NXT 15/7/15 Review

Well… Here we are and I’m stoked for Sasha vs Charlotte for the women’s championship and I heard there are no Vaudevillains which makes me sad but unlike RAW and SmackDown I’m here.

Matches Quick Overlook :

Jason Jordan & Chad Gable vs Elias Samson & Steve Cutler
Winners : Jason Jordan & Chad Gable

Samoa Joe vs Axel Tischer
Winner : Samoa Joe

Blake & Murphy vs Sawyer Fulton & Angelo Dawkins
Winners : Blake & Murphy

Sasha Banks vs Charlotte
(NXT Women’s Championship Match)
Winner : Sasha Banks

Jason Jordan & Chad Gable vs Elias Samson & Steve Cutler
Jason Jordan & Chad Gable win by pin fall

So we finally get to see Chad Gable wrestle and to be honest it was bloody good. I really like Chad Gable much MUCH more then Jordan. I’ve enjoyed the story they’ve told with Jordan but he’s not the most interesting person and he was out paced by Gable in that match. I think they’ll bond well as a team but we’ll see.

Samson and Cutler just were there really it was all about Gable and his debut and it was bloody interesting. I can’t wait to see where he goes with his career because he could be great.

As good as Gable was though it was a bit boring.

Samoa Joe vs Axel Tischer
Samoa Joe wins by submission

What a boring and dull match. How many matches with Joe have I said that about right now? I don’t really get where they are going with him. Tischer wasn’t the greatest in the ring but he’s promising at least.

I don’t know what it is about Joe recently but since he debuted in NXT I have not been impressed even though I keep getting told how wonderful everything he has done is. Well it isn’t that great.

As if to point this out Joe hardly did anything all match and I blink and missed him setting up the muscle buster and was completely dumb founded at the submission ending.


Baron Corbin

Well he comes across well I guess. I think it was a little pointless if I’m honest but meh.

Eva Marie

Why do we have to have her come to ringside to announce she’s wrestling next week? OK. She’s wrestling next week. Wow.

Blake & Murphy vs Sawyer Fulton & Angelo Dawkins
Blake & Murphy win by pin fall

Another match that just fell completely dead for me. Blake and Murphy’s entrance nearly gave me a migraine with all the flashing colours, they aren’t doing anything interesting, well Alexa is but they aren’t and the match was kind of…. Just there.

My levels of disappointment can’t fall any lower.

Sami Zayn

Sami comes down to talk about how he’ll be out until probably next year and that he’ll come back to be champion.

Nice to get a update and a shame he’s out so long.

Sasha Banks vs Charlotte
Sasha Banks wins by submission

What can I say? The match was good, the whole build up was a little plain but then that went for all the matches in the show tonight. It was the only thing worth tuning in for but you can’t be surprised by that because Sasha and Charlotte are great (I prefer Sasha and happy that she won) and always worth watching.

Thing is saying that it was a good match doesn’t really mean much in this sense because the rest was just OK.

Personally I didn’t think it was the best match in the world but it was still good. I think I was a little bored though by the time it came on so probably need to go back and re-watch on its own when I get a chance.

My Thoughts :

It felt like a completely empty episode of NXT. It had none of the character of the last few episodes and maybe that is because other then Gable, Sasha and Charlotte there weren’t any characters.

Of course I know everyone needs to get their chance and its all about developing the talent but you need to balance it. I didn’t know how NXT was taped until I was checking to see if the Vaudevillains would be on yesterday knowing that it was indeed taped in some way just to find out that apparently it is taped in blocks of four. So in four hours you are taping four episodes and need to get a balance right, this isn’t how you do it.

Gable’s match was short and sweet but we missed his presence in any kind of backstage antics. Tyler Breeze was nowhere to be seen and his matches are FULL of character. There was no backstage presence from anyone, no antics or interviews. It was just constant matches full of people that unless you knew of them before or have vested interest in you just don’t care. The tag team champs didn’t get a interview or cut a promo on the fact they’ll be facing the Vaudevillains at some point, Joe didn’t say anything he just came down didn’t do much and then had a crap ending.

OK I am sitting here sulking because I miss both the Vaudevillains and Tyler Breeze.

Then again I like Enzo and Big Cass too. They aren’t there.

The girls were and they were great as always.

Finn Balor? Nope.

Kevin Owens? Nope.

Rhyno? Of course not.

And that is probably to do with the fact it was apparently all taped BEFORE Beast in the East therefore they COULDN’T really have Finn being champion four weeks ago without the whole world finding out, not that I think many people had a doubt he’d win the championship of course.

I guess its a B- kind of episode.

And let me say this I was disappointed yes. I was disappointed because even though the wrestling was decent I kind of felt bored by the end of it. You kind of just want something more interesting sometimes.

The wrestling was good though and I enjoyed it well enough. I like characters though, probably why my favourites are the Vaudevillains and Tyler Breeze.

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