cassie outshone Eva but Eva still improved a little.

I was underwhelmed. People said from spoilers that Eva kicked ass and she didn’t. She looks very unconfident in the ring. That means nothing, I was once told that people aren’t born with confidence they work on it every day so the more she performs hopefully the better she gets. I kind of hope she DOES improve and this isn’t the stopping point for her.

A pretty dull match though.

William Regal / Tyler Breeze

Have I mentioned that I’m a giant Tyler Breeze fan? I’m sure I haven’t.

Well I’m a giant Tyler Breeze fan.

I find the whole persona so fun but in the ring he’s really good and there is actually a lot you can do with it (people saying he’d only ever be a joke doesn’t have a imagination!!)

This week he’s in William Regals office demanding to know what he’ll be doing at TakeOver. I can’t wait to see what he’s doing at TakeOver as he’s not really done much since losing to Balor in the number one contenders match. Fun little segment reminding us that Breeze is still relevant in some way.

??? vs Baron Corbin
Baron Corbin wins by pin fall

There is no point even saying anything. It took him longer to walk to the ring then to fight whoever it was that he was fighting. I have failed to find any information on the man he murdered in 10 seconds.

Mike Rawlis vs Samoa Joe
Samoa Joe wins by pin fall

There was new music for Joe. Still terrible. No story for him and a terrible excuse for a squash match again.

Look I say it every week I know but my teenage years I was a TNA fan. Kill me if you must but I grew up watching WWE and WCW and then my family couldn’t afford Sky (or at least Sky Sports) so WWE disappeared from our screens until TNA came on Bravo. I LOVED TNA. Mainly because I didn’t have anything else. Samoa Joe was one of those people I love. Now I know that was like 10 years ago and he’s going to be different but Joe has SO MUCH that he can do in the ring and EVERY match in NXT so far has been very samey. Its like a squash match just not a squash match. We’re meant to be seeing “Killer” Joe but we’re getting “Indifferent” Joe.

He is the Kimi Raikkonen of wrestling. When Kimi Raikkonen wants to be he is the most bad ass racer in F1, and then he has periods of time where he might as well not be in F1 at all. Joe seems to right now be the same. When he gets going (and seeing we’re getting a main event against Rhyno in a few weeks maybe THAT is when he’ll get going) he is one of the most entertaining wrestlers you’ll see. Right now its like he’s just not bothered.

Saying that I wasn’t THAT interested in seeing Joe in NXT anyway for some reason.

Meh match.

Emma and Dana Brooke

I love these two, they are so funny together. There was nothing really special about the interview other then to re-build some of the heat in Emma’s story against Bayley since Bayley has been gone for a while now with injury. It worked. I love these two.

Emma vs Bayley
Bayley wins by pin fall

It wasn’t the best match which is a shame because I really like Emma and Bayley, there was too much of a story going on in the ring with the injured hand of Bayley being targeted.

It wasn’t bad though, there was a lot to love about it and it was just really refreshing to see Bayley back. Her happy personality is just wonderful and you can’t help but get behind her in the ring.

After the match (let me tell you this Bayley’s elbow spin off the top ring is a thing of beauty!) Bayley challenges Charlotte to a match to prove herself….


We get a recap on Charlotte winning (they kind of forgot that Sasha ALSO won on RAW) at Battleground and RAW. There were tears and Charlotte saying yes to Bayley’s match before Dana shows up telling her that she has chance after chance and failed. Next week we’ll have Dana vs Charlotte it seems and THEN Bayley vs Charlotte.

If I’m honest even though I think Dana has a long way to go I’d be a bit upset if Dana doesn’t win this one because it’ll kill her steam a little bit.

Angelo Dawkins & Sawyer Fulton vs The VaudeVillains
The VaudeVillains win by pin fall

Right so you know…. I’m a bit VaudeVillains fan. I do love them. They are crazy.

I fully blame Simon Gotch for a sleepless night and a very long day as I saw his amazing footwork on twitter at 2am (as I said in the opening) and been dying to watch the match since. Because I didn’t go to bed till late it meant that I didn’t wake up early enough to watch it before work so I had to go through a 7 1/2 hour shift (with a hour each end of travel) to sit through until I got home to watch it.

Why are these not just tag team champions already? Why don’t they get loads of backstage antics? Why don’t we just have bucket loads of them? I mean they are so funny, charismatic, different and talented. I mean Simon Gotch is possibly the most impressive person I’ve ever seen in a ring, the whole Strong man thing is so funny and his flexibility and Manly ways are just amazing. Aiden English makes me cry when I see him in the ring because his wrestling is so beautiful.

I get to blub about these guys because NXT was quite boring this week so getting excited about the VaudeVillains is the only thing worth doing.

The match wasn’t great but that wasn’t any of the competitors fault it was just a bit slow but it was special in its own way (I will never forget it. That match is kind of burnt into my brain) and the VaudeVillains just look brilliant right now.

Blake & Murphy & Alexa Bliss

Well I’m not happy that the VaudeVillains have a match next week against them unless it starts a story off against them. I was surprised that they beat Cass and Enzo anyway because them two had been in a thing with Blake & Murphy. I don’t see the champs losing their belt this close to TakeOver to the VaudeVillains. I was kind of hoping that they’d have their fight on TakeOver but no.

Blake and Murphy were kind of being “cute” in their way in the background whilst Alexa takes charge making sure we know her boys will still be champs next week.

The question now turns to if (when – sad times) the VaudeVillains lose next week what happens? Will we get Enzo and Big Cass back in the title picture? Or what about all three? In fact why not all three? A three team fight for the titles at TakeOver?  I’m kind of dreading seeing what happens if I’m honest. Not that I really want the VaudeVillains to be champions because Murphy and Blake disappeared a little recently but VaudeVillains get loads of matches…. I’d rather they didn’t disappear! But I do want some backstage antics from them.

I promise I won’t Tweet/Tumblr/Post about VaudeVillains again this week. 7 days of bliss for you all!

Contract Signing

Blah, blah, blah…. Contract signed, Kevin Owens gets grumpy, Finn left standing.

We have seen contract signings a million times before so I don’t think I really need to talk much more about it?

Owens is really coming into his own right now and is one of the hottest superstars in WWE (along with Cesaro…. I promised no more VV messages never said I’d shut up about Cesaro. I will NEVER stop talking about how amazing that man is, not until EVERYONE knows how amazing that man is!) and this match with Finn is going to be a highlight of the SummerSlam weekend. It does make me wonder whether or not they’ll have Owens then go out to SummerSlam. I can’t see it which is a shame because he’s been one of the most impressive guys on the PPVs recently.

My Thoughts :

Slightly better then last week but there is still that normal NXT spark missing somewhere. I was half way through tweeting about it (I didn’t really tweet much either) and someone tweeted me that it was all jobbers and I couldn’t help but agree. It wasn’t as bad as the week before but it was still a little dull.

Eva Marie deserves respect. I don’t care if you think its too late or whatever, I don’t care about her personality or anything. She has improved and if she carries on she could be good. As fellow humans we should be encouraging Eva Marie by letting her know that we respect that she’s improving and cheering her when she deserves it. I don’t care how long its taken her to bother to learn to wrestle she’s doing it now and one more competent female wrestler to add to the roster is one more competent female wrestler to prove to the boring old farts that women’s wrestling is SOOOOOOO important.

But yes.

The tag team that I will not talk about no more are wonderful and perfect and I have photos of them as my laptop background and both my phone backgrounds. I love them. Even if I might have to stop one of their tweets from being sent to my phone because I get overly excited about him in general. I love him and think he’s perfect. If he doesn’t go extremely far in this company then it is sad because he is just so much fun. I love him.

I don’t get Corbin right now. He went from killing people in a few seconds to having matches back to killing nobodies in seconds. The whole video package last week bored me to tears but I appreciated what it was meant to get through but honestly they need to do SOMETHING with him.

It wasn’t that bad though. Bayley was back. BAYLEY!!! And true Gentlemen won once more. Ohhh and there was Tyler Breeze being a cutie pie!

Would have been made better if we’d seen Chad Gable though!


Next week I am on holiday! So I will not be back online properly until Friday or Saturday! I have a week off of work and going to Looe for the week with my sister and my niece. Its Monday to Friday so my whole week off is being taken up by the holiday (I don’t really want to go for reasons but that isn’t really the point.)

Therefore unless there is Wi-Fi down in the camp site or something I will not be watching NXT until Friday when I get home. If Pete is late doing stuff I won’t be able to catch up for him.

The week after is the last week before I do stupid amounts of overtime thanks to everyone being on holiday (amazingly one of us has been off last week and this week, I’m off next week, someone is off the week after but I’m only doing one day extra to cover them, then someone else is off for two weeks before someone else is off the week after!!!) if I’m honest work has been getting me down recently so I don’t know how much I’ll be watching wrestling but hopefully I’ll keep up as I’m really getting into the SummerSlam build up as well as obviously being excited for TakeOver.

Just thought I’d let you know!

18 thoughts on “NXT 22/7/15 Review”

  1. Please tell me the friend that likes Finn is Lucius?! And please tell me you tape him doing his Finn impression! You don’t have to share with the world if you don’t want to (I will march to Plymouth and make you show me if you don’t!!!)

    As you know complete wrestling newbie here. Why do people hate Eva Marie? I haven’t actually picked up on why yet and the OH just laughs and shakes his head (honestly he should be happy after all these years you guys got me interested in it!)

    1. Ummm no. You know what Luc is like if I even point my phone at him he gets tetchy and wants to break it! No photos or videos of him doing anything.

      Ummmm *laughs and shakes head* hahaha Manda, Manda, Manda…. Why do people hate anything?

      I don’t really know to be honest because it goes beyond dislike and really seems to be boiling hatred. Its because she was in WWE and didn’t have much wrestling skill and was pushed anyway above more talented individuals because she was goodlooking or something. Basically everything that storyline wise people say about the Bella’s (and some fans say about them anyway) is the same reasons people dislike Eva.

      Plus there is probably something going on in Total Divas but I’ve never watched it so wouldn’t know.

      Still I will just pat you on the head and leave because you know…. Poor little Manda.

        1. I possibly believe in Luc more seeing you just told us you stayed up late BECAUSE you were over excited to see their match!

          Another question, not wrestling related, how do you get tweets sent to your phone and WHO do you actually have tweets sent to your phone of (and WHY?!)

          1. I never make a fool of myself. I just get over excited. There is nothing foolish in being excited about something specially after the week we’ve had!!!

            Go to a profile, click the little gear and then press send notifications. I have Fernando Alonso, Cesaro, Sean Patrick Flanery, Tom Hiddleston, Nicky Hayden, Simon Gotch and Lee Pace’s tweets sent to my phone mainly because I follow like 500+ twitter accounts (for various reasons) and they are my favs so like to keep up to date with them. Specially Alonso! It is mainly down to them having more important information (updates on films, TV work, racing events etc) and funny (honestly follow Gotch because he’s amazing) so I don’t want to trawl through twitter just in case they post. It started off just as Alonso BTW and his weekly #ForzaJules broke my heart for 9 months. Never again 😦 .

        2. No because you didn’t manage to spend the WHOLE episode just talking about the tag division and how the VaudeVillains are one of the best tag teams you’ve seen and then went on and on for the whole hour to make sure we all knew just how much you like them?

          And it wasn’t like you jumped up and started clapping when they came on and screamed at the TV for a good five minutes before getting all emo because you are on holiday and will miss their championship match?

          And you DON’T plan on doing whatever it takes to get a Vaudevillains T-shirt next month even though you can’t get one on ANY English/UK site so you are going to spend nearly ALL your money on getting one from America? And this is before getting the Wade Barrett T-shirt you KEEP saying you’ll buy!

          Sorry but you are a fool.

          1. Maybe we should start up a t-shirt fund for her!

            Don’t be so mean to her 😉 she obviously has found something that will replace Fisichella finally in her heart we should be encouraging her not to mope about and be happy!

            1. Lets please not encourage her. Not to the Vaudevillains at least. Find something more interesting. When I left to go home she’d already watched the match three times before turning off purely because someone (probably your OH) told her that the Godwinns were on a RAW replay. I left her dancing around the place to Godwinns.

                1. I feel you are misquoting me a bit on John Cena 😜 there is context there you’ve missed!

                  And yes Nawt wrong with Godwinns!

              1. I don’t know. I kind of like them! It was one hell of a match today! I prefer Aiden English though 😉 Anna is always supporting the wrong one!

          2. I’m sorry? Did I not have a long conversation with you about all the ideas that I came up with to promote Tyler Breeze to the main roster without making him look stupid or have him act a fool? Did I not have a long convo with you about my memories of Samoa Joe in the X-Division in TNA naming like 20 of my fav Samoa Joe matches and lending you a truck load of TNA DVDs to watch (half for him and half because of my OTHER fav tag team of all time the Motorcity Machine Guns) Am I forgetting having a argument about Rhyno and whether he was worth being in NXT? Or me telling you the story about when I was younger and went through hoops to buy a Rhyno hoodie just for something to happen and the only thing we DIDN’T buy was the hoodie?

            Did we also not talk about the Divas and what I think we should be doing with the NXT belt now that the other three are on the main roster?

            Did we not talk about how wonderful and amazing and beautiful and perfect Cesaro is?!

            I can fan girl over the VaudeVillains AND talk about other things at the same time you know 😉 and yes I’m going to spend most of my overtime from this month on their t-shirt which apparently I can only get on a US site. Sad times I know. I support them though and even, like BTE, if they split up a day after it arrives they really are like the greatest tag team I’ve seen in years and I love them so much I WANT to spend that money on them.

            Anyway…….. They are brilliant so there.

            You are just grumpy that I don’t talk about Finn 24/7 like you do 😛 .

  2. I’m bored of Baron Corbin.

    You need someone at some point to stand up to him. He can’t spend his whole career beating people in 10 seconds. It is already boring, I thought they’d take him in a new direction after last week but it was pretty much the same.

    As for tag teams I think the NXT guys need to come up. I know there are plenty of teams in the main roster but at the moment there really is just no one to join in with New Day and PTP because regardless of how good they are in the ring no other team have the character to go toe to toe with either. Problem is I don’t think Enzo/Big Cass are ready, Blake/Murphy aren’t interesting at all and the others just don’t feel like real teams. So yes for once I’m agreeing with you that the Vaudevillains will probably need to raise up to the main roster sooner then later.

    Though then again I think Gotch isn’t as ready to go up talent wise as Aiden English is. No disrespect but it feels like they don’t really have his moveset fixed. Does he even have a signature move? He’s got the talent but they need to really push Gotch as we all know that Aiden English is, not to sound corny, but a real artiste in the ring. Gotch has the personality though and he hardly ever talks but everyone loves him.

    You watching SmackDown tonight?

    1. Maybe it’ll be Joe? Maybe that is where they are going with it? Get Joe to defeat him and start a feud with them? Would be more interesting then watching them in their respective squash matches every week. Joe doesn’t need to be doing it because he’s good enough in the ring to not have to and Corbin is getting boring now.

      Balor maybe? Have him struggle to fight him and then bring the Demon out to beat him?

      I’m going bed now anyway so I won’t go in depth about the tag teams but even though I think you are right I think at the same time the main roster teams would be fine if they were given the time like the Divas are now getting. I’m not saying lots and lots but you need to do something with ANY wrestler/team for fans to like them. Cesaro struggled to “connect” because at the point McMahon said that he was in some stupid story that made no sense and didn’t focus on him. Yeah he isn’t the GREATEST on the mic sometimes but they also tried to market him wrong. Till he’s better use his cheeky side, the second they did the fans just fell in love with him. If a wrestler can’t cut a promo without smiling like a big dork don’t make them a bad guy simple! All the tag teams on the main roster are good in the ring, when they had all of them fighting amongst themselves their wrestling did their speaking for them.EVERYONE just needs the chance.

      I have to disagree with you (Gentlemans Clutch is his signature move by the way) I think if there is any kind of seeming unfinished feel about Gotch it is purely because he’s not actually been in that many matches on TV with him an English since he joined. It is hard when you are a tag team to stand out but I think you can see that he’s got the move set. It would be interesting to see the VaudeVillains fight singularly a few times though. What is with the Gotch heat over here anyway? He’s the best thing since Alex Shelley 😛 .

      As I said no I’m not staying up I’m going to bed can you text me anything that happens with Cesaro? I know he’s wrestling Rollins and I know the end kind of (someone I follow on Tumblr went to the event) but just review it to me so I can wake up and cry tears of pride at my Swiss Superman!

      1. Joe would be good. Really is the perfect kind of thing for Joe really. Plus seeing they are in similar kind of positions right now it makes sense that they’d go up against each other.

        I don’t think I’ve ever seen him do anything called a Gentleman’s Clutch. What is it meant to be?

        I’m a bit disappointed with you comparing him to Alex Shelley. Shame on you.

        I will text you a review on Cesaro. I’ll also reply to you properly later on. By the way where the hell is Looe? It doesn’t pronounce Looe like Loo right?

        1. Yep the moment I started thinking about Corbin I thought automatically of Joe. The Owens thing was always going to go nowhere, I wouldn’t like to see him against Balor just yet and please no feud with Rhyno! Corbin would be perfect for the next month or so.

          Please child go to Wikipedia. I’m absolutely convinced I’ve seen him do it else how the hell did I know what it was I only checked Wiki for the name because I wasn’t sure if I had got it right (of course I had!) Do some research!

          Ok it was a joke but he has the same face as Shelley. I fell in love with Shelley without hearing him say a word because he got the cocky little shit persona over well in the way he walked and looked. Gotch is the same he does the Gentleman bruiser thing perfectly.

          Yes Looe is pronounced Loo. Its a small seaside town in Cornwall (not that you know what Cornwall is!) we got there all time for the beach but Cat has found a caravan park/thing about a hour out of the main village part and she was going to go with her boyfriend and then split up with him so I got volunteered to go too.

          I already have my Doctor Who books packed (especially Players with my darling Sixie!!) the last thing I need is a week of listening to Cat!

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