Gangsta : Ergastulum

So I went from not being sure about Gangsta to being fully behind it by the end of the second episode. I don’t know what it was about the first episode but it bored me to tears whilst the second one opened so many interesting stories that I just don’t feel like 25 minutes is enough time for a episode.

This week we carry on learning about the world around us. This time out there was a heavy dose of finding out about Worick who is just as intriguing as Nic. It turns out he comes from a elite family and he’s been with Nic since he was 13 living in Ergastulum. I kind of always felt like Worick was probably a gigolo so it didn’t surprise me he see’s that as his number one job.

I really felt the change of pace did the world of good. Not that it was particularly fast paced in the last episode but it was just nice to have very little violence and a lot of attention on the characters. Especially the character of Alex.

Without knowing much about Alex Benedetto there is a lot you can learn from her. She has pretty basic normal reactions to the world around her, still not used to death or what living in this city really means. Like us every string that Worick or Nic leaves dangling she wants to pull at it, and like us she has to wait.

Obviously I really want to learn more about Alex but you don’t have to. Not that she isn’t a interesting character just I want to see her grow, I don’t know what she’d have grown from (hell you might have learnt that in episode one for all I know I turned my head off half way through that one!) but I just want to see her grow. She’s quite timid (yes really) and reserved and she’s hanging out with two assholes who act like little children all day long and I’d like to see her come out of her shell and become much more then she is. Number one priority would be for her to gain some more clothes. I can’t believe it doesn’t look like Worick or Nic have thought of getting her any.

I like the diversity of the characters we meet but I’d also like to see some more women outside of the prostitute area. I get that it would be a popular job in a city like that and they make a point of pointing out that Worick in fact is part of that work group too but I’d like to see more women who aren’t half naked or dressed in super revealing dresses all the time. Not that there is any problem with Alex wearing it but you’d think one day she’d change out of the same dress (in variations of different colours) and maybe feel the need to put some trousers on. I’d like to see a woman fighter or something. I just feel it does a good job of having such a wide variety of characters but nearly all the female characters so far have been prostitutes, even with Alex changing from prostitute to receptionist she has kept that feel of being there to be looked at. I loved Nina as a character and would love to see her and Alex spend more time together, I’d just like to see Alex doing more stuff. She could be badass when she becomes jaded to the city.

I think all of that is down to personal taste though. Not saying good or bad taste I just prefer there to be less asses in general in all my media. I’m asexual, people’s asses have no real meaning to me. There I said it, I grumble when half naked anime characters show up as much as I do live action half naked people.

I’m not sure I’m explaining myself well but it isn’t meant to be a negative thing I’d just like to see Alex come to the fore a little and get a change of clothes, the boys look like they change their clothes she just has one dress in three different colours.

Another episode and another hundred unanswered questions. I really like this series now.

3 thoughts on “Gangsta : Ergastulum”

  1. You know funny you should say about Alex’s dress. I had to think after talking last week about only having one dress left or something I thought she might have had a change up in her clothing this week but all it seems to have done is either 1/give her another dress in a different colour or 2/show that time has gone so far that her white dress is now just drenched in blood (hehehehe….)

    Nic is my favourite character. Honestly being deaf I don’t think I’ve ever seen a main character that is deaf before. I know Hawkeye in the comics is deaf but growing up I don’t think I ever saw anything with anyone deaf in it. I’m not saying it didn’t exist but I never saw it. I’m so happy to for (I believe) the first time in my life (at the grand ol’ age of 26) there is a deaf main character. AND HE IS SO BADASS AND FUNNY AND CUTE AND TORMENTED AND WONDERFUL!

    I want to know everything about everyone and I want loads of Nina/Alex time and I want to see what Doctor Theo is up to and I want to have loads of childish Worick/Nic moments and…… I probably won’t get any of that but I can jump up and down and wish for them right?

    As for the prostitution bit I’ll wait till the series is over. Right now it seems that sex work is the number one job for males and females in Ergastulum. It feels like a throwback to old fashioned gangster TV shows but so far I think its treated the prostitution side of things with a lot more respect, I think we need to learn a lot more about the city and the people in it before we make a judgement. Though as a borderline asexual I’m with you that less asses on my TV the better 😛 unless its Simon Gotch in his tight little Strongman wrestling gear *sigh… Off topic sigh but sigh nonetheless* .

    I’ll just be extremely interested in seeing where they go with Alex in general. You say she needs to become jaded but I don’t think that is necessary to be honest she just needs to become numb to it which happens when over exposed to it. Alex is the eyes of the audience into the world and I love that they don’t have her act like a timid little flower, she’s not shy she’s scared and who can blame her?! Afterall regardless of Nina saying she isn’t scared of Nic and both Nic and Worick being nice guys the city is freakin’ mental and everything she learns directly tells her (from their own mouths too! or hands in Nic’s case) to be scared of them. She’s starting to feel comfortable enough to ask questions but its natural from the way we met her to all she’s learnt that she worries about her own safety even with the two guys who are trying to help her. I mean come off it I’d be freakin’ terrified of them if I saw what they were capable of!

    1. I see what you mean with Alex and she’s the best character at the moment (not really my favourite but the best) because she’s not part of their world so you can grow into the world with her.

      I still think there needs to be more for women there then just sex worker.

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