RAW 7/13/15

My first RAW since I came back. This is going to be interesting.

Matches Quick Overlook :

Ryback & Randy Orton vs Sheamus & Big Show
Winner : Ryback & Randy Orton

Dean Ambrose vs Bray Wyatt

New Day vs Prime Time Players & Mark Henry
Winners : Prime Time Players & Mark Henry

Rusev vs Kevin Owens vs Cesaro
Winner : Rusev

Rusev vs John Cena
Winner : Rusev (DQ)

Neville vs Stardust
Winner : Stardust

Brock Lesnar / Paul Heyman / Seth Rollins / Kane

The whole section here worked well because it was dominated and paced out by Paul Heyman. The problem with Rollins is he doesn’t have the story telling that Paul has, Paul manages to talk a lot about so little and yet you hang on his every word. I like it.

It didn’t feel too heavy and to be honest I felt like it kind of was working towards something else possibly with Kane. There was much more of a focus on Kane then Seth.

Not a terrible way to start off RAW.

Ryback & Randy Orton vs Sheamus & Big Show
Ryback & Randy Orton win by pin fall

What a big match to start the night with. I mean not only have you got four of their big players in the ring you’ve got the Miz on commentary.

You had Sheamus in the ring for the beginning of the match against a rotation of Ryback and Orton which was actually the better idea. When Show got in everything slowed right down. Both teams worked pretty well together and neither side really got a head of steam.

The match was a really good length and paced out really well. It was a good way to get all the guys in two big matches at Battleground in a match without giving away too much for the PPV or boring us with another variation of the same old same old. Because it was a tag match and none of the guys involved were doing the ego thing we got to see everyone get in on the action.

Great opening match, perfect length and ended really well with the Miz shouting his mouth off and distracting Show who chased him up to leave Sheamus at the hands of Ryback and Randy Orton.

Seth Rollins / Kane

So Kane has a plan?

I’m a little worried about any plan they all have. I kind of think the whole friendly Seth Rollin is much too late they’ve now shifted his personality too far in a short period of time. This is what he should have been doing since Wrestlemania and the breakdown of the Authority should have lead to well. The breakdown of the Authority and a new “face” whilst Rollins dropped the belt and went back to being a challenger along with Ambrose and Reigns.

Dean Ambrose vs Bray Wyatt
Never Started

Of course the whole point of this match is to carry on talking about Wyatt/Reigns which hasn’t been the best or worst story. The fact that the first match announced for Battleground was these two before we ever got anything other then Wyatt ruining Reigns chances at getting the briefcase at MitB meant they had to work hard to make it work.

I don’t know if it works or not.

Wyatt’s whole thing has made much more sense then his recent rivalries and its been quite creepy (in its PG way) recently. Now though Reigns has the upper hand on him by playing Wyatt’s own games and that just makes no sense. You take that little bit of creepy away from Wyatt if you make him fall for these games and THAT is where we NEED someone on his side.

That is my only problem. I don’t care that we didn’t get to see Ambrose/Wyatt V.20000494 I just think they build Wyatt up in a modern day Undertaker/Kane/Mankind way but then at the last moment drop the ball. And this time its easy to see its because its against Reigns and fans don’t necessarily want to see Reigns getting attacked from behind and dragged through emotional turmoil and never getting one up on Wyatt but at the same time it shows that Creative don’t have the guts to carry out a proper Wyatt based story against a big name to the end without wimping out at the last moment.


I’m kind of not sure of this story now. This just is no longer working for me in many ways.

So Paige couldn’t get any help so Stephanie McMahon had to give her help from the NXT Divas? Not main roster Divas. Not Natalya or Summer Rae or anyone. NXT Divas.

Then Naomi and Tamina have to come down on their own steam just to have Stephanie give THEM a NXT Diva.

They need to work a lot on that to make me think this will work for me. Story wise it feels more like Stephanie and Triple H slapping the Creative team in the face by bringing their “babies” up from NXT.

My biggest problem is fandom. Fandom are already under the illusion that the main roster Divas suck and the only real reason they point to this is because the NXT Divas are better without thinking maybe its because the NXT Divas are treated better. Talent wise I don’t think any of the girls are that much better then the others, I think in this story the strongest Divas from the main roster (minus Nattie) and NXT are facing off against each other. The fans though will put everything down not to a shift in power and a proper story and proper time being given to the Divas but to the NXT Divas just being better.

You think I’m making that up? Its been nearly a week since RAW and all I’ve heard is hate on the Bella’s, Alicia Fox and Naomi and Tamina whilst these fans who not that long ago wanted to #GiveDivasAChance now want all them to disappear so their favorites could “show us” that they are so much better then people who not that long ago they were sticking up for. Its like they’ve collectively forgotten that we’re meant to be giving ALL the women in the Divas division a chance not just pick and choose WHICH IS THE MAIN PROBLEM. Creative pick and choose. Paige is popular so we’ll have her win the championship every few months and always in the title picture. The Bellas are popular so we’ll give them big story lines. The rest can go to hell.

You can’t pick and choose. Either all get equal treatment or they don’t. That is a message to fans.

I’m not sold on the story, it doesn’t feel natural, it feels like WWE knew it wouldn’t therefore made it even more unnatural. The story was working because people picked a side not because people were thrown onto a side. I like the NXT Divas and I’m happy to see them all on RAW so it ain’t about that it could be the best story ever told but they need to work on it to make it work (see above for Reigns/Wyatt for comparision) and then they have to KEEP IT UP AFTER THE STORY HAS FINISHED.

Plus #GiveDivasAChance and this “revolution” for the Divas mean shit if there is no Divas match on RAW this week really does it? They SHOULD be getting this kind of coverage in in ring or backstage promos and vignettes AS WELL as having WRESTLING matches.

So story wise personally I’m kind of meh but ready to be impressed.

Fans I don’t think I’ll ever be impressed with.

New Day vs Prime Time Players & Mark Henry
Prime Time Players & Mark Henry win by pin fall

More Tag Teaming, this time a six man tag team match. I like that they’ve had a giant amount of people joining these two teams keeping ALL of New Day busy, the tag team champions busy as well as giving us some of the most interesting match ups I’ve seen.

I really do think we need to hear from possibly both New Day and Prime Time Players before each of their matches because they all just entertain. Constantly.

It was another brilliant match. We’ve actually only had two and we’re pretty much half way through RAW but it hasn’t felt Promo heavy. This match made up for the long wait for another fight and I just think its been great seeing all these eight-men and six-men matches.

I can’t see New Day winning back their titles at Battleground because they’ve lost a hell of a lot since MitB and I just can’t see them beating Prime Time Players who are on a roll right now. I can see it bringing a darker side to New Day who will be even more determined to beat PTP in the future.

King Barrett vs R-Truth
R-Truth wins by pin fall

I think this story could have been interesting. It is below Barrett and his talent but it could have been good.

Thing is there have been too many matches between these two and too man of them where Truth got a quick and silly win. There have been too much of the comedy and not enough to the serious side that Barrett is meant to be bringing to the story.

Don’t get me wrong I don’t mind R-Truth he’s a good laugh and its a fun story but its been played extremely weakly and Barrett is by far one of the strongest guys that WWE have and someone that deserves a lot more then he has been given. I know he’s probably classed as injury prone like everyone keeps telling me but that doesn’t stop the fact that he could very easily be the face of this company and deserves to at least be taken a little more seriously then being stuck in stories with crazy people.

John Cena Open Challenge

I didn’t know how to word the name of this segment but man was it exciting? You think that Rusev was going to face off for the championship before both Owens and Cesaro come down to the ring to take up the challenge which leaves us with one hell of a match between Cesaro/Rusev/Owens.

Rusev vs Kevin Owens vs Cesaro
Rusev wins by pin fall

You see if Owens wins the title at Battleground and we walked away from a Open Challenge for the title every week HERE is the story we probably deserve to see. These three guys are great, this triple threat match was body destroying.

The man of the moment still was the man of the moment, the strength of Cesaro, the improvement of Cesaro, the new move set, the more serious nature without forcing something that doesn’t work for him has made Cesaro the man EVERYONE  is talking about.

The match was so good. So very good. It was a real war between three guys who would very easily dominate any area they are put into.

John Cena sounds like he was reading out of a Superman book. I’m neither a Cena fan or hater but he is slightly narrator-ish on commentary instead of commentatory. It was like being told how wonderful everyone is constantly.

The match was great and it was interesting how they played it. They had Owens leave on his own steam which worked for his personality and his character and then they had both Rusev and Cesaro just beat the hell out of each other before leaving Rusev in the ring to face Cena which is good for Cesaro…….

Not really that good for Rusev.

John Cena vs Rusev
Rusev wins by DQ

Why is it not good for Rusev?

He’s only been back in action for two shows now. His return match was hellva weak and then right after that we see a beat down Rusev get his ass handed to him by John Cena whilst Rusev kept trying to stand up again.

Now I give it that it shows Rusevs not giving up attitude and to be fair the match preceding it was so bloody good that it isn’t like they are doing Rusev a disservice on RAW.

Even though Rusev very nearly won the match and didn’t lose it (Owens attacked Rusev whilst he had the Accolade locked in) just didn’t win the title it wasn’t a great match either. I don’t think it was meant to be. I just don’t see where they are going with Rusev.

Kane / Seth Rollins

More of the same from earlier on just this time Rollins does his little bitch threat to Kane. Nothing to see.

Tough Enough

We get to see the competitors of Tough Enough and Lita gives us a little speech.

Well if this was aimed at making me want to watch Tough Enough it didn’t work. Obviously Patrick is very popular as is ZZ. None of the Divas got a single cheer most of the men were booed and personally I felt it was all extremely pointless.

No I haven’t watch any of it and I don’t plan on watching it after seeing what they have to offer.

Bray Wyatt / Roman Reigns

You know what I hate about this section?

The only thing of importance it seems is that Wyatt stopped Roman from winning Money in the Bank.

You know what I would have had as the big reason why this feud is so personal?

Maybe that Bray threatened Roman’s family? A slightly more personal and important part of the story?


So happy to see Stardust come back. I don’t know what he was really talking about but I just love listening to him and seeing him.

I’m also happy he just stepped right back into Stardust because as sad as Dusty dying is Cody has been working hard on Stardust and I think its important to just keep getting it to work and not change it now.

Neville vs Stardust
Stardust wins by pin fall 

After the triple threat match they had a hard time to follow it but they did it well. It wasn’t the longest of matches and I don’t think it showed off the skills of these two great athletes as much as it could but it was also a strange point in the night to have it (technically it was our main event) and it had to be short for the contract signing.

I can’t wait to see them face off some more. Now that could be extremely interesting.

Contract signing

We didn’t get much more then we got at the beginning. It felt kind of like Seth Rollins was just being told off. I don’t know why suddenly Paul Heyman wants to see Rollins beaten up because of what happened with the Shield but that is apparently one of the reasons he wants to see someone beat Seth up.

I finally remember who Rollins reminds me of and that is James Franco. He has the same kind of voice and Franco has played similar bitchy little Princesses as Seth is playing.

The whole bit off it was completely unneeded though even though I’m no fan of Lesnar’s I kind of enjoyed the little smirk he had during the whole thing.

Should have ended with Lesnar leaving. Why Rollins went back in the ring I don’t know.

My Thoughts :

I think it was a extremely good show.

No there wasn’t that many matches but it meant that the matches that we did get were longer and better for it.

Most of the talking was all about building a story from the Divas to the Title picture to Wyatt/Reigns.

It built the tension for EVERY match at Battleground in a nice way so that when you get to Battleground you aren’t going to feel tired of this story.

The best of the best were there in full force.

Look at the matches and it was PPV quality stuff nearly all the way through. I thoroughly enjoyed every second.

It also opened up some interesting future stories. I’d love to see Owens/Rusev/Cesaro for the US Title after Battleground if Cena loses the title (I don’t think he will seeing that Owens has a re-match for the NXT title) and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for the girls though I’m a tiny bit pissed the fuck off that we didn’t get to see a Divas match. I’m kind of hoping the only reason Nattie wasn’t added to a side is because she’s busy helping TJ recover so can’t be in the story because if they have just picked NXT Divas over main roster Divas for no reason it’ll be extremely sad news.

Note to Creative. Shut Seth up.

I really liked RAW though. REALLY liked RAW.

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