Game of Thrones : A Nest of Vipers

The penultimate episode of TellTales Game of Thrones game came out today and I nearly ran for the ability to play through it.

If you’ve been playing the game since its beginning or even splurged on it recently and played the episodes through in one go you know what you are in for. There is no difference in the game play or the graphic out put.

Problems we’ve always had we’ve still got. Sync problems, sticky buttons and slow reaction times and a lack of differing speech options.

The main thing I’m impressed is for the first time I really felt like my decisions had changed things.

We came face to face with the Traitor in the episode. First of all I really want to redo the episode just to check some of the decisions, I’ve never really felt that way about the game but there are many things I want to check out in different play through’s in this episode.

For a start if you don’t promise Talia that you’ll kill the traitor do you find the traitor? Does she not bother telling you? I felt like I couldn’t NOT kill the traitor after promising Talia so the traitor, who told us that there was a plan involving Ashers return, waas killed by me.

If I didn’t kill the traitor would he help? Would he still be about in the next episode to help or hinder the Forresters?!

Not only that I now want to redo the whole game just because I want to see if it changes based on your sentinel, if you carry on your relationship with Eleana etc. Because these decisions are the ones that apparently choose your traitor.

After that we have to decide what to do. I choose to go and help Asher but that left us with the choice of killing either of the two brothers off. The first time (unless a second play through changes it) that I feel like the game will split into two different things.

As my Rodrik is brave and true and a family man through and through there was only one way to go for me. That was with Rodrik staying behind and Asher going on to become Lord.

I’ve said it many times that the only thing that I really like about this game is the fact that I care more about the characters then I do about characters in the actual book/TV series. Well that stays true and I had a quick mid-life crisis/crying fit/wanting to rip my heart out moment when I had to choose between the brothers.

Who in their right mind would kill so many sweet little Forresters?

Why do you do this to me TellTale? Why?

The best new character of the whole game (The Beast, a Pit Fighter that Asher brings back and who is voiced by Samoa Joe…. Pretty much a lot more entertaining then anything he’s done in NXT recently as you could possibly tell as I want him to bugger off my screen whilst watching NXT!) dies along with my dear sweet Rodrik.

I couldn’t bring myself to kill off Asher and don’t think I can ever bring myself to kill off Asher. Is there a option for this heartbreak to end?! I kind of hope so.

I also really hope that my sentinel and most trusted man, Ser Royland, looks after my Asher now that Rodrik isn’t there to do so.

Poor Forresters.

This is where the replayability factor will come in. I didn’t think I’d use up the four save points we have but now I’m pretty sure I will. What happens if I piss off Daenarys? What happens if we keep the traitor?

It was the first time I was completely enthralled and interested in the game and it gave me a lot of emotions therefore I will now carry on telling the world how lovely and perfect and wonderful the game is BUT DO NOT GET EMOTIONALLY ATTACHED. It is a real Game of Thrones experience. We all die.

On a side note, how adorable is Ramsay? Can we just hug him to death?

One thought on “Game of Thrones : A Nest of Vipers”

  1. Ramsay?

    I did like that he just told us to kill each other and last man standing wins. Also liked the hint towards his hunting games to Talia. Shame he won’t be in the game again more then likely seeing he’s wiped his hands of them all. Kind of wish they hadn’t started at the Red Wedding because I can’t see us getting another season which is a shame.

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